April 9, 2020
MyAddsUp Review

MyAddsUp Review

MyAddsUp Review hello welcome to my heads-up review my
name is Pedro and I’m very happy to show MyAddsUp Review you a review of this great program for
the end of 2019 my ends up I’m going to take my picture out I’m a musician
but also a marketer for some years now and I think this program is really worth
to to spend some time with it and to check it out so my adds up it started in
April of 2019 and it’s a program that you can make money easily every day by
clicking ads so you can join free but it only makes really fact when you starts
depositing just a few money to start getting making a regular income so I’m
going to show you here how it works ok so my ends up you can join on all these
levels and this is the price that you have to pay to join the levels so right
now I’m at level 7 so I paid $150 which is between these and these so I got in
to level 7 so every day I get six dollars fifty to be on this level and
how do I get these by clicking ads so by clicking it I get this money and then I
get also points which works this way I’m sure now okay so this is like my last
screen so I had to click for these Barros heads
and it takes like 10 seconds for each ad and then I also had to click for these
paid ads every day 20 ads when I click on them I get my cash wallets refilled
so I get like like I told told you in the level I am level 7 I get 6 dollars
every day all this is filled with the with the ads that I clicked I can then
go and buy an ad pack more ad packs for the next day the cost of each ad pack
it’s $1 so if I click here with the six dollars or seven that I did on their
time I’ll buy more seven dollars of ad packs and each epic it gives you three
thousand and eighty bono set points so this is the way you are increasing your
opponents at points is by buying adpacks and this number is very important
because the bigger the number is the more you jump to the higher levels okay
so you get two points to jump on our levels and also you get which is really
good for each referral that you get you get 10% of whatever they put on this
program so every time the deposit or or from their their initial deposit you get
10% and also you get 5% of what they earn every day so every day they are
going to click on the ads and they get like six if they are on level seven like
me they get six dollars so we are going to get 5% of that so I only have three
referrals because my Facebook has been blocked the last two weeks so I’m trying
to recover my account but mice my referral one of my referrals is already
22 referrals in three days and if all the deposits you can make a
lot of money with the Commission’s and this money it’s going to give you a lot
of of course because with this money Yuri
by earth pegs and this gives a lot of points and then it makes you go on the
web was like it you see right now I have five hundred sixty thousand points so
I’m almost getting close to this level level eight my sponsor is also almost on
level ten now and this poster is on level 12 so it’s making like 200 to 400
right now every day and each sponsor is making like $600 every day now so this
is very easy MyAddsUp Review I’m going to show you how we do so this is the way it works so
what I did I clicked already on my head today so this is my last step I click
here I saw it and by the way the ads it’s offers from members of the group so
I’m going to put also my offer here as a member and people will click on my head
so you see I saw that the ad now and now I got paid for that so I’m going to
click here now and my 28th of the day they are seen okay you don’t you know
you do not have an answer else to view so now you’re here how and you can see
that now I got some money from my from their to their type
so and as you have 5 2 + 2 so it means that I’m going to be able to buy seven
dollars or more of air packs since one out packets one dollar ok I can buy like
seven eight bags ok and when I buy the air packs each one dollar gives you 380
so see you might see that I’m going to you can see MyAddsUp Review that I’m going to increase
my bap my father set points so what I do now I’m going to buy
Nantz back so I go here and I’m going to buy let’s see I have survived here so
I’ll buy five right now and I can put also mine over here so I’m going to get
one of my offers which can be like let’s see problem that I like that people buy
from me maybe let me see I had one that I really enjoyed
Eduard sweet this is my referral link this is a very good program that I get
to see ads to see good ads on e-commerce because I have a Shopify store so I put
here my offer and now I’m going to buy the apex okay now I think I still have
two dollars to buy let’s see yes still have two dollars I put my offer here
again and I buy now so remember that I had 560 points let’s
see how much I have no I don’t think I can buy more yes okay so now I go here
and I had I had 560 points let’s see now you see now I have 580 to 350 bonus ad
points so this is the way it works since I have a few referrals because I’ve been
doing too much up to now I’m going to start promoting really a lot now I’m
going to get every day every time referral deposits on the program I’ll
get like I say here 10% from it and I’ll get also 5% of whatever earnings they
get on their cash wallet every day so this is a very good program this is my
sponsor by the way it’s a very good program
so again you have all the info here and please click MyAddsUp Review on the link below of this
video to sign under me and to get on my team my team it’s really doing it’s like
doing a blast on this and you can make very good recurring money into in 2020
this is a program that is going to ask for a long time and there’s a good thing
there’s people that are involved only involved on it it’s people that are
friends of mine saxophonist and the DJ so you can really trace on these people
because I’ve been knowing these people for some time now and they are on the
top of this program so this probably not going to scam you or to disappear so I
hope you enjoyed my heads up review click on the link below and also you get
my bonuses if you sign under me and what are my balances I’m going to show you
through the very good bonuses I have to come here and show you this is from
another program but you get email marketing training which is amazing
training video that makes me really make a lot of money using this strategy
you’ll get a free Instagram training you’ll get a free facebook training all
this make money you’ll get my best approach on dropshipping because you can
make a lot of money with dropshipping and also you you get access to our
facebook team okay so hope you enjoyed this MyAddsUp Review and my ends up it’s an
amazing program and totally trusty and you can see that
I’m making money with it and a lot of people are making I’m going to show you
also now people on this on our group that are making money so just like this
guy they had crossed already six million six hundred seven tee-ball no set points
and you can see how much is making every day one hundred ninety three dollars
every day every day okay so let’s see another people here another guy now I
joined group for there was a guy that join on April with one dollar because
you can join with whatever money you want you know each one with one dollar
and these are already on level ten ten okay this guy I’m on my way to group 12 he got already all these points amazing group seven so you see a lot of people
accomplishing a lot with this program the other thing you can withdraw money
every week but what we advise on this program is that I’m going to show here
is the man you make every day we advise to make to only start withdrawing when
when you are on group nine because it does make sense that every day you eat
row ten dollars it’s really stupid it’s going to to make you move very slow so
the better to leave the money there and every day buy more ad packs and then
you’ll get more points and then you go fast in these levels so I hope you
enjoyed this review of my heads up and please click the link below to join my
team and we will give you I’ll share with you all my strategies that are
really working to make a lot of recurring money on affiliate marketing
so bye bye and thanks a lot you

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