April 4, 2020
Multi-Channel Funnels

Multi-Channel Funnels

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels When someone visits your site and buys
something, or completes another important action, it’s called a conversion. In Google Analytics, a conversion is typically credited to
the last action the visitor took. Such as the search, referral, or ad clicked right before the
conversion happened. But most conversions don’t happen during
the first visit to your site. More often, conversions happen after several visits as users take time to research the
product, consider pricing, and compare similar
products. The Multi-Channel Funnel reports help you understand which traffic
sources sent users to your site during the consideration process. They let you view how all your
channels and marketing initiatives worked together to create sales and
produce conversions. With Multi-Channel Funnels, you can explore which channels and
keywords tend to initiate a sales cycle. This is known as the role of
‘first interaction’. You can also explore which channels and
keywords tend to help close sales. This is known as the role of
‘last interaction’. In addition, you can explore which
channels and keywords visitors interact with during the sales cycle but prior to
actually buying. This is known as the role of
‘assist interaction’. Let’s take a look at some of the
Multi-Channel Funnel reports and examine the information they provide. The Time Lag report shows how many days
it took customers to convert. Here you can see whether your
conversions happen immediately or whether they take several days. By examining your goals individually you
can see which conversions take longer than others. For example, signing up for a newsletter on a site involves a short consideration period,
while purchasing merchandise on the same site may involve a longer
consideration period. Path Length lets you view how many
times customers interacted with the channel prior to converting. In this case, customers had three or four interactions
with channels before converting. Top Conversion Paths show each sequence
of interactions that led up to a conversion. The Multi-Channel Funnels section also includes a report that shows how
often each channel initiated, assisted, and closed sales and conversions. So, as you can see, Multi-Channel Funnels help shed light on
the full path users follow to conversion rather than just the last click. Google Analytics For more information on Multi-Channel
Funnels and all its reports, visit

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