April 2, 2020

My SECRET Product Research Strategy 2019 | Step 2- Shopify Step by Step For BEGINNERS

(gentle music) – Yo, what’s going on everybody? Welcome back. I know in the last video, I promised that we’re gonna
get into the theme and design. But I actually wanna switch
things up a little bit, because we’ll normally
do the theme and design before we do the product research if we have like a general
store or something. But I know that single product stores are really popular right now. So I wanna kinda gear
this lesson into that. And in order to build
a single product store, we need to do the product
research beforehand so we can base the store off that. So let’s get right into
the product research. Here’s all the ways to
find winning products. The first method is through
AliExpress and Manually. This is one of my personal favorites. After two years of just
finding winning products six figures. Majority of them came from
just manual product research, just browsing AliExpess, which I’m gonna show you in a few minutes, exactly how to do it and find winning products
like that with confidence. The next method is to actually
use eCommerce software. So there’s software out there
like EcomHunt, AliShark. And those who just find
winning products for you, but you have to pay for it. That’s not my favorite is because there’s a lot of other people who pay for the same subscription. So you’re gonna be
marketing the same product as many other drop shippers, which won’t actually give you
that six figure potential, but you can still get sales nonetheless. The next way to find winning products is, to actually browse social media. So if you browse your
Facebook or your Instagram and you see product ads, I will just go into their store, and then add their product to your cart, initiate checkout. So Facebook recognizes you as somebody who likes
these type of products. So Facebook will keeps showing you more and more winning products, and you can actually get some
really good winners there. The fourth method is
to ask your suppliers. So after you’ve been
doing this for a while, and you’ve had some relationships that you’ve built throughout the years, you just drop shipping and
bring other businesses money. They’ll be more than happy to
share some winning products and products that are
doing well in the market right now with you. So it never hurts to actually ask. Worst thing they can say is no. And the last method, if you’re really lazy is
to just hire a VA to do it. So I have a team of VAs who go and find me winning products. And I like to have that because it’s like, sort
of like, extra eye. I can do the product
research on my own manually but it’s always great to
have somebody else’s input and see what products they come up with. Those are pretty much my five main ways to find winning product
for the dropshipping store. But for the sake of this video, keeping it straightforward. We’re gonna go my favorite, which is the very first
one the AliExpess method where you can just browse AliExpress, find the winners, you have more control, and they have great, great
six figure potential. So let’s get into it. So as you can see, this is the AliExpress
homepage right here. And what I like to do is
just browse the flash deals the best match area. You don’t even have to type in a niche. If you don’t know what niche
you wanna focus on right now. I suggest just go into the best deals area and you’ll see a bunch
of recommended products from AliExpress. I’ve been doing like, baby searches. So a lot of these products that are popping up are
babies, baby products, because I’ve been trying
to find a product for the little baby Box Office Store that I just created. So what we’re gonna do is just click on some of these products. And before you actually do this, there’s two things that you need to have. So you need to have your AliExpress plugin with your Google Chrome extension. And it’s also nice to have this plugin from Commerce Inspector. So if you go to commerceinspector.com, you can download this free plugin. And what that’ll allow you to do is when you’re on a product
page, for example, you can just hit that Commerce
Inspector plugin right here, and it’ll pull up the
data for that product. So as you can see, this product doesn’t
have too much activity. In last seven days only three orders. So this is not a trending
product right now you can see off the bat that this is not a product
that we wanna deal with. The second thing is to
download the Oberlo app. When you go to your App Store, right here, click the Apps tab, go to Oberlo and this should pop up. And you can just add
that app into your store so that Oberlo can now import products from AliExpress directly to your store. So go ahead and have that setup if you don’t already. But again, we’ll get into how to actually use this and you’ll see what exactly what I mean. So once you have Oberlo here, the way you get the plugin is to come to the settings
in the bottom left. And then you wanna go to suppliers. And over here, you can click the Chrome extension. So once you click that, it’ll bring you to the Google, the Chrome Web Store where you can download this extension. I already have it so I don’t
have to worry about it. But for you guys who don’t. This is how you do it. Once you do that you should have the Oberlo plugin show up right here, and the way we gonna use it is just browse like we normally do, I’m just gonna browse
some of these products. So this one looks like it
has a good amount of orders. So 3000 orders. Again, you don’t wanna have
anything over 10,000 orders that’s pretty much to the point where is getting saturated. So I like this, one because the seller seems
to have a very good reputation. And if you download my
winning product checklist, which is in the description, you can see the seven characteristics of winning products. One of them is that you
have a reliable supplier. Okay, so this one has a reliable supplier has some high quality
images that we can use, they’re not generic photos, which is one of the qualities here. And next thing is the break even point so you wanna have at least a
$15 gross margin for ads spend. With this product, it only costs $4.92. And I think I could get away with selling this for 19.99 which gives me at least $15 to go with and spend that on ads. And try to get somebody
to purchase for $15. This gives you much more comfortability when you’re running your ads and it gives you a lot
of room to work with. So you don’t have to worry about not being profitable. Or you need to do is keep your cost per purchase below $15 with every purchase. And I’m really liking
this product right now. Like the images look clean. The best way to determine that the product is a winner is to come down here. So this is the secret. When you come down into
the transaction history. You can see that this product, today’s May six, so on May six alone with mid day, and this product already has
more than 20 purchases, right? More than so. That’s 40 purchases. This is 60 purchases today alone. So this product is selling. This product is selling
and by the end of the day, I’m gonna estimate that this product is gonna do way more than
hundred sales per day. And if I wanna verify that I can just click that
Commerce Inspector tab, to see what Commerce Inspector pulls up as far as data. Just give that a second to load. But if you go to the
winning product criteria, we can see that we wanna have at least 100 sales per day. And this is how we find out. So if you look into Commerce Inspector, it shows that 94 orders a day, which is pretty much 100. So this is a product
that’s winning right now, I can guarantee you that if you put this on your store, as you see it right now, and run it to the right audience, you will get sales. Okay, that’s it, is that simple on how to
find winning products. You wanna make sure that there’s at least 100 sales by using this transaction history area. And you can find out because each page has 20 sales. So you wanna have at least
100 sales within the last day. Okay, so as we can see, within the last day alone, this product has done more than 100 sales. Because we’re on the fifth page and each page is 20. So that’s a quick and easy way to find out the product
is trending right now. If you wanna find out other ways to get winning products, you can also come to this area right here this is secret number two. Top selling products from this seller, and it’ll actually show
you all the products that this specific seller is selling. That’s doing well. So this one is doing the best right now. So I’m opening that up in a new tab. This one seems like it’s doing well too. And I’m already thinking
in the back of my head that for this products, this single product store
that I’m about to build, we can have two or three great products that have a great trend in the market and put those on this website. So this one looks like it’s doing well to 1900 orders, 4.9 average rating. So people really like this and it has a video so this is gonna help out when we go to create our ad
in the next couple videos. I really like this product $34 I’m guessing we can sell this for $70 it seems. So I’m gonna go ahead. Has the high quality images again, it solves a problem, it seems reliable has 4.9 average reading, and we can add an upsell. The reason I wanna focus on
a couple of these products is because if people
don’t buy this product, which is a little cheaper, if they buy this, we can offer this one as an upsell. Or we can advertise this product first and then offer this as an upsell later. So there’s ways you could kinda play around as a marketer. You wanna kinda brainstorm these things. as you’re looking for these products. But let’s go and check the
trend history on this product to see whether it looks
like compared to the previous bag that we just looked at. So we’re gonna come down into the transaction history area and we just see, it has some sales. So obviously, this one, or the orders from May six ends on the first page. And that’s fine because
when this product is priced a little bit more. And you only have to sell half as many as the other product to make the same amount of revenue. So don’t be fooled just
because this product doesn’t necessarily
have 100 sales per day. Is just a guide. Okay, you gonna have to
use your own common sense and fill things out. This has 50 orders today. So half is much, but I’m guessing that we can
sell this for twice as much. So it pretty much equates to the same type of velocity, if you really wanna dive into it. But if we look at May 5th alone, I wanna see how many pieces
this sold on May 5th. So may 5th starts mid page one and we wanna go to page five. We can see it ends there. But I’m guessing on page four Okay, so this doesn’t
have as much traction as the first product, as you can see. The sales per day doesn’t span out as much as this product, which was as much as five pages. That’s how you can
already tell this product is getting great traction
in the market right now. And this one doesn’t have
that many orders in total, if you look at it has only 2000 orders. So you got to think of it as, alright, I’m gonna come in and, this product that’s doing okay, I’m gonna market it better
than my competition. I’m gonna market it better than
anybody else in the market. And I’m gonna bring this orders, the total amount of orders has 10,000 because I’m
gonna scale this product. If you have that mentality, that’s pretty much all you need. But within 10 minutes, we already have a six
figure winning product. And I’m not sure if
this gonna sell or not, but the market shows that it’s selling and it’s worth giving it a try. Once you determine that
you have some products you wanna sell, you can go ahead and
add them to your store. So this first product, I’m gonna go ahead and add to my store. Because I know this is
definitely a winner, we’re gonna get some sales off it is easy. And as you can see, the Oberlo extension pops up here, you can push this into Oberlo. Now it’s in your import list. And we’re gonna get to that in a second. But I wanna add the
second product as well. Product imported successfully, and there’s this one last product that I wanna check out to. This one is like a hipseat carrier which it have a video to,
comes from the same brand and the same company. They’re trustworthy it seems. And they have some great ratings. So this is very nice, high quality images. You see what I’m talking about. It’s not generic. You wanna stay away from
those generic images ’cause those they don’t sell, okay? They don’t sell. But let’s go and see
the transaction history. Very high quality images, which I really like, we’re gonna sell this, like we’re gonna sell whether it’s gonna be profitable or not, I’m not sure, but this is gonna sell. And if you come down to this page looks like it has some
good traction though, Okay traction. Not even close to having
100 sales per day. But for the sake of opening a baby store, we can go ahead and offer this product as an upsell again. So we wanna have different pricing, different price ranges
for different products. So that people can have options when they come into the store. And we’re gonna limit
the amount of products on this single product
store to about three, maybe four different products. That way we can have
opportunities for cross sells upsells and post purchase
sells after that too. But down here you can see that it has pretty much the
same as the other product as this backpack right here. This one is 54 orders a day. And again, it’s priced in a way where we only have to sell half as many to make as much revenue. So this is priced at $39. And I’m guessing that we
could sell this for maybe 70, even $80. Put the Compare price to 100. But I have a really
good feeling about this. And we if can market it the right way. There’s gonna be some great, great traction and great results to work with going forward. So I’m gonna go ahead and add this product to the import list as well. And now we can just click
here to open import lists. And what that’s gonna do
is take you to Oberlo. And once you’re in Oberlo, you can see the practice here. It’s not in your store yet we have three products in here. All you have to do is fix the name description, add some tags and select your pricing. So I’m gonna go ahead and actually do the first two parts to
save time on this video, I’m gonna do the names for them. I’m gonna do the descriptions for them. And then we’re gonna go
in and do the variants and select the images after that. So give me a few seconds. (gentle music) Alright, so what I did was all I do is added a quick and
just very simple description of the product for the product title. So ergonomic kangaroo carrier for infants. Fashionable nursery diaper bag, And down here fashionable baby diaper bag. But we can kind of switch
up the names a little bit, nursery diaper bag, backpack, let’s go. And you can add some tags so that when people search
these products on your store, they’ll get some results
that actually pop up. Now we left the description, I’m actually gonna cover that when we go over the ads because we want the messaging with our ad to be the same as the description. So we’ll leave the description for now. But I just wanna get this
product into the store. Now keep in mind that when we’re importing these products is gonna show all the
variants of these products. So whether it’s shipped from China, that’s gonna be its own variant, Russian Federation, Spain, United States. We wanna focus on just the China Ships from China because they
usually have more stock there. So if you see the inventory
amount on the right side, you can see that they have more stock. And down here, they kinda lose stock here. So you don’t wanna ever
run out of products even though they are
shipping it from the US, that’ll be great. But we’re looking for scalability here. So I’m gonna unselect everything except for a ship from China. And then we’re gonna configure the price. Russian Federation take that out. And you wanna make this look nice. So actually capitalized the colors. These are the different
variants that they offer. Ships from China will be
able to remove that later. And I wanna price this at $69.99 and we’re gonna show the
Compare at price to be $99.99. So make that value really, really high. And the reason I like high quality images because now, you can put a price on
this that’s reasonable. You can say, I see myself spending $100 for this to take care of a child that I just had. Now we wanna select some images, sometimes you’re gonna
get some repeat images like this one. But since these are high quality, and it actually has humans in the image that helps us, that helps the product so very well. So we’re gonna select that one down here. What other options do we have? So we have this one is very descriptive, it pretty much does the job of selling the product for you. For the other images, they’re still great images so we can actually save that
and use them for ad copy. The first thing people
will see on Instagram is this picture right here, for example. Now when they scroll
right within the carousel, they will be able to see some other pictures of how to use it like the ergonomic design, multipurpose storage, and then that’ll be great
in selling the product. But once you pretty much done all of that, you can go ahead and import
the product to your store. Now you do the same thing
for your other products have many products you have in your case, but then after that you can
edit the product and Shopify, you can see that this
product is now in our store. Okay, it’s in our back end and we’re gonna go ahead
and create a description and finalize everything down here. So that is it. That’s how you find a winning product in less than 30 minutes, and have that product imported
in your store ready to go. In the next couple videos, we’re gonna talk about how
to actually build a team, build the menus out and the layout and the foundation for your website. So that you can turn visitors into buyers. And then after that, we’re gonna open the floodgates and get some traffic to your store. And you’re gonna start to
see some money coming in. I’m not sure how these
products are gonna do yet, but if you got some value out of this, make sure you subscribe to keep up with the next videos that I’m about to drop. And comment down below. Let me know what you thinking about this product research strategy. I’ll see on the next one, peace. (gentle music)

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