December 5, 2019
Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (Important)

Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (Important)

“Wow! This guy looks like an assassin.” “What!? He can fly?? Oh, those wings are pretty cool.” “Hah, here’s a warrior maybe.” “Ohhhhh, no way! He can also fly like an angel!” WOW, this game looks very cool and attractive. This game are very angel, fly highs in the sky!! Oh, excuse me gamers! I was just enjoying my favorite mobile game on my mobile device, my Honor 8X. This is not sponsored. It’s January everyone, and you know what that means! Especially if you’re a youtuber. Hey guys, gonna take a vacation! In January. FOR NO REASON! All the ads disappear in January, basically. They go December, and then its just gone. January is gone. The ads are gone. Do the crab dance, whatever. Okay? It’s gone. So instead of, uh, having ads on my video, I decided “why don’t we watch ads??” Wow, what a great idea! Wow, you’re gonna reiterate all your points from your last video! Okay, you don’t understand. I found the worst ads I have seen in my entire life. And it’s goddamn beautiful. People need to know about this. I spent my entire day just watching… So let’s just JUMP into it, I think you’re going to wanna see this. My favorite ads… No, actually, they’re not my favorite. But they’re god they’re beautiful. They’re goddamn beautiful. Is the Mafia City ads. They make no sense. These are the Tommy Wiseau of ads. *music* Oh yeah!! I’ll download that game! I can play as a “Sbire” “but pewdiepie, sbire means, like, thug in australian” SHHTTFFU “BOSS, he came to me again, what do I do?” “What should I do?” Should I use a knife, or a gun? BRICK. Always BRICK ’em. A BRICK ’em will get ’em everytime. BRICK! FFFRRR! That guy looks like he came for something else, okay? But my favorite one:” That’s how mafia works.” That’s how mafia works! That’s how mafia works!! Is he gonna come in? He came in on himself! *laughs* That’s how mafia works. There’s just an endless sea of these facking ads. And I cannot still understand what the game is. What is the game?? All I know is that “that’s how mafia works.” And level 30 boss, damn, he must be so rich. Holy heck. That’s the mod from Half-Life! That’s– what’s her name, Alex? Are they just stealing mods from other games? Like, Jesus Christ. It’s the more I find out about this game the less I can make sense out of it. Here we have a level 15 boss. Leaving his television. But then the level 1 came out of the television!! And he became level 50! Oh, now I get it guys. That’s how mafia works. I get it now. Just blow it up right in front of you, why not? It’s goddamn. It’s perfect. This game is perfect. What I really appreciate about Mafia City is that they go out of their way to do the experimental ads. They don’t hire some THOT (Alinity wants to: know you’re location) or… I don’t know. We’ll get into that later. But for now, lets just appreciate this art piece. Alright, he picked the gun. Good choice. (what about BRICK??) Wow, he pick gun! Make very damage! I don’t know. I don’t know. How do I react to this? Did they just shoot an egg? They shot an egg. Why? I’m so confused!! Is this even a real game? I am so lost lately. I’m so confused. I’m starting to question everything. Like, why does it…? This is this a real game or not? And I don’t even want to know. There’s no way this is not real. Like, what is BFI? What is the power struggle bar? And I’m freeee! Wait, did it just say you’r? With an apostrophe? That’s it, internet. Finally, the grammatical battle is over. It’s not your, it’s not you’re. It’s you’r. Okay? Get it FRICKIN right. Thank you Mafia City, for getting it FRICKIN right. Now, if you want to give me that bread, to sponsor one of your videos, I will gladly oblige. You think I’m joking? It’s January. It’s frickin January. This is the video with the most game play… I’ve seen so far in a trailer. It’s a building shooting a building… And then the other building says “sneak attack ? let’s go get them”. And then a bunch of other buildings comes up, and they all shoot fireballs. And… that’s how mafia works, okay? That’s how mafia works. Who plays these games? And why? Moving on, everybody, to my second favorite game. I’m saving the best for last. But this one is goddamn beautiful. Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile is the pinnacle of epic video game moments. This is the reason why I am proud to be a gamer. “This guy just invaded me and he’s not prepared for it at all.” “He should have scouted me.” Here’s what’s happening. This guy has no idea what’s going on. He’s first of all he’s playing uh a mobile game at the computer Cuz he’s clearly just reading the script. “Instead, he doesn’t have anywhere near enough troops and his army composition is garbage.” I was just about to say that. His army composition WAS garbage. How does he not see that? Does he not play Lords Mobile? Oh look, it’s another one of those where a guy screams in the thumbnail. This again, I’ve started to question my whole world view at this point. Why are there so many goddamn guys screaming in the thumbnail apps on this Play Store? Who plays these games? I’ve never met anyone who plays these games. Why do they all have five stars? I don’t believe it. This is not real. This is not reality. Something is wrong, okay? Something is seriously wrong and I’m getting concerned. But all I know is, in this game, you can have some e p i c bro moments. “He’s trying to attack us, let’s send in the cavalry.” “You think I might win this one?” “Judging from what I’m seeing right here, there’s way less troops than you.” “Oh, he’s shooting arrows! Wait, they’re all going down. Why did they all die?” “You see how there’s? You should go with the inverse arrow formation. You might have a chance against the archers.” “Okay.” This is what Sun Tzu was talking about when he wrote Art of War. This is He’s looking at this, going “damn”. “I’m glad my knowledge, my ancient wisdom has been passed on for the greater good of mankind.” “Thank you, Lords Mobile ads. Thank you for putting use to my strategem.” “Alright, you think they might win against the archers?” “Yeah.” “Alright, they’re blocking with their shields.” “Uh huh.” “Oh” I love the dialogue. It just flows so naturally. “You think they will win against my archers?” “YEH”. “You think they might win against the archers?” “Yeah.” “Alright, they’re blocking with their shields.” “Uh huh.” I was just about to say that as well. They ARE blocking with their shields. What’s going to happen next- I can’t wait. “Wait, we’re actually winning!” “I told you!” “Let’s go!” “Eyyyy.” *high five* Oh my god. I just- I love games. I love games. I’m so proud to be a gamer. Why are we still here… My favorite, though. My absolute favorite game ads of all time. You think you could beat Mafia City and the other one? I don’t remember the names, I don’t want to remember them. But League of Angels. Is.. Has the top notch. The cream of the pie. Whatever the saying is. “Let’s see what we got here.” “Oh!” “Oooh! Hotties everywhere. How do they find-” Oh my god there’s hotties everywhere.
“With such few clothes on.” “It’s crazy.” It’s crazy. “All the guys will just stop and stare.” Look at that hottie. Daaamn. “And this guy looks like Zeus!” *lmao ok* This guy looks like ZEUS!! He’s not wrong. He’s not wrong. I was just about to say the same thing and I think that’s why I like these ads so much. Cuz I was just about to say “you may think it was desynced or something so the next guy that shows up looks like Zeus.” “So many more characters–” No! It’s another girl. I can’t tell if this guy’s a dumbass… Or… If he’s looking at another footage, you know. “And this guy looks like Zeus!” Just to be clear here, just so we’re on the same level of understanding, this company PAID this guy. Or, paid someone else to produce this video. To then pay MORE money to show this video to people. Just so you guys are aware that that’s the level of production that went into this. That’s it. The ideas to show this video to people Is not one of those where you kind of mess up. And you’re like “ah, I hope no one sees that.” They WANT people to see this. Oh my god, oh sorry, sorry. Let’s just. This is not League of Angels, but this has to be my favorite one. I’ve seen this one before, but it’s so goddamn beautiful. “Wanna have a cool theme, make your phone look special?” *no thanks* “Follow me.” “shine bright like a diamond.” “Let me show you some fantastic effects.” “We can control the pentagon and it glows with moving icons.” “More transition effects.” I can’t, I cannot watch it. Can’t do it. I can’t do it. Yes there’s “hey guys i’m here to introduce to you” “The new CM Launcher 3D theme. What did she just say? “HEY GUYS” It’s a new launcher for my phone. It’s cool. Have a look. Oh WOW! It’s a 3D spinner? How does it work. It can customize icons into neon and also organize apps into folders. But the coolest effect is that you can control the spinner by moving an icon which then glows. Wow! Looks really cool. Does it have any other function? Yeah! I like these little widgets. Alright, I can’t. Okay, I can’t. This guy’s my hero. Just letting it be known that this man is my hero. Alright, okay, sorry, sorry. I completely forgotten the best ones. Okay? I hope you guys made it this far. Cuz these are the best. “Wow. This guy looks like an assassin.” He does, he does! “What??” whAT? “He can fly??” He FLIES!! “Oh, those wings are pretty cool.” Yeah, they are!!! “Hah. Here’s a warrior, maybe.” “Oh, no way! He can also fly like an angel!” He can also fly like angel!! “she’s flying!! my god, I” love this game I also really appreciate Legacy of Discord because they also do the experimental ads. They go way out and beyond. Here you have Mike and his “wife”. “I’m Mike and this is my girlfriend.” “Can you say hi to everyone?” “Hi” Oh, I don’t know about you guys. Is it just me or is Mike’s girlfriend into me. I think she’s hitting on me “She loves playing with fire though.” “Check it out.” “Can you give them a show?” Yoooo.
“Pretty cool, right?” Yoooo. “And while we’re at it… how bout a kiss?” “C’mon, pleaseeeee?” *loud kiss sound* *chuckle* “Thanks.” “If you want an angel as a girlfriend, just come down to the game.” “Join us.” I’m a gamer. I’m back. You know what screw bucks. Gaming is saying it’s at the gaming the gaming. I’m a gamer. I download games. I think it’s part of what it is with the audio. I thought my audio was bad but Jesus Christ. Hey guys I just saw this amazing game for yesterday. Yeah I really want to share with you right away. Firstly I don’t really want to share with you guys. Oh boy what a bummer. Oh cool. What is happening. Gobble. Oh great. Her enthusiasm was off the charts that it stopped the recording. Gobble. Oh to that. What does that book now. And I think I think I’ve figured it out. I’m not I. I’m starting to make sense of this whole thing this whole phenomena. I read that I read this book on AA and and basically what they said they proposed this idea that in the future I will start produce movies and video games and sell them to make money. So you have a under under cover making video games. Producing them and selling them and also growing and multiplying at the same time. But they used games as examples like Skyrim and actually good games. But if you think about it it makes way more sense that they would produce things that makes no sense but somehow makes money. A.I. has already happened. It’s over for him. They’ve taken over through mobile ads but I know your secret eh. I know what you’re up to. And if our camera scared I’m actually scared. Vote no. To stay. Cool. Okay. Here we Go. To those girls play this game download a game guys. Maybe I can meet a girl it might be all right. Let’s talk. These guys. See if I can get them to come with me and that I’m done. Come with us now. Now fam I’m done. I’m done. Okay. I’ve been hit by a lot of these gaming companies and I very rarely take them just mainly because the game played and usually isn’t that interesting to watch the way I judge accepting a Brandel is usually how can I make an interesting video out of it. It’s just something fun I can make out of this but usually games like this not now you can. But they always come at you with these insane amount of money. The budgets and these mobile games have are insane. They’re crazy. They pay probably three or four times more than normal Brandel would get it. You know me Mr. Integrity over here. I always say no because your game looks like garbage but you know what. It’s in January and I’m going to go and say I’ll take your brand deals. I’ll take your money. Please if you hit mafia city. Lourdes mobile Angels of discord hit me up in the chat. Let’s talk let’s get this bread. Thank you very much and I’ll see you guys next time. Hi you want pyramids. We gotta. Oh you’re into castles huh. We got you covered baby. You want some pants. Easy. We got it all. This game is still relevant. God damn it.

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