April 2, 2020
misy 3395 chapter 9 fall 14

misy 3395 chapter 9 fall 14

Chapter 9 electronic commerce software Learning objectives are How to find and evaluate web hosting services What the basic and advanced functions of electronic commerce Software are and how they work How the size of a business affects its choice of Electronic commerce software Which electronic commerce software works well for midsize to large businesses Which electronic commerce software works well for larger businesses That have an existing information technology infrastructure How electronic commerce software works with other software to perform business functions The electronic commerce software a company chooses Depends on its size objectives and budget A Company can host its own site or hire A service provider for shared hosting Dedicated hosting or co-location Many hosting companies offer additional services To online businesses including databases shopping carts and content management Companies can use web services to get their information systems To work across organizations boundaries Small enterprises might use a basic commerce software provider Or a mall style hosting service These services include tools for creating
store fronts catalogs and Transaction processing these packages are usually wizard and template driven Midsize companies with computing equipment and staff in place Often purchase a midrange electronic commerce software package Which provides more control over the site And allows for expansion Midrange software can interact with database software To create dynamic catalogs and inventory control systems These systems also include shopping carts and can handle order processing Now large organizations that have high transaction rates Complex revenue models or a significant investment in ERP And other existing information systems usually Invest in larger more customizable enterprise systems That can provide needed features and flexibility These packages can include customer relationship management Supply chain management content management and knowledge management capabilities Or they can work with dedicated software that performs these functions A growing number of software vendors offer
their products As a cloud subscription service rather than
as software that Must be installed on user’s servers

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