April 1, 2020
NatWest Payit™: a simpler, cheaper alternative to card payments

NatWest Payit™: a simpler, cheaper alternative to card payments

– NatWest Payit is a
new and innovative way to collect online payments. We created Payit using
open banking technology. Designed to help you save money
and increase your cashflow. Your customers can check-out
without handing over their financial information
or creating an account. Instead they can make cardless payments from their selected bank,
simply and securely. Your customers don’t
need to create an account or type in their card details. They’ll be able to login
and make payments directly from their own banks
app or online banking, and choose which of their
accounts to pay from. So it’s a much smoother payment
journey for your customers. And they’re less likely to make mistakes or fail to convert. You won’t need to worry about storing your customers financial information and you’ll save at least 25%
when your customers use Payit compared to debit or credit card payments, saving on current payment methods. You’ll receive funds as a
faster payment within two hours Helping you to better
manage your cashflow. And you won’t have to wait around. Payit is simple, speedy, and secure. And NatWest is proud
to be the first UK bank to launch an open
banking payment solution. To find out more, talk to the
NatWest relationship manager about how Payit can help your business. NatWest, we are what we do.

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