April 7, 2020

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – Lesson 1.1 Welcome to the course

Google Analytics Welcome to the course Hi, I’m Fontaine Foxworth. Welcome to Mobile
App Analytics Fundamentals on Analytics Academy. When you have a mobile app, it’s important
to collect accurate data, so you can understand how users found your app, how they interact
with it once they install it, and which users become valuable customers. Google Analytics
for Mobile Apps can help you collect and analyze app data in order to answer questions like:
How many total and active users have downloaded the app?
How do users navigate through the app and what features do they use?
Which marketing generates the most valuable users?
And are there any technical issues that may prevent users from engaging with the app?
In this course, we’ll help you understand what data is useful for measuring app performance,
which Google tools can collect that data, and how to interpret that data to better market
and monetize your app. As an example, we’ll use a fictional outdoor recreation and sporting
goods company called The Great Outdoors that has an app called Go Fish!. Go Fish! is a
mobile game in which players use virtual fishing equipment like lures, bait, and fishing poles
to try to catch different fish on each level of the game. This store will help illustrate
some of the challenges of app marketing and some of the solutions Google tools can provide.
It’s important to note that Go Fish! represents only an example of Analytics for mobile app
tracking. You’ll need to take what you learn here and apply it to your own app goals.
We’re really excited to bring you the latest course in the Analytics Academy, so let’s
get started with some of the tools you can use to understand your mobile app usage. Google Analytics

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