April 8, 2020
My Marketing Plan Process – 6 Steps to Marketing Any Business (Products or Services)

My Marketing Plan Process – 6 Steps to Marketing Any Business (Products or Services)

– Have you ever marketed your company and just found that everything
you’re doing isn’t working? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to share with you my marketing plan process, six steps to marketing any company. (soft synth music) Before we get started, I
just want to let you know, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, when I release
more videos like this, you’ll get notified. Now, quick question for you, have you ever followed
all the steps that other entrepreneurs and marketers have given you when it comes to generating
more traffic and sales and found that when you
implement them, they don’t work? Well, that’s because
you don’t have a plan. Just because you market
something in a specific way that someone else teaches you, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. You need a plan. So, let’s get started. The first thing you need to do, is define your goals. Do you want more traffic
for brand awareness? Do you want more revenue? Do you just need more leads? Are you trying to get
more e-commerce sales? You got to define your goals, because if you don’t define your goals, you’re not going to know
exactly what you need to take in order to achieve them. If you have the wrong goals, or no goals, you could be working on
marketing activities, that don’t help you accomplish what you’re really looking to do. And that’s the first biggest
mistake that people make when they go out there trying to market their site or any business. If you haven’t defined your goals, you’re not going to know
what marketing tactics you should be leveraging and
which ones you shouldn’t. The second thing you need to do is understand your customer. I’m not talking about,
hey, you sell toilet paper, you provide mortgage loans and your customer is looking for that. That’s just on the surface level. I’m talking about really
understand your customer. Why would they want to go
to you versus someone else? What problems are they facing? What goes on in their head that will make them choose
anyone within your space? Because once you understand that, you can leverage that to make
sure that they choose you. And the way you understand your customers is you talk to them. It’s not just about looking at analytics like Google Analytics. It’s about surveying them,
do tools like SurveyMonkey. It’s about picking up
the phone, dialing them, talking to them, getting feedback, showing them your website,
showing them your product, showing them your marketing messages. If you truly understand your customers, you can figure out what makes them tick, and then from there,
you’ll boost your sales, traffics, and leads. The third step you need to
do is assess key strengths. What are you good at? You know, I’m really good
at SEO content marketing, but there’s other entrepreneurs
and marketers out there, like Tai Lopez, whose much better at social media marketing than I am. Just because marketing has
all these different channels, doesn’t mean that you should
focus on all of them at once. Yes, eventually, you want to
take an omnichannel approach, which is leveraging all the
different marketing channels, but at the beginning, you need
to assess your key strengths, and then leverage those first. So, question for you,
what is your key strength? Leave a comment below
with your key strength, I’m just curious, is it SEO,
is it content marketing, is it social media
marketing, is it paid ads? But again, you need to
know your key strengths, because if you don’t know them, you’re going to be spinning your wheels, focusing on strategies that
are going to take much longer for you to produce results from, versus focusing on what
you’re already good at. Step four, pick one marketing channel. You already assessed your key strengths. Now it’s time to go with one channel. You may have five strengths, you may have one strength. Whatever it may be, you want
to pick one channel at first. Is it SEO? Is it content marketing? Is it Facebook? Is it Google Adwords? Whatever that channel is, just pick one and then focus on it. You want super laser focus, because when you tackle one channel first, and you do really well with it, you’re much more likely to get results. Now, it’s time for you to
do competitive research, look at your competitors,
what’s working for them? Once you figure out
what’s working for them, you can then get a good understanding of what you should replicate
and what you should avoid. The last thing you want
to do is do the opposite of what your competitors are doing. Espiecially when they’re
already established and making money. Typically, what works for
them should also work for you. Maybe not at the same level, but it should work to some extent. So what I want you to do is
head over to Ubersuggest, put in a URL of your competitors. You’ll see a report, it
shows either traffic, shows you their top pages. When you click on top pages, you can see things like
their most popular pages, how many links they have, how many social shares
each of these pages have, what key words they’re ranking for. This will all give you ideas on what you should be focusing
on and what you shouldn’t be. Step six, this last but not least, define how you’re going to make money. Even though you’re attracting
people to your site, it doesn’t mean that they’re
just going to raise their hand and be like, hey Neil, let
me throw some money at you. I wish that happened, but it doesn’t. Hey, if you want to make that happen, feel free to raise your
hand and throw money at me. But the thing is, getting
traffic is only half the battle. You got to convert those people. Do you need to collect leads and then have a sales process
to close those people? Do you need to create a funnel
with upsales and downsales? You need to figure out how
you’re going to make money. And I wish there was a
generic blank answer, but it’s different for
every single business. But once you have that, you can then come up with ways to figure out how to
maximize the conversion and drive people down that path. Whether it’s through tools like HelloBar that helps you collect emails. Or whether it’s tools like subscribers, that helps people get back to your site, and you can push them to,
let’s say, your Amazon pages. Or whether it’s through
things like Crazyegg, where you can run AD testing. The options are pretty much unlimited, but more so once you figure out how you’re going to make money and then, you can start pushing
people through that funnel. So that way you can make more money. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. If you enjoyed this
video, like it, share it, subscribe to the channel,
tell your friends about it, and, of course, if you need help with your marketing above and beyond, check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Visual.

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  1. What is your key marketing strength? Leave a comment below with your key strength, I'm just curious, is it SEO, is it content marketing, is it social media marketing, is it paid ads?

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  16. Marketing Plans are essential for keeping on track, keeping everyone one the same page and really just getting your end goals and vision on paper for everyone to see.

    Even if its a project I'm working on myself I'll make sure I've got a plan written down. Why? Because they keep me focussed. Throughout any project it can be easy to go off course quickly. For example, a business plan I've just created for a new company is around 30 pages (might seem excessive) but it includes a six month strategy and a lot of valuable information that anyone joining the project will find beneficial.

    In my head, I figured it would only be 8-10 pages long but half way through those initial 10 pages I started to notice things that needed expanded, figures that seemed unrealistic etc. This forced me to flesh the document out a bit, create some clarity around certain points and really just ensure the plan seems solid from the get-go.

    You mentioned understanding your customer, man I learned about this too late. If you can't get inside the head of your customers and take your own personal views out of the equation you're going to run into plenty of unnecessary failures. I've done that multiple times throughout my career and it's been a harsh lesson with so many failed businesses.

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