March 30, 2020
MODEViEW cloud solution for 360 degrees photography

MODEViEW cloud solution for 360 degrees photography

I’m Nicholas and I’ll show you how to get amazing 360-degree animations with MODE: from start to finish it only takes 2-5
minutes to bring your product images the life first place and object in a mod 360
camera unit then promote pics and the camera snap a few photos and
retouch them with simple image editor tools Your final animations will appear in MODEViEW
where they’re ready to publish. The MODE360° photo units are compact easy to use 3d lightboxes and turntables they allow you to take photos of your
object from multiple angles they are made to fit in any space from
home offices to large studios in our MODEPiX software you can be
easily adjust the camera & unit settings perform simple image edits
or remove backgrounds you won’t need any complicated software
like Photoshop for clean and crisp photos when you’re happy with you edits
1-click will send your files off to be animated and within seconds
your animated object will appear in MODEViEW. MODE ViEW is our cloud storage platform, allowing you to easily access,
manage and share your animations from anywhere. Each animation comes with copy paste embed code
for convenient 1-click publishing. Whether you need HTML or QR codes
or maybe a GIF or Video. We support all your formats and
platforms. Your animations will work
on any mobile operating system and device too! You can find this out at [], the quick and simple way to 360 animation!

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