April 4, 2020
Navigating the World of Digital Advertising | HUSTLE

Navigating the World of Digital Advertising | HUSTLE

My name is Jen Grygiel. I am a professor
up at Syracuse University. I look at police use
of social media. I look at propaganda.
-Mm-hmm. I look at
content moderation. It’d be nice to hear
some feedback on what your experience
has been marketing for any of your products. We definitely have
some frustrations… -Yeah.
-…especially our Facebook
and Instagram advertising. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
-You know, the algorithms are not as progressive
as our customers. We had a really
big surprise in July when we sort of ramped up a lot
of our Facebook advertising. -Mm-hmm.
-And all of it was bounced. A lot of people are always like,
“Free speech.” Nope, this is, like,
a commercial zone. This is a corporation,
Facebook Incorporated, and it sounds like in your case,
it’s pretty restrictive. When they block your account,
they’re not really telling you which posts are the ones that
are triggering their algorithm. -Mm-hmm.
-So we just started
going through our feed and just deleted
until they let our ads run. -Oh, my gosh.
-But, I mean, we missed almost the entire
holiday weekend, actually. -And do you remember —
-Bad timing. Yeah,
so let me show you, yeah, what, like,
has been getting disapproved. Mm-hmm. And so we kept this in mind
when we planned the shoot for tomorrow,
so typically, again, it’s things that if you point
the ad to implied nudity, so this was not allowed.
-Yeah. We even put the Fur Oil bottle
on top, still not allowed. Nice try. No, I like it.
Nice try. Because it was referencing
pubes, it was considered sexual. This one in particular…
-Yep. …was too much skin
and the word pubic. If you back off
a little bit, and I’m not saying,
“Hey, censor yourselves,” I’m just trying to help you
get through the ad juggernaut. Yes, please. I think the words and context,
you, again, you know exactly
what words are being flagged. Pubic is being flagged, so you can use other words
to describe that area. We’ve actually gotten pushback
even on our boxes. We have pubic
on the front of the box. -Yeah.
-We won’t — We don’t want to take it off
the front of the box even though we have had
pushback also from retailers. -Okay.
-If we’re really going to
move this forward… -Yeah.
-…really destigmatize
pubic hair and body hair… -Yeah.
-…we need to be able
to talk about it… -Yeah, yeah.
-…with the real word. Yeah, I think you might
have to be a little creative in doing that
without compromising, though. If you take a look at here, is
this considered implied nudity? Is it too — That’s going to be
implied sex, I think. There’s another example of,
like, this type of cropped pose. That one probably
would get flagged. So then I guess
if we cropped — It will flag. If we had zoomed out,
it might be better, if it’s clear
that it’s her arms, not somebody else’s,
so it’s less sexual. Yeah, maybe, maybe. I’m sure something like hands
cropped, close-cropped like this for hands
would probably be allowed because it’s hands,
but you tell me if I’m wrong. No, I don’t know
where those hands are. Oh. Sometimes it can be
so close it’s abstract, so maybe just zooming out enough
to tell that if it’s an ad. Yeah, so when we are going to
do anything on the pubic area because of that close crop… -Mm-hmm.
we’re going to start trying to pull out
away from it. Mm-hmm.
Yep. I guess is the solution
I’m hearing from you. Yeah, yeah, less cropping.
Yeah. Keep pushing it.
-Yeah. Well, we’re going
to keep trying. Thank you so much. I think, like, super specific
things for tomorrow, I’m definitely going to — Well, we’ll have to remember
to relay it to the team and the videographer
and photographer we shoot with. -Good luck to you.
-Thank you. Can’t wait to
get some updates.

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  1. Good Lord I had no idea Facebook was so opposed to free speech as much as they pretend to advocate for it.

  2. Your doing great Vice! 1.3 million subscribers and this video has less than 500 views. You know I hear you can buy some fake web traffic, oh wait you guys already do that. Better #learntocode

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