April 8, 2020
Merchant spotlight: Gymshark

Merchant spotlight: Gymshark

[Cheering] I got massively into
the gym when I was like 16-17 years old, so what I did is, because I didn’t have
any money at the time, I was a pizza delivery driver, I loaded up a load of
supplements onto the website and dropped shipped all those
supplements just cause I wanted to be involved some
way in the fitness community. Later on, I wanted to put
clothes onto the website and no one made the clothes
that we wanted to wear, so we bought a screen
printer and a sewing machine and started to make them ourselves. So in terms of making this brand the biggest thing in the world I quickly realized that
I need people to do what they’re really, really good at, and I need to focus on what
I’m really, really good at. Our department’s job is
to just bring the noise, get the humans to the website and make sure that the traffic is crazy. We need to know when we do, the platform is going to hold up, and because we had some
bad experiences in the past where stuff went down,
went wrong, whatever else. So like Black Friday for example,
we mapped everything out: every single social media
post was out on the table in front of us. We went through it with a fine tooth comb. We couldn’t do stuff like that if the platform isn’t going to hold up, you know what I’m sayin’. Otherwise all the stuff we do is probably going to be in vain. So depending on what region
in the world we’re operating in for our pop-up stores, we setup a POS Shopify store
and with that we make sure that the currency is right. It’s a bit of a game
changer for us to be able to bring whatever payment method
suits the customer best in whatever part of the world we’re in. So the POS system is really good, because it’s just really
intuitive and user friendly. So not much staff training needed, everyone just cracks on. And then all the inventory
gets synced across, all the sales get synced across,
all the iPads in realtime. As you see we set
everything up in 5 minutes. 3, 2, 1, go! [Cheering] I think it’s really important to do something like this when
we’re all together in person, ’cause I don’t think
you can ever beat that. When you just see a lot
of numbers on the screen, it never really hits you,
but when you see the people, and you meet them and chat
to them, find out what they like about Gymshark, and what
they don’t like about Gymshark probably more importantly, I learn a lot. And ‘know, there’s a huge,
huge amount of Gymshark fans in California as a whole. It’s always nice just to meet
the wider Gymshark family and spend time with everyone. When he was like 2 feet away from me, my heart was pumping,
y’know, I started to shake. He’s the guy that did it all. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He’s such a nice guy too, he’s a real person, it’s awesome. What we want to do is we obviously want to positively impact as
many people as possible. And equally we want to be
the biggest fitnesswear brand in the world, and that’s one thing that I’ll say to everyone
that joins the business, is in 5 years we’re as likely to be bankrupt as we are the biggest
fitnesswear brand in the world. We’re gonna go all in to
try and achieve our goals. We want to build a
legacy, we want to build something that’s bigger than ourselves.

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