April 6, 2020
Native Creative Episode 6 – 2019 Ecommerce Beauty Trends Report | Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Native Creative Episode 6 – 2019 Ecommerce Beauty Trends Report | Natasha Courtenay-Smith

– Hello and welcome to
Native Creative episode six.
– Six. – I’m Luke. – I’m Tash. – And I’m wearing this blue jacket because Tash got so much
attention the last episode from wearing it that I got
jealous and now I’m wearing it. – Well actually we were
in event last night and somebody recognised the jacket from a Native Creative episode. – This jacket is a celebrity.
(laughs) And if anyone’s gonna
be associated with it it’s gonna be me. – (laughs) They don’t recognise me in it they just recognise the jacket. – Do I look ridiculous in it? – So today we are talking
about a very important, I’d say almost ground breaking report. In 2000.
– I would say seminal. – I would say (laughs). It’s called the 2019 Ecommerce Trends for Beauty Brands. And guess who the report is written by? – Who? It’s written by us, we wrote the report. – And the 2019 Ecommerce
Trends Report for Beauty Brands covers three key areas, which are? – Creative trends, consumer
trends and engagement trends. – Exactly.
– The three Ts, all the trends.
(laughs) Creative, consumer and engagement. – Exactly, the CCE, the
three Ts and the CCE. So let’s talk through what those are. Okay, so we’re looking at trends
for beauty brand marketing and advertising, it’s very clear
that there are a few things that rule and it’s what we
talk about in, often, actually episodes of Native Creative
and that is real people, real results, things
aesthetically pleasing and content that allows
people to discover things and escape. And actually this is so easy
to do with beauty brands. Last night we went to
a beauty industry event and my main take away from
that event was how happy beauty products make people. People love trying beauty
products, they love the concept of beauty products (laughs).
(laughing) Do you not get happy from beauty products? Is it just me? I think unlike fashion.
– Yeah. – Which is that are you
thin enough to wear that, can you pull it off or whatever? – Yeah.
– It’s, so there’s a few barriers to entry.
– Yeah. – With beauty it’s like anyone
can use a beauty product. It makes people happy and people
love the idea of a product that does something. So a product that enhances
your eyelashes or plumps up your lips or gives you a glow. If you’re a woman you’re
naturally attracted to that oh really let me try it. – If you’re a man you’re
actually attracted to it as well.
– Okay. – I mean if someone was
like I can enhance your glow and make your lips fuller, do away. (laughs) So the creative trends work really well. The creative trends of being
aesthetically pleasing, using real people, showing real results and allow people to discover and escape, escape their lives into a piece
of content works really well for beauty products, anyway. – The real people, real results
thing is really interesting. I read something today that
says that the number one well, the number one, one
of the number one drivers of people purchasing a product
is customer reviews, right? – Yeah.
– So using real people in your advertising.
– It’s so important, I mean when we.
– We love that. – If ever we work with a brand
that gets negative comments on ads or has negative page
reviews it’s a massive, massive issue.
– Huge issues, yeah. – People are like I’m not buying that. Brands can overcome negative
comments when someone says oh I use this product
it didn’t work for me and the brand then comes
and says oh hey Suzy we’re sorry to hear that we
do have lots of great reviews and sorry it didn’t work
out for you this time then that’s no so much a problem. When you have low page reviews. – Yeah.
– It can be a real issue. – Suzy.
(laughs) – Okay, so part two of the
report covers consumer trends. And what really is
important for beauty brands. And actually we were
discussing this last night with Mintel and they’ve
just also done a big report. But our trends.
– What’s reassuring. – Match their trends.
– Yeah, which is. – Which is great.
– Yeah. – Yeah and.
– By accident, actually. – By accident, yeah, we
didn’t get the information from them and put it in our report, we only found out about their stuff last night.
– Yeah. – But some of their
trends match our trends. – Yeah.
– And the first is an environmental trend. So we really see customers or consumers asking a lot of questions
on beauty brand feeds and ads like what do I
do with my packaging? Is it recyclable? Is this good for the environment? What chemicals are in this? This stuff really matters. – The whole fulfilment line basically, is questions environmentally
from the packaging that’s used to the processes used to make the product, to the product itself and how it’s sourced the whole process of procurement
everything is questioned. – So environmental trends
is a massive consumer shift in need and behaviour.
– Yeah 100%. – The next trend (laughs).
– Yeah. – Is one for self-empowerment.
– Yeah. And this is all about, I
think in the ’80s and ’90s when I was young beauty
was all about looking good for other people and now
it’s about embracing you and trying to reach a certain ideal. – Yeah.
– And now there’s all these unconventional people with different looks and it’s.
– It’s kinda story thing as well and Kamal sent
me an interesting read the other day which was
basically saying that people, obviously the power of stories,
with spoke about it before on Native Creative, the power of narrative and how what people are really enjoying and it’s a fine line because
we mentioned white washing before we talked about how
that’s taking social justice issues and attaching it
to a commercial project the other side of that
is the kind of stories if people like stories
to fit in with them. So the stories become more
empathetic and less aspirational so what you’re talking
about is Cindy Crawford or whatever being (claps)
that’s the ultimate goal. – Yeah.
– I need to look like that. And what brands are now
doing is creating stories and aesthetics that are
more like, well they fit in with what you look like and
sound like and feel like and it’s a much broader spectrum of what’s a spectrum.
– It’s a broader spectrum of what is beautiful. – 100%.
– It’s aspiration and it’s about self acceptance
and self empowerment. – Yeah.
– We see that all the time with influences who aren’t
necessarily size 10 being being hugely loved and adored.
– Yeah. – Because they are self empowered and just showing another ideal for beauty. – Yeah.
– So that’s a consumer trend. – It’s a culture trend of progressiveness just transcending into
beauty and commercials. The third part of the report
is about engagement trends. So these are the actual cold hard facts behind our theories about creatives and what beauty brands are doing. It’s actually looking at the numbers provided by these platforms
to collect evidence what we think to be true and see everyday. – Yeah, what sort of content
do people engage with? What is the content style
that people engage with most? And the engagement trend
show that people are engaging with how to content, so
demonstration content for beauty brands and
we all see these videos, well I do anyway, we see
these videos in our feeds the whole time demonstrating a look modelling a product from start to finish or demonstrating how to use a product. Some content that people engage with are demonstration videos, how to
videos, real customer reviews. It’s all the same type of
stuff, it’s showing the product in acton with a person who’s
not a model and not a celebrity genuinely using it and reviewing it and putting it to the test. – It’s actually validation. – Yeah.
– Right, but not glossed up and glamed over so it’s obviously.
– Real. – With an agenda, it’s
real social validation. How exciting to watch this
video and hear about this report what should you do next? You should probably
download the report, right? Above there’s gonna be a
link to actually download this report, so download it, read it. Tell us what you think about it. And.
– And we’ll be back next week.
– We’ll be back next week. We’ll be back next week
with Native Creative episode seven, it is fun to
be at episode seven already?

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