April 9, 2020
Multi Vendor WordPress Plugin

Multi Vendor WordPress Plugin

So, thanks a lot for purchasing the SaleJunction
eCommerce WordPress theme. We do have an exciting OTO for you. This specific OTO is a multi vendor WordPress
plugin. Multi vendor WordPress plugins allows you to transform your eCommerce store into
a full fledged marketplace where multiple sellers can actually register on your website. They can get an approval for an admin that
you would be and then they can start to sell their product on your platform on a commission
basis. This all entire process can be done using
this multi vendor WordPress plugin and it transforms your eCommerce store into a full
fledged marketplace in just a matter of few minutes. This specific OTO makes your eCommerce store
very exciting for all those sellers out there and you can actually create an eCommerce store
in any specific niche that you want and then you can attract multiple sellers on your platform
to list down their products as well and then they can sell their products on your platform
as well. Making the entire platform very interesting
and unique for different customers out there. So this complete multi vendor WordPress plugin
took a really long time to built and I am pretty sure that once you start to use this
plugin, you will make you eCommerce store even more exciting. To grab this OTO and once you grab this OTO,
you will get an access to an WordPres plugin which you can integrate within this specific
theme to convert your eCommerce store from single seller to a multi vendor eCommerce
store. Just like Etsy, Codecanyon or any marketplace
out there and you can do everything by using this specific WordPress plugin. So, thanks for watching this video. I do hope
that once you start to use this WordPress multi vendor plugin. You will start to love this plugin as well
and I am pretty sure that do grab this OTO and I am pretty sure that you will love this
offer as well. So, thanks for watching and really get this
OTO as soon as you can. So, thanks for watching.

3 thoughts on “Multi Vendor WordPress Plugin

  1. hello there, This amazing tutorial and love it, i am searching for
    another Plugin for Multi-vendor for booking hotel. Like Different Hotel
    can tag there price and i can get commission from them Please let me
    know. Thank you

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