April 1, 2020

More New Years Resolutions for You?

More new year’s resolutions for you? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Today we are discussing more
new year’s resolutions here, getting real close to New Year’s Eve and
eventually new year’s here for the year 2020. And the last two episodes
we were discussing specific resolutions that you can do,
especially regarding your business. The first one would be to design a goal for a year
long for your business. Have a very specific measurable goal. The second thing we talked about was
talking about picking a new form of media to get out of your marketing in or to
communicate with your customers with. And the third one would be the type of
marketing I want you to try out this year. If you haven’t yet, I want
you to try content marketing now. I have a bunch of videos on this. You’d go to BrianJPombo.com and check
out the other videos we have on this, but go and look up anything on content
marketing and the basic concept of content marketing is not just
about marketing to people
who don’t know you yet. It’s marketing also to
the people that know you. It’s marketing to current customers, but putting out along with your marketing
instead of saying, just buy this, buy that, talk about something of value for them. Give them a little piece of
value along with the marketing. Have a form of content, have
it be somewhat entertaining
and useful to people. If you do that and you do that
consistently throughout this next year, you’ll be very happy with
the results. I guarantee it. It will change your
perspective. If nothing else, it will change your perspective of how
you communicate with your customers and with your prospective customers. So hopefully that’s helpful for you. That’s a third, a third resolution. Maybe we’ll come up with another one for
tomorrow. Hmm. I wonder if we will… We’re back here every day. Come on back. If you happen to be in the self-reliance
field, meaning you have a business, you own a business, or you’re an executive
in a self-reliance based business, go to DreamBizChat.com. Go and check
that out while it’s still available. And let me see…..also, if you want to
find out anymore about me, like I said, you’d go to BrianJPombo.com if you’d
like to communicate with me or be able to find out how I might be able to help
your business. I’m a business strategist. This is what I do. Go to BrianJPombo.com and click on the
link that makes the most sense to you or just watch or listen to some
of my videos and audios. Hey, you have a great night. In the meantime,
get out there and let the magic happen.

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