February 25, 2020
Metasite Case Study – A Cloud-Based SaaS Valuation Platform Developed for Solum Financial (London)

Metasite Case Study – A Cloud-Based SaaS Valuation Platform Developed for Solum Financial (London)

It is a shift from moving from 100% providing advisory solutions to actually now providing Software as a Service. The platform is a cloud-native ecosystem that allows different parties to communicate with each other, value a derivatives position that they have with each other, and have access to a very transparent way of explaining why the valuations that they each come up with might be different and for what reason. Working with Metasite has been a very good experience for us, particularly as we were new to the development world. It was very important that we found the right partner from which we can learn and that we could rely on. We chose Metasite for a number of reasons. First, we liked very much the idea that it was owned by management, therefore we could expect maximum high level
commitment from the firm. We’ve had the benefit of speaking with people that own the business and that makes a huge difference. The other reason is that they had expertise is our area of financial instruments and we were comfortable that where they did not have the expertise, they would be able to actually obtain that expertise and scale and grow the business together with us. We felt as well that it was of the right size. When we spoke to very large institutions, we felt like the commitments and the relationship, the attention to our needs was just not there. And we spoke to very small companies, where we were worried about their ability to deliver. It’s worked incredibly well.
We feel like it’s an extension of our team, we have weekly updates, we use very efficient
collaboration and communication technology. So we work in a very agile environment and therefore the quality of the product management has been such that we were able
to reset the priorities at very short notice. I think, more importantly, the main reason is, it came very clearly apparent that Metasite did not just answer the questions that we asked – they spent time explaining why they did things the way they did and making sure that they understood where we wanted to go, the reasons why we wanted to do it, and therefore assuring that they would become
long-term partners for us. We’d be very happy to recommend Metasite to colleagues and people that ask.

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