April 9, 2020
MONEY MAKING SKILLS you NEED to Know as a NEW Online Entrepreneur in 2020

MONEY MAKING SKILLS you NEED to Know as a NEW Online Entrepreneur in 2020

Speaker 1: What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you some top money making skills that you need in order to be successful as a new online
entrepreneur. And the reason why I’m creating this video
is because of common question that I get from you guys is Vanessa, I want to start an online
business. What courses, books, or resources should I
invest in? And I think that this is an awesome, awesome
question to ask because a year ago I was in your shoes where I was a one person show. I had very limited skills and knowledge about
online marketing and I had very little [00:00:30] money. That’s why I had to rely on myself to really
sharpen a lot of the technical skills to get me from point a to point B all on my own. So if you want to learn exactly what I recommend
in terms of the technical hard skills that you need to master as a new entrepreneur who’s
doing everything yourself, then keep on watching. Speaker 1: Now, like I said, if you’re in
a situation where you do not have the money or resources to hire other experts to help
you run your business, then the number one thing that I recommend you learning is marketing
funnels. Understanding the fundamentals [00:01:00]
of marketing funnels or sales funnels is crucial. If you want to learn how exactly you can generate
traffic, convert traffic into prospects and convert prospects into actual paying clients
and customers because what you ultimately need to understand is that if you learn the
components of sales funnels, you are essentially going to unlock the entire ecosystem of how
online marketing really works and this is why it’s the number one thing that I believe
you should learn when you are starting out as a new online entrepreneur. Because trust me, when you get at [00:01:30]
least an overview of sales funnels, you’re going to learn so many things such as lead
generation, lead nurturing, conversion optimization, and so much more. Speaker 1: Now, I’m not saying that you need
to learn how to exactly build sales funnels step by step, but at least having a basic
understanding of how exactly sales funnels works is going to be fundamental for you to
know how to exactly monetize anything and everything online. That’s why to help you get started at any
level or at any budget. I highly recommend the book that changed my
life and that is dotcom [00:02:00] secrets by Russell Brunson. This is the only book that you’ll ever need
to get an overview of exactly how online marketing works. This is the very first book that I read that
really jump started my career as an online marketer and this is a really great book that
I highly, highly recommend so I do not take this recommendation lightly. I recommend it to almost everyone I know,
so make sure you click the link in the description box to grab your copy through my affiliate
link on Amazon. Speaker 1: If you don’t want my affiliate
link, that’s totally okay. You can just Google it online, but if you
are taking this book as my recommendation, I’d highly appreciate if you check out the
link in [00:02:30] my description box below. Again, this book is absolutely wonderful and
it is the only book that you’re ever going to need to get the basics about online marketing. Now, the second money making skill that you’re
going to need is sales. When I say sales, I’m not just referring to
sales funnels. I’m actually talking about your ability to
close deals, to attract buyers, to understand why exactly people buy and communicate effectively
through selling. This skill is obviously fundamental to any
business because without the ability to learn how to sell, you’re [00:03:00] not going to
be able to generate the revenue that you want to generate within your business. That’s why the biggest return on investment
you’ll ever make is spending that extra money to learn how exactly to sell effectively through
either courses, resources, trainings, or books. Speaker 1: Even for me, just spending a couple
hundred dollars on learning how to sell has already generated me $30,000 in high ticket
deals. To date the I closed myself. Not only this adjust understanding why people
buy and understand the fundamentals of sales psychology has also helped me close at least
$200,000 [00:03:30] in sales alone in my business as well. That’s why this is a skill that you definitely
do not want to sleep on and you definitely want to ensure that you understand at least
the basics of selling within your business in order to thrive from a revenue standpoint. And again, to help all of you guys get started
at any level and at any budget. I highly recommend the book, the Little Red
Book of selling. This is an amazing book. The link is going to be in the description
box below, but it is going to help you understand sales psychology really well. Speaker 1: Not only this, if you have a little
bit more money to spend and invest, [00:04:00] I highly also recommend investing in courses
that help you sell, that are specific to your industry. So if you’re a coach and you want to master
discovery calls, make sure you’re also investing in a course that’s going to help you do that. If you are a real estate agent and make sure
you’re investing in a course that will help you sell homes. Be Very specific in the courses you buy. The more niche the course is, the better. Now, learning about sales psychology and how
to sell is one thing, but being able to communicate that to the masses and sell without selling
is another. That’s why the next skill I’m going to introduce
to you is one of the [00:04:30] best skills that you’re going to need to learn as an online
marketer and that is copywriting. Speaker 1: The ability to communicate through
text has helped me immensely as an online entrepreneur because remember, the Internet
is a vast space and if you cannot communicate clearly to a bunch of strangers that are just
looking at a screen, you’re going to have a lot of struggles in terms of selling your
key offerings and services. Now I’m going to read some of your minds and
I know that you guys are thinking, wait, I don’t need copywriting. I can just communicate through audio or visuals. [00:05:00] I don’t need to know how to write
good texts. Well, I’m going to tell you that you’re completely
wrong because even for me, learning effective copywriting and learning how to write effectively
sell through coffee, sell through texts has helped me become a better communicator on
video and on audio. And the reason why I say this is because when
you become a better copywriter, you’re going to become a better storyteller. Speaker 1: You’re also going to be able to
manipulate text and the way that you frame things psychologically so that it looks a
lot more attractive to your audience, which will then help you self. This is going to help you with your Instagram
[00:05:30] captions, your email marketing, your landing pages, all of that stuff. So that’s why I feel copywriting is one of
the most underrated skills that people do not realize can actually help you a lot in
generating more income for your online business. Now, speaking of income, if you don’t have
much of it, let me recommend you a couple of books that have helped me become a better
copywriter and become a better storyteller. The first one is called cash for [inaudible]. This is an amazing book if you really want
to master copywriting and unlock all the trade that all the agencies use to sell through
coffee and [00:06:00] an in terms of storytelling. Speaker 1: The book that I recommend, which
I have on my kindle is called building a brand story by Donald Miller. This is absolutely one of my favorite books
because it truly helped me reframe the way that I tell a compelling story and it’s helped
me become a better utuber, become a better marketer and become a better content creator
in general. So with these two books combined, I cannot
recommend them enough. Now, the next skill that I recommend anyone
to shape up is social media. Investing in something that’s very specific
to our particular social media platform is really going to help your business. For example, investing in a course about [00:06:30]
youtube, Instagram, linkedin, Facebook, or podcasting is really going to help you learn
the ins and outs of that platform so you can leverage it to increase your impact, your
influence, and your income. That’s why I cannot recommend it more enough
to invest in a course that specializes in a particular platform. Speaker 1: For you to dominate in. Not only this, if you are someone that understands
sales funnels, then you should know that social media is the number one way for you to generate
organic traffic. And the reason for this and why it’s really
important, especially as a new entrepreneur with no money, you cannot afford paid advertising
right now. So that’s [00:07:00] why if you dominate on
these social media platforms, you’re going to be able to generate free traffic that you
don’t need to pay for and then you’re going to be able to learn sales funnels in order
to funnel that traffic into your paid offers. Not only this, if you learn sales in general
and how to close those people, then you’re going to generate revenue in your business. So I really hope that you understand where
I’m headed with this video. I’m teaching you the step by step skills that
you need, that when combined together is going to really 10 x your efforts as an online entrepreneur. Speaker 1: Now, on one hand, I think it’s
awesome to learn the step by step technicalities within a particular [00:07:30] social media
platform. But on the other hand, I personally believe
that if you aren’t a great content creator and you don’t really understand content marketing,
then it really makes no difference. You’re not really going to see a lot of growth. That’s why the program that I recommend is
my program called the boss Graham Academy, which is now open for waitlist in boss Graham
Academy. I’ve already taught hundreds and hundreds
of students how to not just dominate on Instagram, but also how to create content that actually
converts and teaching my students the fundamental skills of becoming a great business owner. So if you’re interested in joining that waitlist
[00:08:00] and definitely check it out in the link in the description box below. That being said, the next moneymaking skill
that is essential to your business and your life is understanding human psychology and
relationships. Speaker 1: Now, some people might argue that
this is more of a soft skill than a technical skill, but I really wanted to add this in
the video because it is fundamental on how I actually attract people to my tribe. A lot of people come up to me and ask, how
do you have so much charisma? How do you have that Genesee cost factor that
keeps people coming back for more? And for me, I highly credit to my ability
to understand basic [00:08:30] human psychology and relationships and with this skill, what
you need to realize is that it goes beyond just selling. It’s not about sales, it’s about building
connection with people and also building that type of charisma that allows people to become
naturally attracted to you as a person. That’s why I want to share with you one of
the most influential books that I read early in my career and that is how to win friends
and influence people. Speaker 1: Now I read this book in my first
year of university and it helped me go from zero 100 real quick. I became a better leader. I became way more charismatic. I became someone [00:09:00] who was able to
make really great first impressions and also strengthen and build solid relationships in
my life because of this book. So this book is awesome and honestly, every
single book that I’ve shared with you so far in this video is the fundamentals of the things
that I’ve learned to get me to the place where I’m at today. So if you want to emulate the type of success
that I’ve had or emulate the same skills that I’ve learned, definitely pick up all or some
of the books that I’ve recommended to you today. Now, so far in this video I shared with you
a lot of the technical skills you need to survive [00:09:30] as a new online entrepreneur
that’s literally doing everything yourself. Speaker 1: Now, if you are someone who is
still stuck in the nine to five though, which I was a year ago, I’m actually going to share
with you in my next video all the skills that I learned within my corporate job that I quit. That has helped me get to the place that I
am today because surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits to being in a nine to five
and if you actually are open to them and see it, you’re going to be able to leverage your
time in your corporate job or in your nine to five so that you can use those skills towards
building your dream business in the future. So if you’re interested in learning about
that and make sure you hit the notification [00:10:00] bell because you definitely don’t
want to miss the next video that I have waiting for you. That being said, while you wait for that video
to come out, make sure you also check out these two videos right here so that you can
learn more about social media business and just life in general. As always, guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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