February 26, 2020
Mike Jacques – Laptop Lifestyle V5

Mike Jacques – Laptop Lifestyle V5

– I can’t believe how many people are still working the old way. Selling their time to a boss,
chasing the next paycheck, helping to build somebody else’s dream. And then when you get back
home late in the evening, there’s no time left to do the
things you really want to do. Over time, people become
incredibly unhappy with their lives and they begin to regret that they never did
anything about it earlier. Thankfully, these days
there are much better ways to earn an income, most
of which are online. I remember the day this
finally dawned on me. I had a very successful
career in software sales. I had a six-figure salary,
lots of business perks. I traveled the world meeting customers, supported by an extremely
healthy expense account. But after 30 years of slogging my guts out doing the nine-to-five 70-hour weeks, I fell totally drained and
extremely disillusioned. I just couldn’t get excited
about what I was doing anymore. And I felt completely unfulfilled. I used to get these horrible
sinking feelings at the weekend just thinking about Monday and
thinking about going to work. Once I dragged myself out of the house, I used to hate being stuck
in the rush hour traffic, or even worse, crammed
into a standing-only, late-running commuter train. I remember thinking, is this really it? Is this really what I need to do for the next 20 years of my life? I became determined to
find a better a way. A way I could earn an income online. I started researching on the web, watching videos on self-improvement, and trying to learn how
to sell things on Amazon. Then I stumbled across a video
from a young guy called Dan. He’d manage to create
his own online business selling products around the world 24/7. He was able to quickly leave his job and walk away from a six-figure salary and enjoy a totally new lifestyle, which is exactly what I wanted to do. So I contacted Dan to find out how he managed to make this transition. He actually responded to me directly, which was a huge surprise. He offered to share with me his knowledge and help me take the same
steps that he’d made. He started by sending me a video series which showed me step by step how I could start my own
online business from scratch. This was produced by his mentor,
a guy called Stuart Ross. Now, of course, at this stage
I was extremely skeptical. So many scams on the Internet. I pretty much didn’t
trust anything online. But I decided to watch these free videos, and I’m so very grateful I did. Because these videos showed me how to build my online business, how to source products,
how to market them online. But surprisingly, and most importantly, one thing that amazed me, they showed me how many
people from all walks of life, all stages, all backgrounds, had already made this transition
to a digital lifestyle, working for themselves,
owning a healthy income, just from heir laptops. It showed me a completely
new digital economy I never knew existed outside
of the big corporations. So for the first time in
my life I became bold. I surprised myself. I followed the steps in the video series and it completely changed my life. I’m now at the stage in my journey where I feel compelled
to share and help others. So if you’re watching this
video and you want to learn how to start your own online
business from scratch, I’m more than happy to send you the same video series that Dan sent me, for free, as this is how I received it. So if you click the link in this video, on mobile down here or
on a laptop up there, it’ll take you to my website. You can find out more about my
journey if you’re interested. Fill in your name and email
and I’ll send you the videos directly to your inbox. If you’re someone who’s
open to learning new things, who wants more time, more freedom, maybe a secondary income or,
like me, a primary income by working for yourself, then I strongly recommend
you click this link and judge for yourself. I was in the same boat as
you and I remember thinking, this all sounds way too good to be true. But thinking back now, it was
just an amazing opportunity that presented itself to me just at the right time in my life. I didn’t wanna pass it up. Maybe, just maybe, you see this, and it’s the right time for you to explore an alternative lifestyle. If so, you know what to do. Just take a look.

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