April 8, 2020
MyWiFi Networks: Social Wi-Fi Marketing White Label Platform Overview

MyWiFi Networks: Social Wi-Fi Marketing White Label Platform Overview

My name is Kevin Z., I am founder and CEO of MyWiFi Networks, what I’m going to talk about today, is the opportunity with
Social Wi-Fi Marketing for you and you business, how Social Wi-Fi Marketing works, and why you need to use it, and your clients need to use it. Talk about the different integrations and marketing automations that our proprietary software has. I’ll talk about the hardware compatibility and how to install this, from anything from a local
business to a large stadium. We’ll do a platform demo,
and dive into the platform, to show you how easy it
is to build campaigns, and view all the analytics that you’ll capture from your audience. We’ll go into some business models, ways to make money,
and $80,000 case study, that one of our clients did. And I first want to tell
you who we are what we do, so MyWiFi Networks transform
existing wireless networks, into a free Wi-Fi with
social connect experience, that helps you collect
valuable consumer data, capture visitor metrics, and automate proximity
marketing campaigns. We have a white label platform allows you to create new revenue channels, monetize existing or new opportunities, and seamlessly integrate this
with existing Wi-Fi hardware. Today, we have over 2,000
white label resellers in 24 countries around the world, this is a snapshot of
where they’re located, these are also real numbers
of the amount of leads that some of them have collected. 54,000 Facebook profiles,
120,000 email profiles, this is real data, and these are some the
campaigns they’ve run in different areas all over the world. As you can see, it’s very customizable, it fits your client, fits your brand. And I really, first wanted to tell you why you should focus on Wi-Fi marketing, what is the opportunity, and why you should shift some gears and turn in this direction. Well, if you’re noticing, you guys, let me ask you, actually on the call here, are you noticing more of these signs, in an around local
business and franchises, and stadiums where you go, I mean, people are addicted to their devices, people use it all the time. And I personally see this
literally everywhere I go. These are just some
snapshots I’ve taken myself, some pictures, and you know, they even offer the SSID and the password for people to log in. I mean, everyone is now
starting to offer Wi-Fi, so much so that Facebook
even added a Wi-Fi finder, so a little tool now, built
into the Facebook app, where you can search for free
Wi-Fi hotspots around you, and Facebook’s now literally driving traffic into local businesses. Now the problem with today’s Wi-Fi, is that it’s typically
locked by passwords, it needs complicated vouchers, it has a very confusing sign in process, it’s insecure and unprotected, and it really doesn’t add
value to the business owner, I mean businesses don’t
want to offer Wi-Fi, because they get nothing in return. Now everyone is talking
about the importance of free Wi-Fi, I mean,
these are real articles, and Business Insider, Small
Business Trends, and Forbes, talking about how
businesses can lose profits, you know, there’s huge
benefits to offering Wi-Fi, and it impacts customer satisfaction. I mean, local businesses
need it more than ever, because, number one,
Wi-Fis are readily used, 75% of smartphone owners connect
to Wi-Fi on their devices. It drives decisions, three
out of four consumers, say that Wi-Fi availability effects their purchase decisions. Customers crave Wi-Fi
along with their devices, 65% of people make restaurant
decisions based on Wi-Fi, and 94% say that it’s the most important amenity at a hotel, it’s now taking over the free buffet. It also increases spend, 50% of small businesses in the U.S., say that customers spend more money when free Wi-Fi became available. I mean these are huge reasons why any local businesses should offer it. And where is it used most? Typically it’s used most where businesses have repeat customers,
such as restaurants, cafes, retail salons, movie theaters, people come back often. These assist with long
customer wait times, such as auto dealers,
repair shops, dentists, doctors, laundromats, and businesses with
extended customer stays, such as hotels, parks, stadiums,
museums and campgrounds. And when you think, about
all the places where Wi-Fi is offered, looking at the U.S. alone, there’s over 10,000,000 businesses, plus another 26,000,000 other
small business locations, that currently offer Wi-Fi, and are potential clients of yours. And we see businesses, obviously,
Wi-Fi is very important, you know, the big guys,
McDonald’s and Starbucks offer it, even the The Gap now is understanding the importance of the free Wi-Fi, and they’re starting to
now, include an opt in, to Wi-Fi at their stores, but they’re still getting it wrong. And that’s where we come in, so let’s me show you a very quick, but one minute video, that helps explain, Social Wi-Fi Marketing, and why it’s so important
to local businesses. Many establishments offer free
Wi-Fi for different reasons, attracting new customers, keep them happy, and maybe, because
everyone else is doing it. But let’s face it, free Wi-Fi, sucks. Complicated passwords, slow connections, and worst of all, you
get nothing in return. But all this is about to change, with social powered Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s still the free Wi-Fi
your customers expect, but without the hassles
and lack of results. It’s now possible for
customers to simply connect to your free Wi-Fi service, using their favorite social media account. Once they’ve logged in
with just a few clicks, you will be able to get
their social media details, email addresses, and more, allowing you to build long
lasting, and valuable, relationships beyond a single visit. Now you can send your
customers mobile coupons, exclusive offers, email
newsletters and timely promotions, long after they have visited your store. Grow your business, and
keep your customers happy, with the new magical
way, to offer free Wi-Fi. Contact us to get your own social powered Wi-Fi hotspot today. (upbeat music) So I want you to think,
Connect with Facebook, how many times have you
used Connect with Facebook, to register for a website before? So instead entering your
first name, last name, email, and filling out a very annoying form, you click Connect with Facebook, and your form is pre-filled. So it’s the same idea, but we now do that, for free Wi-Fi, anywhere
free Wi-Fi is available. So in a way, we help bring the online and offline world together
using this technology. So step number one, the customer, as they normally would, would open their phone or device, and look for a free Wi-Fi hotspot. They then would see a pop up landing page, which is completely customized with the logo and brand, look
and feel, of that business, and allows the customer to
log in, Connect with Facebook, the same way that you do
with any normal website. Now the big thing to get right away, is that the reason we use
social media to log in is, first of all, to make it easy and quick, but second, is because we are
getting a valid email address, and you marketers out
there know how important a valid email address is, when it comes to doing retention, or any kind of marketing for your clients. And we’re also leveraging the popularity of social media at physical locations. So we’re looking at
2,000,000,000 Facebook users, 200,000,000 LinkedIn
users, 30,000,000 Twitter, 700,000,000, I could keep going. This is the easiest way
to opt in with promotions, is to go where they live and get valid email
addresses of engaged users. And even with Facebook Messenger, there’s 1,200,000,000 users on Messenger, there’s 65,000,000 businesses using it, and this is a huge
channel to now leverage. So once that user selects their social media log in of choice, and log in, they then get engaged. You can do things like
redirect them to an app store, to download an app, you can also redirect
them to a review site, to leave a review for the business, or re-target them after the fact. There’s multiple campaigns
and multiple objectives, all designed to meet
exactly what you’re client’s looking to achieve, and
we make it very easy to launch any of these objectives. Surveys, lead gen, coupons
and social sharing. Now the huge thing that our
platform does at the very end, is that once that user connects, and that information is shared, we can engage them with
multiple different channels. So for example, if I was
logging in with Twitter, I would find my hotspot over here, I would get my automatic pop up, I would agree to the terms, I click on Connect With Twitter, it would automatically open up my account. All I had to do was click on Authorize, and then get redirected
back to my objective, here I can share things, for example, my advertiser
here is Coca-Cola, and it would go right to their promotion. The big thing about our platform is that, you can custom brand this app, so you can use your own apps, you can customize everything
from a cloud control panel. The entire experience can
be customized in the cloud, you can use Facebook log
ins, and those who use SMS, so where you do any kind of SMS marketing, you can also use a phone number to log in, where you a legal double opt in, and then grant access via SMS. I also mentioned Facebook Messenger, we just launched this new option to Connect with Facebook Messenger, allowing anyone at a
local business to log in using Facebook Messenger, and then engage a chat bot. So chat bots is the new rage, where you literally have a robot speaking to your clients,
profiling your clients, doing surveys, selling items, you can now engage and drive traffic, and start conversations
all via Facebook log ins. And once all this data is captured, you track all this data
right in your own dashboard. You get the real time analytics, all the visual reports that you see here, and a whole bunch more, you can export and sync all the data with your external databases. You can identify customer
habits very easily, you can customize all your campaigns, and you can set up automations, all within your own branded dashboard. And it allows you to very easily measure the on-site and post-visit engagement. For example, customers from
anywhere from a coffee shop, to a large stadium,
could then get profiled, engaged, you’ve got their email, add in custom audiences, match them to existing networks and more. So for example, anyone who
does Facebook Audiences, or any ads on Facebook, you’re now creating an actual
visitor Facebook Audience, where you’re not literally tracking those who have physically been to
a location, used the Wi-Fi, and now targeting them, and through the Facebook Audience network, you can target those active
Wi-Fi Facebook users, and their friends. And the cool thing here is that, you can also track if any of
your targeted ads have worked. If anyone comes back to
use the Wi-Fi on location, and log in with Facebook, you can then use an offline conversion to match the person who saw the ad, to the person who physically
uses the Wi-Fi at location, within 62 days, this
is a brand new feature that Facebook has launched, and we’ve already integrated a way to be able to track
the offline conversions if your ads are working. So those who work with clients, and do any kind of Facebook Ad marketing, there’s no better way
than showing the clients, your value, than
providing real reports of, hey, we found similar audiences to your Facebook Wi-Fi users, we brought them in, and here’s exactly how
that conversion worked. Let’s talk about the
integrations and automations, so once you get all the data, and you capture all this valuable data, what can you later do with that data? Now, we specialize, our
platform specializes, in Wi-Fi marketing automation. Now what does that mean? It allows you to, number one, integrate your own social
and payment log in apps, so you don’t use our apps, you literally add your
own profiles for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Instagram, Vkontakte in Russia, email, SMS, Twilio, credit card to Stripe, PayPal, and even a custom bypass option, you can add all these,
for your own business, and individual ones for
all of your clients. So you can actually add all
of your client accounts, to your white label dashboard as well. And once everything is all connected, you can send this data to any third party service of your choice. So we have a deep integration, with a lot of the major
CRMs and email providers, including Zapier, with custom templates. So here, it makes it very easy for you to take all the data you’re capturing, on a client by client level, connect all the data to multiple accounts. And jumping right into
the platform itself, it is a 100% white label captive portal. For those who do not know the
terminology captive portal, it is that pop up that comes up when you try to connect to Wi-Fi, is the one that asks you to authorize. So what we do is act as a layer, as a custom captive portal that works with any existing hardware, and everything is in the cloud. So you can customize the
branding, the domains, the SSL certificates and sub-user log ins, and people will literally
think, this is your platform, when it really is all managed by us. There’s over 20 supported
languages in our platform, and this works anywhere in the world. It is your own Wi-Fi marketing
software as a service, as I mentioned, you customize
your logos, color, SSL, but you also allow your clients to create their own campaigns. So we have a very easy
to use Campaign Builder, that allows you create your campaigns, you choose your social log in options, you upload your logo,
it’s very easy to do. You can change some settings, like your background color, your language, our opacity, all kinds of look and feel. And then from the technical side, you can also customize
your thank you page, put Facebook boxes, redirect
to different app stores, and do all of this directly
within the dashboard, so you can view all of the analytics right from within the dashboard, here’s just a couple of
views of the kind of data that you get back from
your connected users, these are all real time,
these are all physical, real time Wi-Fi users. And then, when you look
at the profile history, and take a look at the kind
of data you’re capturing, and we have the customer’s
Facebook profile, their wallpaper, their real email address, they I blurred out for
privacy reasons here. But you also get their gender, their age, when they connected,
how long they connected, how long they spent. When comes to integrating,
marketing automation tools, Infusionsoft, very easy,
you click on Connect, it’s all connected, then use
that when somebody connects, disconnects, on certain
delay, it’s very easy to use. And you see everything listed
right within our dashboard. Our built in ad server makes
it easy to monetize this with your own tags, with other
tags through our platform, and you can also have sub-users who then are managed with
their own permissions, and can change, and not change, whatever you want to allow
them to do at any time. Our platform also allows you to remotely manage your network, so it monitors all the device statuses, it allows you to change the SSID, and capture all this
information from the cloud. For example, you can see if the device needs a firmware upgrade,
and upgrade it remotely. You can limit the bandwidth per user, this also works great
if you are working with a slow internet connection, you can limit how much
people actually use. You can also limit the session time, which also works great,
limit how long somebody can physically the Wi-Fi for per day. And we also have a content filter, to allow you to block the
content of sensitive information, if it’s a family restaurant or a church, you don’t want to have people having open reign to the Wi-Fi, this is also legally
required in most states. So, let’s talk about a live demo, let me just quickly jump
over to the platform, let’s just show you some real life stats, of some of the network
activity that we have, again, these are all real,
this is all real data, all real time, it’s not made up stuff. This is where we have just
one of our partners listed, with some of their clients, and how many people have
connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, et cetera. These are real numbers over here, we’re talking about 55,000 Facebook users, over here, we have 122,000 emails. Here’s some, you know, some
locations around the world, we have the men versus women breakdown, we have information about clients. As you see, we get all
kinds of information, user’s name, MAC address, device
type, Android mobile phone. Just quickly jumping here,
we also have a timeline, and this is a real live
view, in real time. I see this person
connected one minute ago, also, all within one minute ago. And we check out some of the activity that we have in these hotspots, and the cool thing is, that
once you have this set up, we also have different views that you can give your client access to, to do all these reports in real time. It’s really nice to see over here, for example, there’s 121 pages, again, so tons of leads getting generated here. This is all in real time,
you can view the dashboard, and see activity, exactly
how users are coming, who’s new, who’s returning, Facebook versus custom. This is just great stuff
that you can then take, and give your client access to, and I’ll go through, in a minute, different business models that
you can use to monetize this. But just at a glance, the way that you could
use this platform to sell, is pretty amazing. So let’s talk about our technology stack, it is hosted with Amazon Web Services, it’s a secure cloud hosted platform. It’s always service-oriented architecture, so we actually have a bunch
of different micro-servers, working at the same time, so
nothing will ever go down. If something breaks, it
will be easily replaced, because it’s all automated,
it’s region distributed, it has elastic load balancing. For those who are not
technical, a long story short, this will make sure that the
platform never goes down, it works fast, and it works
anywhere in the world. We have distributed
regions that offer this, no matter where you are in the world, the majority of apps,
like Instagram, et cetera, are hosted on Amazon, so rest assured, that this platform will work fast, and anywhere in the world. So when it comes to installing
this, you might be thinking, how do I install this at a local business, or a large stadium, is it
difficult, how does it work? So there are different,
a couple different ways, that these are installed, they’re installed at small
locations, and large locations. Small locations use hotspots, which we’ll go over in a minute. And the large locations can integrate with major cloud controllers
and existing hardware, that is required for large volume traffic. So we talk about the small business, we have what’s called a
social powered Wi-Fi hotspot, a plug and play hotspot, that plugs into any existing
internet connection. It’s all cloud managed,
so once you plug it in, it’s set and forget, you can actually change anything
you want from the cloud. And the customers then
connect to that Wi-Fi hotspot, it is secure, you plug it
into your existing modem, and you are good to go. Now if you’re working
with a business that has an existing internet connection, let’s say they have an
existing Wi-Fi hotspot, you don’t have to replace that. What you would do is,
you would add on this new social powered hotspot on location, you can buy them from us for $50.00, or you can buy similar
ones on Amazon for $25.00, they’re very cost effective. And you can also integrate
this with existing hardware, and now the business will
actually have two access points, and this works for a few reasons. Number one, the existing
one, you want to lock down, change the password, and keep
it for private staff only. You should never have public people using the private network, so make sure that, that
existing hotspot that they have, is turned private. And then this new one,
that’s made for public use, that has the DNS filter,
it has the social log in, all the protection, all that good stuff, this way, all the existing
internet connections remain private, and the new public network is deployed by you, which
is now all plug and play. These hotspots, as I
mentioned, are all unbranded, so even as you look at the back, it says, social powered Wi-Fi hotspot, you can put your own
company brand or sticker right on that, we sell them for $50.00, you can use, sell it for a lot more, and deploy these all plug and play, that has the firmware already installed. And it also auto-updates from the cloud, so there’s really nothing you
ever have to do with these, other than just plug them in. Like I mentioned, we also
have hardware compatibility with some cost effective
solutions from Amazon, this one is $24.99, it has
Prime, next day deliver, we’ve actually developed a cloud firmware that we give you at no charge, to mod these, it takes
about five minutes to do, and then once they’re good, they can also be managed and updated, by us, from the cloud. Now if you’re working with
existing larger networks, and I’m talking about
even larger retail stores, major stadiums, hotels,
any kind of large installs, you can also integrate and
layer over our technology, on top of existing networks. So we have have native cloud
controller integration, now what is a cloud controller? Any time you have access points that are from Cisco,
Cradlepoint, Open Mesh, Ubuiqiti, or really any of the major providers, they’re all managed from the cloud. Controllers that make sure
the access point is online, who’s on it, how many people are using it, is the security all good,
they’re all remotely controlled. So we’ve built custom integration that seamlessly connects
by Wi-Fi networks, to these cloud controller, to allow you to deploy this technology on top of existing networks, without using additional hardware, and without using additional firmware. So that’s a big thing to remember, you don’t need additional
hardware or firmware, if you connect with a native
cloud controller integration, and we now work with most of the major cloud control integrations
in the marketplace. How to monetize this, how to make money, and the business models you can use, there are multiple ways, ad networks, done-for-you solutions, DIY solutions, reseller services, you can
resell the software itself, you can deploy this at
large events and festivals, and charge on a per-event basis. You can build your own network
and you can ad monetize it, you can build retargeting lists, and you can upsell services. So really some of the bigger areas, the social Wi-Fi partner markets are retail franchises, marketing agencies, large event venues and
internet service providers. By linking up with these companies, it’s very easy to deploy it, because they are already
deploying Wi-Fi today. If you do anything with local marketing, and this includes PPC or
social media generation, or Facebook Ad selling, if you’re a video marketer
or reputation marketer, if you sell mobile websites, or apps, or you do any kind of affiliate ecommerce, or any kind of affiliate marketing, you can very easily drive
traffic and drive sales, and upsell all of your services, by using Wi-Fi as a fire starter. Because Wi-Fi helps you
capture incredible data, you get emails, custom audiences, you get phone numbers and you
can engage messenger chat, so when you think about it,
think about all the things you can sell based on
the data that you now are capturing from your clients, and have available to you
in your custom dashboard. If you wanted to do a done for you model, where, for example,
your clients don’t know this dashboard exists,
and the whole platform doesn’t exist to them, you’re
selling a much more expensive white glove service, that’s
a great business model. But if you want to scale your business, you can also offer a DIY, which is a do it yourself model, where you literally create a
sub-account to your clients, and let them create and
manage their own accounts. By doing that, you can remotely,
from anywhere in the world, bring on clients, and
let them manage exactly how they market to their clients
over their Wi-Fi networks. This is a proven business model, and don’t just take it from me, Turnstyle, for example,
charges $3,000 a year, for the basic service,
the very basic stuff, that I just showed you. And Yelp just bought the company
Turnstyle for $20,000,000, so Yelp is about to get into this game, if that’s a sign to you
that Wi-Fi marketing is about the be a very big thing in local. And you can offer something to
the client that people can’t, well number one, everyone hates Yelp, and number two, you are a
local marketing professional, so you can offer that local expertise, that hands on marketing, that Yelp can’t, and you can also beat them in price, with what I’m about to share with you in the package that you’re about to have. And also Zenreach and another company that does something
similar to what we have, they charge clients,
starting, basic packages, starting at $400 a month. They’ve raised now a total of
$80,000,000 from the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Durant, these are some famous
people now getting on board, and seeing the value of Wi-Fi marketing, you can literally create a
Zenreach competitor, overnight. Now by leveraging this,
you can not only sell to local businesses
and get them to pay you to install this and
generate leads for them, you can also build your
own branded Wi-Fi network. So you can monetize free hotspots
by offering this for free, to a local business or
local populated areas, and then monetizing the traffic. Because we have an integrated ad server, with the zones and the real time reports, you can easily segment the different types of hotspots you have on your network. These also tap into
existing access points, so if you know any networks, or see Meraki on the wall,
see Cisco on the wall, you can call that business and say, hey look, are you guys
monetizing your access points, because if you’re not,
here’s a way that I can help. You can also target banner
and interstitial placements, so you can drop banners to
either videos or ad banners, generate more revenue. We also have real time data access and audience sharing into
the external networks, and audience matching with email, Facebook, UID, and MAC address, to allow you to create external audiences and monetize these for long after a single user connects to a hotspot. Because you get all kinds
of great analytics and data, you can also monetize that
data that you’re collecting, you can track new versus returning users, see everything in a real time dashboard, you can even grab walk-by
proximity analytics, of who is in and around an access point, almost like a heat map. You can do social insights on Facebook, and even get all this data
via real time webhook. Once you capture and
match all of this data, such as the name, email,
gender, birthday, the age, the likes, the friends list, the MAC address, the device type, OS type, I mean the list goes on, on
the data you can capture, think about the advertisers that would pay you for this data. And when it comes to
monetization opportunities, you can monetize this in multiple ways, banner ads on the home
page, on the thank you page, you can have your own
interstitial portrait, video or app carousels,
then a redirect URL, that can take you out onto a website, an app store or even a survey. Not only that, you also
capture valuable data, that allows you to do audience matching and targeting criteria, based on MAC address, email,
gender, age, interest, events and frequency. You also seamlessly integrate with an API to custom services, so we can embed this into your existing software as a service,
with a real time data feed, a single sign on log in,
campaign creation API, widget-based embeds,
custom reports and more, and we can help feed your
existing products with data. So why would someone
choose MyWiFi networks when it comes to monetizing
their Wi-Fi hotspots? Our real competitive
differentiation is that we are a 100% white label
captive portal platform, we don’t say, powered by
anything on the bottom, this is completely 100%
your brand and your domains. You can use your own domains, not only on the captive portal,
but also on your dashboard, so that the entire experience is branded to you or your client. We have a full Campaign Builder, with a WYSIWYG editor, that makes it very easy
to change any element of a campaign in real time. We integrate with your own social apps in over 500 third party
software integrations. We allow you to manage multiple locations and multiple devices, with sub-user access,
and account limitations. And all of this is packaged
up with advanced reporting and data exports, so you can easily manage the data that you are capturing. We also have a robust API, with flexible integration options, that allows to take this data, depending on your application. So how we typically approach
custom Wi-Fi solutions is we analyze your problem, we understand exactly how
many access points you have, and what you’re looking to accomplish. We design a custom
branded campaign for you, or we can give you the access
to design everything yourself, through our WYSIWYG builders. We’ll help you deploy it and integrate it with your cloud controllers, and apply our captive
portal on your public SSIDs. And then we’ll evaluate the campaign to make sure that it’s running properly, and you’re getting the results you want. I love to personally speak with you, and talk more about Wi-Fi marketing, and how it can help your business. Feel free to book a meeting by clicking on the link below, again, my name is Kevin Zicherman, founder and CEO of MyWiFi Networks, and I look forward to
speaking with you soon. Thanks for watching.

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