March 28, 2020
Merchant spotlight: The 5TH

Merchant spotlight: The 5TH

I’m Alex McBride and this is The 5TH. We want our products to carry a message and that is to appreciate the moment and the now. Everything we do we wanna be seamless and minimal and clean. We’ve tried to do that through all our products and especially our watches. Each of our watch ranges is inspired by a different city. So we’ve traveled to those cities and we’ve tried to bring the essence of that through to the products. We decided we wanted to do a pop-up shop in New York to really communicate what our brand was about and what we stood for. Opening this pop-up shop has allowed us to connect with customers and different creators who are on this side of the world. Seeing people engage with our brand message is really special. Running the business with a start up culture we operate on last minute decisions. We need to move quickly and we need to jump at opportunities that come. Working with Shopify allows us to do that so easily.

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