April 10, 2020
Merchant spotlight: Bombas

Merchant spotlight: Bombas

The word Bombas is
derived from the Latin word for bumblebee. Bees work together as a
hive to make their world a better place. Bombas means to me you
know, a brand that’s about community and compassion
and about helping others. Bombas is a comfort focused, direct to consumer
apparel brand that happens to make the world’s most
comfortable pair of socks. When we learned that socks were the number one most
requested clothing item of homeless shelters, we decided to donate a
pair for every family. This mission goes very well
with the holiday season of giving. When customers come to our site, not only do they want to shop, but they’re also
connecting with our mission and so, we believe that this
is an incredibly important time of the year for that reason, as well. Our website is our one and only store. So to make sure that the
customer experience is fully flushed out and that
you have the technology behind it to really make sure
that everything runs smoothly is incredibly important. There’s really nothing
worse than if you’re driving a ton traffic to your website and your customers are
unable to check out. Since switching to Shopify
Plus we’ve actually experienced zero downtime on our website. This is despite numerous
appearances on things like Good Morning America, the Today Show, reruns of our Shark Tank,
and our biggest Black Friday, Cyber Monday in company history. We’ve remained 100% up time
through our entire website experience. For anyone that may
have had technology issues during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday, work with a platform like
Shopify that can provide you with that infrastructure
and support along the way so your business can focus
on what it does best. And nothing is better than
to walk out of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and have
your team telling you that it was the smoothest they’ve ever had. That’s what you should
strive for every year and that’s what a platform
like Shopify can help you succeed.

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