April 2, 2020
Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like | Disrupt Aging

Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like | Disrupt Aging

Hey, how’s it going? You can stand right there.
That’s your mark. How you doing?>>I’m great. How are you? Great.>>Awesome. Just tell us your first name
and your age. My real age? [giggles] My name is Paulo.
I’m 25-years old. My name is Daniela,
and I’m 19. 24.>>35. 31.>>33. I’m 26-years old. What age do you consider to be old? Late 40s. Maybe 50. [sighs] Umm… I feel like 30s is the new 20s.
So I’d say like 40 is old. I’d probably say 50s. I’d like you to show me how
an old person would cross the street. Show me how an old person
would send a text message. How might an old person
do a push-up? [coughs] What about jumping jacks? [panting] Okay. Hang on,
there’s someone I want you to meet. Hello, I’m Birch.
I’m 66. Hi, I’m Daphne,
and I’m 68. I’m Dee, and I’m 55. George Fastbinder, 75.>>Wow. My name’s Parvati. I’m 70. Nice to meet you.>>Nice to meet you. We’re gonna give you
about two minutes to teach each other something
that you are good at. Okay.>>Hmm. I can teach you a drop that I do.
>>Okay, please. Both of your legs go up, and your arm goes up,
and your left arm goes like this. Okay.>>Ready? One, two, three, lift.
One, two, three. And bring it to your heart.
And bring it to your heart. And the head in. Yeah. Try to get your balance,
and raise up. Now you can bring your legs
and your feet up. [woman laughs] I can’t. It’s hard, right?>>Yeah. One, two, three, five, six, seven. So when you come out of a turn…
>>Oh, sorry. …either way you go back to that place. Over, now forward. Over. Yeah.
[girl laughs] Square it like this,
and give me a hook. Hook, jab cross. Hook.
And then we’ll go like this. Right? One, two, three. Now what age
might you consider to be old? Probably 80 or 90. [giggles] He could just do everything
that I told him to do. An age that I consider
to be old now might be 100. [laughs] Do you remember what you said? Yeah, I said in the 50s.
I thought that would be old. But, when I thought
about it, like… [both laugh]
Wait a minute. Now can I do it? It really changed my thinking
of what old is. You’ve taught me
something today. Clearly there’s no way
she’s old, you know. Now I know from today,
hey, I don’t look at age. [laughs] At my age I feel like I did
when I was in my 20s. There’s so many things
that I still want to do. There’s so many things
that I can do. As long as I’m growing and learning,
then age doesn’t matter. When people start stopping
that’s when they start getting old. Thank you.>>You’re welcome. Thank you so much.>>Thank you. Okay. Thanks, Daphne.
>>Thank you. It’s great meeting you. How long have you been doing this?
Is this a new skill? 40 years.>>Wow. [Redefine what it means to age.] [#Disrupt Aging]

100 thoughts on “Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like | Disrupt Aging

  1. Poor health can attack at any age. It is very important to take care of your health. If you don't have health you do not have anything. I am 60 years young, fighting and praying for better heath.

  2. All were assuming that AGE defines "old-ness". "OLD" is an attitude. Gaining in chronology is being LIFE-EXPERIENCED!

  3. I have to say though… some old people flying on the running track… you look at them and think "old man"… yet you find out this guy who has been running for 40 years and probably well into 60's… maybe nearly 70… he can run a marathon well under 3 hours!! Its possible to keep really fit if you train!

  4. To be fair, a lot of people in their 50s and even younger are aging faster because of the amount of meat that they're eating. I'm wondering if those people favored fish over meat or were vegetarian or even vegan.

  5. I loved working with Burch and I loved being a part of this video! This video taught me so much about what old really is. There is no number to put on it.Thank you AARP for this incredible opportunity!

  6. Those old people were most likely pre-selected because they are in better shape than 99 percent of their peers. If they had used average senior citizens in those trials, they'd just plain suck.

    That's like putting a 60-year-old bodybuilder up against a 20-year-old couch potatow. 😅

  7. Old is when you give up on living and enjoying life. Until then, do what keeps you mobile and enjoying life (legally of course)… 🙂

  8. Shows How ignorant this generation is. I've hung out with 50 and 90 year olds when I was 12-30. I don't care how old you are. I'm not calling anyone old. It's disrespectful and hurts

  9. When I was 8, I thought 15 was old. When I was 15-18, I thought 25 was old. Now that i'm in my early 20s, having learned alot about the world, I think 65+ is old. Our perceptions change as we gain knowledge and learn about the realities of the world. I think the reason why people think certain ages are old is based on false realities and stereotypes/generalized assumptions. For example, if you look at an average 45-50 year old, they are starting to gray out and become less functional, giving the perception that your 40s must be the age when you start getting "old" lol. However, this may be due to you not taking care of your health, not having enough fun, or taking on too much stress. I've met 60 year olds who look like they're in their 40s because they took care of themselves and avoid stress. This is why I no longer think anyone under 65 is old because you are still very functional and can still look young if you take care of yourself. I don't think you start getting old until you near 70, when you no longer have the energy to do as you please and your body starts deteriorating. However, I think even as you near 65, you shouldn't let this get to you and start to affect the perceptions you have of yourself. I think you should still be yourself, even if other people see you as "old" lol. Since I once considered myself to be "old" at the age I am now when I was younger, i'm sure other people younger than me may consider me to be "old" too. Yet this obviously doesn't affect me and my personality. I'll always be myself, no matter if i'm in my 20s or 50s or 70s. Forever young!

  10. I'm younger than all the people in this video and I just think about age like this : If you're 90 years old but then they changed it so that a year is 90 times longer, you'd only be 1 year old. Age is just a number.

  11. I thought this might be a little more refined than comparing physicality…sigh…like comparative vernacular, humor, …theres nothing more uncool than someone old trying to act "young cool"…I made a mental note at 25 to never do that…Im 52…and thankfully havent as true cool is ageless ~

  12. I LOVE this!! I just started to a new blog to showcase just this concept. "Grandparents (or us seniors in general) can still do so many things with our children and grandchildren. We can even do more than our parents did thanks to modern medicine and technology. We rock!

  13. 40s and 50s is old!? Lol my granddad was cutting a tree off of his neighbor's roof during hurricane florence. It was the day before his 84th birthday.

  14. I love this video! Thank you, AARP, for bringing attention to the misperceptions around aging. I share your commitment to this topic. And for the young lady who did yoga on the block, you're my hero!

  15. This video shows how shallow minded Millennials truly are. I’m 46, and I say that the Non-Millennials had more knowledge and class.

  16. Im millennial who was raised by my grandmother. She was 70 and i knew she was old. Anything under that i thought was young.

  17. Someone's comment made me realize what it is that really bugs me about this video. On the one hand, I think it's great to show that age doesn't necessarily limit people on what they can do physically. But there are a slew of us in our 50s and older (and younger, too) who deal with chronic illnesses and/or disability that precludes us being able to dance or do martial arts, or maybe even just walk around the block. Still, we are not "old" in the sense most people think of. We still have sharp minds, we can still have a rich inner life, we can still engage with and enjoy friends, be creative, continue to grow in so many ways, ways that do not require physical prowess or strength. It's the GROWTH that matters. As long as we keep growing inwardly, we are still "young". (Not that we need to define it with that term.) We are still VITAL. I think that's the best word for it. You don't get "old" in the negative sense until you lose your ability to choose life.

  18. great, but how about #disrupt ageism and not #disrupt aging ? there's nothing wrong with aging, according to your video!

  19. It bothers me when millennials call people in their 50s old. But then, there was a time when I thought 30 was old so I can't blame them. We use ourselves as the frame of reference to gauge everybody else. But it makes me a little uncomfortable to be judged by others by those standards.

  20. I knew someone who was turned down for a Silicon Valley tech job because the 27 year old H.R. director said “We don’t hire people over the age of 30”. 🙄 I assume that person then resigned due to old age 3 years later?!

  21. Watching this video evoked one question and thought : How do young people receive the information about how to think of older people ? One way is the media. Images and situations of older people through TV, movies, the medical profession, magazines, newspapers…Young people in general don't realize that you are vital and even better as you age. Flaws obtained through aging are projected as terrible things with no cures and aging in America is sold as a disease. You have so many things wrong with you, buy our products or services. It is unfortunate that aging is not honored in the U.S. That aging is seen as shameful and stricken with illness and disease. That young people do not realize their life can end at age 18, 26 or 30. Being older does not mean sickness or death or looking ugly. Americans are brainwashed by society to think negatively about aging. Younger people will be fortunate if they reach an age to be proud of.

  22. i'm 29 and im considered old in this generation..and im on the journey to cure aging. i am looking for answers everyday. and if i find the cure for it. i will let the world know.

  23. Punch one in the face and in court see if they are suddenly old…
    Totally don’t do that but I believe age is one of those things that can be played both ways. Feel bad for me I’m old or look what I can do at 80

  24. Thank u. I am 55 and treated like I'm beyond opportunity at my work. I wish this type of education was wider spread

  25. Lol I'm 43 and I feel like my life is just starting, I work full time have 4 young kids, go to the gym, life is great!

  26. wait so they say late 40's and 50's is old then when asked to walk across the street they walk like theyre 80+ WTF?? or do they actually think 40 and 50 year old people walk like that?

  27. Dont cha just love how so many of us baby-boomers are so self aware? We know our bodies. We know our own minds. We are so much more healthier than our parents were at this age. (And we look marrrrvelous darling) Peace friend. 😄😉❤

  28. Kill ageing. I don't mean kill those who age, of course. I mean kill the ageing process, which rots all life.

  29. 40s is NOT Old ! These people who think that, they will be there in 10 &, 20 years , then they will think about what they said.. I'm 60 and I still have a strong mind and still working… What I see is that 70 % of people in their 20 / 40 s NOT working , out of that 70 % 50 % is on Welfare .

  30. See the problem with videos like this is they are fun and interesting to watch but pressuring people to change their answers because that specific person is in front of them is completely unfair and a form of manipulation.

  31. Oh, California was, is, the most ageist place I’ve ever been. At forty and finishing a degree at UC Berkeley, which is mostly kids from Southern California, LA, trying to get away from their parents, it really messed up my exercise habits when they lied to me that I couldn’t use the recreation facilities. Turned out they didn’t think I was a student there. So you could say it was enforced bad aging, but what you gonna do, sue ‘em in the usual California style? You know people there don’t even do anything right, even their job, unless you sue them to do it. Not a very cooperative, in fact rather polarized, society, and very obnoxiously ageist. And by the way, the Apple Store (in thankfully still slightly Texan Austin) that I go to, and Apple Support, has long considered me to be a power iPad user, so it’s funny when people think you might not know how to use a smart phone iOS. It’s kind of nice though, to be offered a nice quaint paper option, deliciously retro and antique really, especially for those of us who remember the feel and atmosphere of other times.

  32. Age discrimination is real. Try being a middle aged white guy trying to get a job with awesome experiences great resume and letters of recommendations in today's America! True stories

  33. I’m not even a teen yet and I’m discriminated by my older cousin and brother, they think im “too young” to know certain stuff they don’t know I already know.

  34. This was funny, and then it was truly inspiring. Sad for me though, I guess 'old' is out. You'll find my ass in the history books. 'THOSE DARN KIDS' 😉.
    I'm pissed, – I'm makin a complaint man – there're no dirty-old-bastard emojis. Thank You political correctness. I feel young again ! 🙄.

  35. But to be fifty and pretend your not old is rediculous. I’m sixty. I’ve walked across Spain climbed countless mountains. Etc. I’m am old. The point is we don’t get to put off getting serious about life cause 30 is the new 20 bullshit.

  36. I know this is heavily edited but surely one of the Millennials would have said

  37. I just turned 27 so younger than most of these millennials and I don’t think 50-70 is old!!! I see old as when you can’t do the things you were once able to do. I know people my age who act old and sickly and then my mom who is 55 runs around with my dad who is 56 like they are a bunch of teenagers! They look like they are in their 40s and I hope to look like them when I am their age! This is 2019 let’s stop putting people in categories and let’s live! ♥️ I have three beautiful children and I am married to a wonderful man so at 27 I am so happy and can’t wait to see what my life brings to us.

  38. The takeaway here that the video DOES NOT MENTION: KEEP ACTIVE – Take care of yourself. Obviously, these "older" folks pay some attention to what they eat and they keep physically and mentally active. If you sit in front of TV/internet all day long and eat fast food, you can soon be in condition like someone in their 80's. I've had a tai chi student once, who was in her 90's, who walked all over town, did JackLaLane vids at home, kept busy & active, and she was thin, sharp, and had as much energy maybe better than some folks in their 50's. Best Bottom Line: INVEST IN YOUR WELLNESS.

  39. @lovelyvegan princess People who are in their 40s and 50s are middle aged. If you’re middle aged, you’re not young. Lol

  40. I’m 16 and I would say you start becoming older at 70 or more. Like my dad is 54 and he had me pretty late in life and I consider him to be miles away from “old.” For gods sake he can run 4.5 miles in half an hour. My mom is much younger than him, 44, and hopefully she isn’t half way through her life. How can you possible think that 40 is old?!

  41. I feel like none of these people have ever met an elderly person? I know people who are 70+ who still compete in marathon, triathlon, and ironman.

  42. If you’re a usual teen then you might think 30+ is old but if you’re a usual elderly then you might think 80+ is old. Generally the United Nations states that 65+ is old. The millennials in the video think that being a middle-aged adult is old age. The day you’re too old to do something is the day or week you’re near death. Yes living long is very good but do strive for quality of life more. And then there could be people who are picky about when they’re going to die.

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