March 30, 2020
Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication | Official Trailer | MasterClass

One of the great
challenges in this world is knowing enough
about a subject to think you’re right but
not enough about the subject to know you’re wrong. There’s like a gazillion
hours of me on the internet. In almost every case, I’m
talking about the universe– black holes, the big
bang, time travel, God. What I’m going to do
in this MasterClass is teach you how to think. The goal here is
to train your mind how to see the world
differently, how to question what others say. I’ve come to realize that there
are three categories of truth– personal truth,
political truths, and the objective truths
that shape our understanding of the universe. The interesting thing
about an objective truth is that it’s true
no matter what. Imagine that. By the time we’re
done, you will be equipped with some of
the methods and tools so you can turn data into
information, information into knowledge,
knowledge into wisdom. We all have
susceptibility to bias. Search engines on the internet
are the epitome of confirmation bias, and you’re going
to use that as evidence that you are correct? No. The good thing about science is
that it’s true whether or not you believe in it. What does it mean
to be skeptical? What does it mean to
be convinced by data? A proper skeptic questions
what they’re unsure of but recognizes
when valid evidence is presented to change their mind. I will equip you to not
only find objective truths but then communicate to
others how to get there. It’s not good
enough to be right. You also have to be effective. The less connected you are
to what is objectively true, the less likely you will
be able to make decisions that will benefit your life– your life, the life of your
family, and even civilization itself. I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson,
and this is my MasterClass.

70 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. I DO always consider that I could be wrong. It's the reason some people think I'm taciturn, I go back & forth between different points of view. When to some people seeing it from their standpoint is enough & it's absolute & they're satisfied, like an academic, I still wanna see things from other points of view that can be made available. One proof is enough to prove something is true (whether so you say one knows enough about a subject or not (1)). But, don't you want to step back & see beyond THAT specific context? See that it's just a flavor among many others, with assumptions you just took for granted? Sometimes what people think as something absolute is just contextual. How far can we step back & whether then, we'd find absolutes?

    Though true, the consideration that I might be wrong hasn't stopped me from attempting to answer quite challenging questions in Math StackExchange. Then you'd see me going at the problem brilliantly & somewhat unconventionally from how it's done in the field, but at the same time, conventional, generally speaking. I use my own general toolkit to do this & Neil knows it, as when he refers to tools. Yet he's skeptical of my main works (before early 2017), than the light ones I can afford to be doing now (though should've kept more hidden). I have to admit, though, with my attempts, the solution to the specific problem posted does not usually come about & the bottom line is to provide the solution. That's why, times like that, I won't post or comment on it (2).

    Using search engines to confirm bias? Is it still going around that my "research",  is the same as people researching topics or products in the internet over the weekend? People mostly don't read what's on my screen, so probably can't tell. But, authorities have biased my searches to limit what I could see, so I would not find information they think I could use illicitly. I'll stop myself there. As a result, I'm a skeptic as well. I always hold my work to the rigor of the discipline — textbook knowledge, not just the opinion of someone from the internet (specially considering the issue of the authorities).

    (1) By this, I mean literally one could just not know about the mass of the rest of a field, say in Mathematics, but knowing only a few things, one could prove a theorem everybody missed. Because a proof is considered a proof if it's logical & valid. Even the lack of knowledge of other parts of a field may not matter, if they do not matter to the proof. It's not insolent to say a proof is a proof no matter who produced it. Because it doesn't operate in human terms of seniority or prejudice or popularity that you immerse yourself in, Neil.

    (2) Alright, weeks ago, I slipped & posted an answer about a general approach to first order recurrence relations, when the approach had not fully matured & I haven't fleshed it all out. So the initial post was a mistake. I corrected it, worked OK. Approximates well enough (asymptotically), but still not the explicit function, accurately speaking.

  2. 0:32 Man, I love every Neil's space-themed tie and vest – but that hat is by far the coolest thing in his wardrobe. 🎩😁

  3. Please keep gods out of the science talk. You're inadvertently dignifying people's superstitions by listing it together with real science.

  4. “The less connected you are to what is objectively true, the less likely you will be able to make decisions that will benefit your life, the life of your family or even civilization itself”

    ~Neil deGrasse Tyson

  5. I don't like YouTube commercials but I had to watch Neil D.T. amazing quote: "One of the great challenges in this world is Knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not enough to know you are wrong."

  6. To “teach you how to think”… we have come to this. You are going to pay to learn something that should be programmed into your DNA.

  7. Sigh coming from a guy who tried to discredit philosophy…and equates objects truths to facts.ill pass on this master class lol

  8. I disagree with Neil. Google curates what content you are allowed to see, so at this point, it isn't even my own confirmation bias. I wish. I'm stuck having to confirm corporate bias.

  9. "Not enough about a subject to know when you're wrong" so literally any time NDT whinges about politics or social science?

  10. Why didn't you call it, "we are the really smart elitists and you are just puny peons"? "Do what we say". You could have been holding a swinging pocket watch while you said it.

  11. Neil…bro, Give it away for free already. This is the greatest gift you can give to humanity. This ignorant ass world need this more than shinny things. Thinking correctly has value far beyond our current comprehension.

  12. Can someone explain to me how being uninformed enough about a subject to know you're wrong is a challenge??

    If you don't know anything, whatever you claim is likely false, easy peasy. So is NDT fucking with us and I'm just a dumb dumb, or this actually isn't cryptic diarrhoea and it means something…

    I'm gonna lose sleep over this.

  13. So you want me to pay you 125 bucks so that I can say I took a class from Neil DeGrass Tyson. Well even without taking the class with my great wisdom can spot a scam. Why are these great wisdoms not put out there for free? If you want to reach the masses why charge? I didn't even have to take a class to figure out your in it for the cash and not the message. Shame on these knowledgable people selling themselves like a common street walker. This great big fat middle finger is for all who sell their knowledge for greed, if you gotta put a price on it then it's not worth knowing. Assholes all of you. Neil Degrass Tyson is one of the biggest science whores there is telling people how they should raise their kids etc. like he's a perfect parent. He's just a jackass that can be easily bought.

  14. Whenever anyone tries to put a word in front of truth it's a lie lol truth is truth Neil , no way around it .. regardless of what some so called smart guy says …and btw there are no three truths lol …only one …nice try Neil 😉

  15. Tyson and Hawking, Michio kaku, Chris Hadfield, Carl Sagan and many more. They make having knowledge feel like a super power and you know what, it REALLY IS 🙂

  16. i ll stick to phd pierre marie Robitaille for class( sky scholar on YouTube) ! ( since he is specialised in spectroscopy , what astrophysic use to make sense of the universe ) but to each their own

  17. search engine are marvelous for a lot of things . in mathematic the first thing you need is not number
    you need a subject , a context , and a concensus on the previous 2 ! notice all this happen before you ever bring any value in . this apply to everything . if you cant have a subject and context and a concensus before ever even spending 1 cent ? dont spend the money . go get a coffee or your favorite drink instead and find out why each failure in coffee stain experiment failed vs the one that worked. you ll elucidate a lot of issue and you re likely gona be nicely paid to find out various issue be it at server level or other

  18. No! Truth is truth! It’s a lie or the truth.

    Political truth🤣🤣 I bet that’s why politicians lie so much! Lol

  19. One of the greatest truths in this world is knowing there are paid shills and puppets who will lie to the sleeping uneducated masses to maintain power and control.

  20. You subscribed me in the first 15 seconds of your advertisement. I have been reading between the lines for a long time, and often recheck my own understanding of things, so I'm glad I ran across this opportunity to learn.

  21. This "Master Class" program should be introduced at any level of Education, not only in USA but across the world. Thank you Professor Nyl DeGrasse Tyson for your great and highly valuable initiative.

  22. "There's like a gazillion hours of me on the internet"
    Thanks to your incessant peddling of this advert to me, I have seen at least half a gazillion of them. Stop it: it's basically harassment !!

  23. ooh mr dagropey is it"objectively true" that its insane and immoral to give children hormone blockers, is it "objectively true" that there is two sexes male and female or 50/ unlimited…..and is it "objectively true" that the"aborting" of a human baby in a womb after it can feel pain and has a heart beat is murder…..go on tell me Mr Tyson with your"master class", surely you will speak out against the madness/anti /pseudo science of trans children after all….holding my breathhhhhhh now go……

  24. Mr Neil: why are they using you as a gatekeeper? Can you just simply inform us as to why we cannot go to the moon in Current day 2020? Also why has all of the original moon landing telemetry tapes/ documentation been destroyed? All of those records who have taken the space of a small room… why are they destroyed? What is NASA hiding? I am just using some simple critical thinking here.

  25. I don't fundamentally want to know what idiots invested the majority of your marketing budget into Youtube …… but there is a saturation point (marketing basics) where hits reach annoyance value, there have been literally hundreds of ads in the pre and post Christmas period ….. I don't care at this point if you have God in your Masterclass series because at this stage its the Master Ass series ……. I have never seen digital ad space so saturated by so little in my life time …… @ @ @ @ @ @ @

  26. My objective is just getting people to think and by doing so we learn ourselves. A lot of zombies out there do not know how the 1st amendment of the United States works in real time. I am still learning new ways to approach the first amendment and have been studying it for over 500 hours. A lot of time invested. Too much to learn in this world.

  27. Okay 13 seconds in he slaps his hands together as if to say I did it, but did ANY of you actually listen to what this "great communicator" really said?
    He either botched it by saying these classes will give you just enough to THINK you know EBREETING and not enough to know you don't or it was intentional and he those who take the courses are stupid because he insults your intelligence by paying for classes when just about everyone already knows enough to think they know everything already.
    I think he is just a garden variety idiot myself, no in fact reading him I KNOW he is an idiot. He is a derivative thinker. He doesnt think for himself and now he wants to pass along his thinking errors to you for $99 a month. I find that hillarious as well as the sycophant comments below with the exception of Anthony A. Who gets it by saying 'professing themselves wise they became fools"

  28. Neil based on what you said YOU CANT EVEN THINK. Your words come out of your mouth backward in your opening statement. How are you going to teach ME cosmology. you still think there was a big bang. There wasn't.

  29. Ya ya train my mind to see five lights when there are only four gotcha, I went to public school I fully comprehend indoctrination/brainwashing the question is why would I pay you for that? Tell you what you give me $99,999,999 a day and Ill show YOU how your absolutly wrong about everything you THINK you know about cosmology and physics.

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