April 4, 2020

100 thoughts on “MONEY MAKING Print On Demand Store vs. LOSING Store (Subscriber Shopify Store Reviews)

  1. Hey, we make home decor products and are looking for someone to promote them for us. Maybe someone who has an established Facebook group or something under decorating or decor or something similar. I don't even know where to start. How do you find these affiliate marketers to show them your products so it's a win win for both of us? Thanks!

  2. I'm so loving this channel, thank you!!
    I have a question/request: do you have (or can you make) a video regarding outsourcing your customer services? This is actually the main thing for me in hesitating getting into this business – I don't wanna spend my time answering unhappy customers emails :// I'm so done with that for 2 lifetimes at least… But I've never managed employees, let alone remote ones, I've no clue how to make this work, where I'd even begin…

  3. How this "losing" store can make MILLIONS. I'm a Marketer, not by profession but by the way I think. I've had different side hustles since I was 8 years old.

    I have been a subscriber of your channel for quite some time because I value the information you give out freely. But I think you missed a great opportunity to improve this store's performance because you MISSED the target AUDIENCE : https://youtu.be/sKTLrdxpiBo?t=60

    Sarah, you BOUGHT a domain for your name. WHY? I think you missed the opportunity here. . Instead of using the search terms you used, why not think outside the box. Successful business owners, entrepreneurs, etc as the list can go on.

    I would send a Facebook ad out saying something like" Are you in business? Do you know what your most valuable asset is? See this quick 3 minute video for why you may be wrong> this great revelation will give you peace of mind "

    Now the store is not selling Domain names, it's selling peace of mind. Obviously the store layout, copy, pictures etc will need to be changed. Once you start thinking this way, as I'm sure you are doing it right now, you can see there are many other targets you can include, even if they are not a business owner & just a consumer. I've thought of a couple already…

    I've started to build my own channel as many of my contacts have said I'm a fool for not getting this sort of info & my many experiences out there. So, I NEED to learn some new abilities if I'm going to be successful in this. So Sarah, can you recommend any online courses or APPS that are available out there that have helped you dominate?

  4. Im not a designer either. Im learning how to improve my designs using gimp its A LOT of work but I think ill get there eventually. Good info.

  5. 12:57 sorry no, that is awful, the text overlay clashes terribly with the products, if I seen that I would assume an amateur created it.

  6. You're looking at the logo and try to go to the store, what do you do? Type in smashtransit.com. After all, isn't that name of the store? But guess what? There is no smashtransit.com. It's smashvintage.com

  7. Hilarious!! DomainerSwag website is "Currently Unavailable" – Maybe they got wind of your video Sarah… Thanks again for another insightful video.

  8. I still want to know where TED is? Especially now when you're recovering, he should be out here hustling!

  9. The domain name I wanted was for sale like this, but instead of buying it for 2k like they wanted, I just added 'store' at the end of the name lol I only spent $14 that way lol I feel like this business is risky, because people can just tweak the name like I did. If it was for $30, I might've done it because that's more in my budget range. But it's a new business so I'm going to put my money towards advertising, and making my site more attractive.

  10. I'm a little tenant to ask.. buttt can you review my store as well

    PS: if I could get a private email of the review I would greatly appreciate.. lol

  11. I love how fierce you are but at the same time giving great advice lol! Watching all your videos before starting this journey of making money online.

  12. You look just as lovely as ever, you sound great, great knowledge, sweet! Your information is EXTREMELY helpful to me.

  13. Informative as always, and very kind, productive reviews ^_^ Truly constructive criticism, rather than the outright bashing which many think passes for 'reviewing' these days ^_^

  14. I fell for this trap too ..
    Started a store added heaps of products with the Ali Express product descriptions and crappy photos but quickly disabled the store after watching more of your content and realising how damaging that was to my store image.
    Thankyou Sarah
    You’re the best πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Hi Sarah, I launched my website bestyogaworld.com in May, and I am running Facebook Ads but so far I have not made any sales πŸ™ I make surely some mistakes of which I am not aware, even though I have watched many of your videos, do you have a suggestion? Lorenzo

  16. Just because I want to make you laugh, I know of a fantastic grammatical error phrase that would sell well… or at least would have a few years ago lol.

    All your base are belong to us!

  17. You're in Calgary? Cool. I'm not far from you at all. Love the videos. Glad your recovery is going well… Keep up the videos.

  18. I have watched a few of your videos now. They are all very interesting. I am in Scotland, offer web design services but would be very interested in dropshipping; the main issue is finding that "niche". So hopefully I'll learn enough from your great channel.

  19. Hi Sarah! How do I get you to build one of those profitable print on demand websites for me? I want to avoid all the beginners mistakes. I am willing to pay. Thanks

  20. Print on demand t-shirts are expensive. How do you make a profit with them on Ebay? They sell them so cheaply.

  21. Hi, I'm starting an online business, and I'm a little confused. If I'm selling my own print-on-demand pillows through my Shopify store with PRINTFUL, and an order is made, do I have to pay for the pillow and wait 4 weeks for the customers money to come in? Or does it come in immediately and I don't have to worry about personally covering the cost for four weeks?

  22. New to your channel and you nail it. Your presentation is spot on and your information is accurate and helpful. My dad spent decades helping people in their brick and mortar stores. Sometimes it was was in starting the business and sometimes it was help in expanding an existing one. Often people wanted to refocus a business.

  23. I feel like d/l her free book is a trick. What does she gain? I’m sure she makes something? Personal information perhaps?

  24. Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the helpful content. I am just starting out my POD website. It would be great if you could review it https://sutrawear.in/

    Much love. πŸ™‚

  25. Great thunks, bloody brilliant! You talk a little fast for my old brain, but ill watch again so ut all sunks n.

    You are my fav e-commerce teacher – i watch way too many.

    I ordered your ebook, never got it please hulp!

  26. If I start a business called Zoogbots R Us, and afterwards someone buys the domain "zoogbotsrus.com" to try and sell it to me, I have a legal case to go after them with. However, if they bought that domain before I started the business then I don't really have a leg to stand on.

    There are gray areas, like what if they just buy Zoogbots.com (and I didn't trademark it)? Dunno I'm not a lawyer, but I did used to work in the domain registration industry and had to advise customers against trying to do this kind of stuff. It can end up costing them way more in legal fees than it's worth. I'm no genius or lawyer so take what I say with a grain of salt, and it's been 7 years since I worked in that industry.

  27. Feel well, your channel is great! Thank you so much for all the tips. I'm going to gring everything you teaching until I'll make some money. Failure is not an option. Thank you so much again!

  28. I've tried designing a t-shirt with a funny caption and producing them via Printful and linked to my eBay.ca account, although the listing is also active on eBay.com. So far, only 198 views and no sales. As I live in Canada, the USD – CAD exchange rate differential likely comes into play, as it seems no one wants to buy a t-shirt that will cost $32 – 35 CAD (shipping included).

    So either my t-shirt design sucks, the price is too high (and all or most of the profit goes to Printful and eBay with little or nothing left over for me), or your idea of selling print-on-demand t-shirts doesn't work.

  29. Hi Sarah! I just got over cancer surgery about the same time you had your appendix removed. After 5 months STILL SORE! Can you believe it?! Question is: I follow your advice religiously…do you use real stores in your videos or 'example' stores. Hope you are 100%! HUGS!!!

  30. Really awesome mate keep up the good work.. Helped me a lot. I'm an interior designer and I created my online POD shop on shopify.. Will launch it properly in few weeks.. Could you please please let me know your opinion? I'm a beginner and i struggled a little bit but I think is getting there but your professional advice will be very much appreciated. Www.psithurisms.com

  31. Hello Wholesale Ted! What do you think about my Print On Demand Store. I still have to add more products here and have not started Facebook advertising yet. please let me know about it. Here is the link of my store. https://uniquedigitalprints.com/ All designs are created by me.

    Here is the link

  32. Hi Sarah, do you think it's a good idea to open a shopify store in US if you're outside of US? Or is it better to stick to the country they live in, in my case Australia? Thanks πŸ™‚

  33. Dear Sarah, I just watched your video which I found very interesting and helpful. Then I went and searched for the Smash Transit website in order to check their product designs. I was very sad to see that this site has empty pages in "Terms & Conditions", "Delivery Information" and "Privacy Policy". That makes it completely unreliable for me. What is your opinion on that?

  34. The stop sign shirt makes the wearer look like they are wearing a crop top. I’ll pass! The feedback wash blunt but so helpful for them to hear.

  35. Rush wrote a song entitled, YYZ for their home airport in Toronto. I'd guess that is a top seller more from fans than travelers.

  36. Hi Sarah,I notice you recommend when using Facebook ads for print on demand business you say to use the states as a target….what’s your advice on someone starting this business in the UK?

  37. Let's be clear: Registering a known celebrity name in order to cash in her (or his) popularity by sitting on the name until that person wants it is NOT domaining, that is not a domainer's modus opperandi, that IS cybersquatting and the person doing such a thing IS a cybersquatter. A formal Trademark, Service Mark, business, professional or personal entity name that existed before the domain was registered can usually easily win that name in arbitrage. Issues do arise when two such entities share the same name. For instance, the Miller family registered "Miller .com" (space included to not make a spammy link) long before the Miller Brewing Company realized that the internet would actually be a good marketing avenue.

    Domainers speculate on and invest in premium generic and brand 'name' domain names. By this, I mean that we (I included) research names for value depending upon trends, keywords, traffic and/or brandability.

    As an example, if someone bought the name 'widget .com' before Google started marketing Android and its ability to display active windows on the home screen using a tiny subset of the app running in the background (to display time, date or weather based on data it finds on the device or the internet), that person may have bought the name based on it's potential to be a brand for them, but they would need to develop such a name (setup a website and market it, resulting in the very real possibility that they would create a successful store/shop/service/tool/etc. that would result in a good brand name). Then, all of the sudden Google comes by and perhaps tries to buy the domain from them based on their plans for that term, or ignores that possibility altogether and the 'widget .com' registered name holder suddenly has a valuable name someone might want to design/develop/market/sell/teach widgets.

    The word widget didn't really mean anything specific until Google developed that term. Maybe they even owned the name all along, I don't know, but anyone that speculates in, buys/invests in (purchases second-hand or hand registers the rights for), designs, develops, markets a domain name as a brand or even as a keyword (search term), is actually a domainer. However, most people that call themselves domainers are looking to cash out after investing in, developing & marketing such names.

    As far as what DomainerSwag offered, it was just too generic. Anyone can make that same shirt. Nothing was unique. This isn't to say that some of these are not good shirts to have at such a store, in case someone wanted them, but there is no featured product here, while as you point out, some of the designs are lame.

    BTW, the best to you and your loved ones. I hope you are well and recovered, healthy and active again, Sarah. God Bless!

  38. I didn't get into selling my artwork on t-shirts in order to have someone tell me what to sell on t-shirts. How many t-shirts have you sold? Targeting ads on Facebook is easy, getting a product that people actually want to buy is another. Also, why are you selling airport tees? Are you passionate about airports? Passion for what you are doing in business plays a huge role in your motivation and success or a business. Going for the cash grab and playing the lottery is no way to build a foundation for a successful business. What you are describing is "something anyone can do", if that is the case everyone would do it.

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