March 29, 2020
Need Less – Get More

Need Less – Get More

Need Less, Get More. Hi I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live every day. Today we’re coming to you live
from Tracy, California. It’s our final night here in Tracy and I
wanted to go through with you a little bit about the process of needing, because this really comes
down to a negotiation tactic. And not always in a negotiation
principle in negotiations, but it’s a principle
that should be present. Something you have to be aware of
throughout your entire marketing of your business. So when you’re taking a look at your
business and you’re taking a look at your marketing, you’ve taken a look at what
you want to have accomplished with it. It should be the same concept that
you should take into a negotiation. Whether you’re looking to hire somebody, whether you’re looking to sell somebody
your product or bring your product line into. Let’s say a retail location. You have to pay very close attention
to the need coming from your end. What do you need out of this situation? What does an absolute that you absolutely
have to walk away with when a need is present, when there is any type
of need coming from your end, you’re in trouble. You’re in
trouble in your marketing, you’re in trouble in your sales, you’re in trouble in any form
of negotiation whatsoever. When it comes to business, and this is a concept pretty well outlined
out there by a gentleman by the name of Jim camp. He wrote a few books on, I believe one was called, Starting With No and few others
where he discusses this concept. There are audios out there by him.
He passed away a few years back, but his stuff is still just as relevant
because it’s based on principle. It’s based on human psychology and need
is a big thing that you have to watch in yourself. It’s not just him that says that this
is an old Zen principle boot Buddhist principle. It’s also a principle, a present in a Judeo Christian tradition. And if you look at Eugene Schwartz who was a famous copywriter
also passed away a few years back, he used to say the same thing. You have to really be careful about
communicating or having to begin with any type of need for the situation when
you’re communicating via marketing. If you have a need in play, then you’re going to have a very difficult
time communicating with the other person because they’re going to
be on the defense because they’re being very careful of you being needy. People do not like doing business
with people who need something. If you need something, you’re putting
your own needs ahead of their desires. Here’s a better thing. Need versus want. It’s important to know what
you do want out of a situation, a negotiation, a sales deal, a, a situation in marketing. What do you want in the end
from the whole situation, whether you’re putting out an ad, what
have you, what are you wanting from it? But if you need it, you’re in trouble. You’re going to be out of control and
you’re not going to be in a position to really make a solid, um, let’s say communication of what
you’re trying to put out there. But if you want to be
clear, know what you want, be clear about what you want, honest about what you want as soon as
possible and then find out what the other person wants. That goes back to a lot of our other
discussions about finding out what people want and then showing them
a way of how to get it. Clear, clear, clear principle
goes to sales, goes to marketing, goes to any form of negotiation is putting
yourself in the other person’s shoes and helping them get what they
need out of your relationship, whatever that may be. So hopefully this somewhat useful to you. We go a lot further into this, but just understanding the principle
of need and watching how that’s communicated in everything that you do, especially when you’re dealing with
online business is something that is can really be helpful to you. If you’d like to see how it can be
helpful specifically to your situation. Go to especially if
you’re in the self-reliance field. link
is in the description. Go and check that out. If you’re an owner and executive
in the self-reliance field, meaning you have products and services
that help people become more self reliant, go check that out. The link is in the description regardless
of where you’re watching or listening to this, and we’re here every
single day, so come back tomorrow. I love to be able to talk with you some
more and be sure and leave some of your questions and so forth
down in the comments. You can check out more of these videos
going all the way back to earlier in this year, at Hey, have a great night. In the
meantime, before I see you again, get out there and let the magic happen.

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