March 30, 2020
Mobile First eCommerce – Vue Storefront

Mobile First eCommerce – Vue Storefront

Hello, my name is Filip and I’m a Co-Founder and frontend
developer at Vue Storefront Progressive Web App are great way to
fill the gap between Native and Web Apps their giving a Native Mobile experience to the users that are on the Web Vue Storefront is a stand-alone
Progressive Web Application that can work with any backend it means that you can connect it to:
Magneto, Shopify or any other software Vue Storefront works insanely fast regardless of the internet connection to be honest it can even
work offline Imagine this situation You’ve lost your internet connection
during the train trip With Vue Storefront you can
still browse a catalog and even place an order
while your offline Vue Storefront can be downloaded and
installed on users device It will open without browser UI
so the user can’t see the difference between Vue Storefront and
Mobile Native Application If you like this idea feel free to
support us on Product Hunt How cool is that?!

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