December 12, 2019
Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – Lesson 4.4 Course summary

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – Lesson 4.4 Course summary

Google Analytics Course summary Congratulations, you’ve almost completed
Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals! You should now have a basic understanding
of how to get started with mobile app tracking, and how you can use Google Analytics and other
tools to attract new users, measure their behavior, and improve your app monetization.
In Unit 1, we introduced you to the various revenue models you can combine to monetize
your app. You also learned about mobile app tracking tools like Google Analytics and how
to promote your app using AdMob, AdWords, and app marketplaces. You saw how to create
a measurement plan that will clearly define your business objectives and the implementation
steps to get your app data into Google Analytics. In Unit 2, we showed you tools and strategies
for attracting new users to your app. We introduced you to different acquisition channels, including
search and display advertising with AdWords and AdMob, and which Google Analytics reports
you can use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We also demonstrated
how to identify characteristics of high- and low-value users to better inform your online
ad targeting. In Unit 3, we showed you how to measure users’
behavior in your apps. By tracking Screens, Events, Custom Dimensions, and Ecommerce data,
you can better understand how users engage with your app, and identify opportunities
to transform low-value users to high-value users.
Finally, in Unit 4, we showed you how to discover new opportunities to monetize your app. These
include removing roadblocks to create a more positive user experience, and designing remarketing
campaigns to re-engage existing app users and reach new users on the web.
Using a combination of all of these tools and strategies, we hope that you’ll acquire
more users and find ways to engage existing users to accomplish your business goals. Thank
you for your participation in the course and don’t forget to complete all of the assessments
to receive your certificate of completion. Also, please fill out our end-of-course survey,
so that we can build helpful Analytics courses for you in the future.
Thanks for your participation and good luck in your analysis! Google Analytics

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