April 10, 2020
Meet the Robots at Amazon

Meet the Robots at Amazon

Pedro Domingos: On the ranking of things to
worry about, Skynet coming and taking over doesn’t even rank in the top ten. It distracts attention from the more urgent
things, for example, what’s going to happen to jobs. Narrator: For a glimpse into the future, consider
one of the largest companies on the planet—Amazon. Tye Brady: Amazon has tremendous scale. We have fulfillment centers that are as large
as 1.25 million square feet. That’s like 23 football fields, and in it
we’ll have just millions of products. Narrator: To deal with that scale, Amazon
has built an army of robots. Brady: Like a marching army of ants that can
constantly change its goals based on the situation at hand So, our robots are very adaptive, and reactive,
in order to extend human capability to allow for more efficiencies within our own buildings. Narrator: And there’s plenty more where
those came from. Every day, this facility in Boston “graduates”
a new batch of machines. Brady: All of the robots that you see that
are moving the pods have been built right here in Boston. I call it the nursery, where the robots are
born. They’ll be built, they’ll take their first
breath of air, they’ll do their own diagnostics. Once they’re good, then they’ll line up for
robot graduation, and then they will swing their tassels to the appropriate side, drive
themselves right onto a pallet, and go directly to a fulfillment center. Narrator: To some of us, this moment belies
a dark sign of what’s to come—a future that doesn’t need us, one where all jobs—not
just cab drivers and truckers—are taken by machines. But Amazon’s chief roboticist doesn’t see it that way. Brady: The fact is really plain and simple:
the more robots we add to our fulfillment centers, the more jobs we are creating. The robots do not build themselves. Humans design them, humans build them, humans
deploy them, humans support them. And then humans, most importantly, interact
with the robots. When you look at that, this enables growth. And growth does enable jobs. Narrator: Certainly, history would seem to
bear him out—since the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, while displacing some jobs—have
created new ones. While this is the predominant view in the AI community, some think it ignores the reality of today’s world. Peter Singer: There’s a long history of
technology creators assuming that only good things would happen with their baby when it
went out into the world. Even if there are some new jobs created somewhere,
the vast majority of people are not easily going to be able to shift into them. That truck driver who loses their job to a
driverless truck isn’t going to easily become an app developer out in Silicon Valley.

42 thoughts on “Meet the Robots at Amazon

  1. Also if the new jobs building robots goes to China then it only makes it worse for the United States. We don't have our old jobs and we won't have the new jobs. Idiots will propose a basic income whose funds will appear out of air. The unemployed will be paid with the taxes on the unemployed minus government administrative cost (about 50%). Reduce the trade deficit pfff.

  2. I'm a truck driver, and my job is going to be automated. I wouldn't have no problems if the government decided to get rid of taxes, and uses discontinued the fiat currency so the cost of living will go down, and I could basically live a good life farming gold on runescape.

  3. Most of all of these so called new jobs in the U.S. will be outsourced to other countries like China. There's no guarantee that any jobs that they can save money on paying people will be given to Americans. Maybe only if a bill is passed by Congress? Who knows.

  4. Also they forgot to show the robots that can pick loose merchandise up and stacked the shelves. And are the delivery drones still pending new aviation laws or are they green lit?

  5. Loving Amazon Investments….
    D.R.E.A.M.S.-Developing Real Entrepreneurs And Monies

  6. You know this Amazon guy is delusional when he says that the robots "take their first breath of air".

  7. The most depressing place I ever worked at. Amazon fullfillment center. 10 hours of non-stop movement. 12 hour shifts around Christmas time. I received write ups for every small issue. 6 errors out of 3000. etc… With a write up, you are restricted from changing jobs. Write ups last a month. Once I was off of one write up, I got another. Very sad place to work. Glad I have since moved on.

  8. They take care more of their robots then the hard working humans Amazon is a true work abuse I hear alot of work abuse going on this company is greedy and cheap they rather have robots if they can

  9. Be silicon valley , be elsewhere I think the nerds are the worse creature the Lord ever created. From fantasizing about robot girl friends, to saying things like when robot take their first breath.

  10. What will be our future with robots ? Will we be able to manage them ? It makes me think about a music video that is happening in the future: the robots have taken power over humans and humans are trying to restore the situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9MCLf3VOpU&fbclid=

  11. 87% of Amazon employees including office, code writers, as well as warehouse worker become permanently and mentally damage. From the phycholigical trauma. Amazon voted the worse place to work.

  12. The guy says “ where they take their first breath of fresh air” I reminded me a few years ago I was having a conversation with software engineer in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale. In the course of our conversation he told me image if your girl fiend was a robot. The conversation went down hill from there. In retrospect, these are not the people we should entrust with our future and that of the planet.

  13. its easy to hate amazon and other companies that replace humans with robots…but if you think about it, that is only natural in a capitalist society. you are in it for the money, and you wouldnt even dream of employing people just cus its ''nice'' or humane''. and dont kid yourselfs, all of you operate in that same way. to not do that is equivalent to just going out on the street and start throwing your money in the air.

    so its not a nice situation for sure, but it seems its unavoidable, theres probably a law of nature or something equivalent that explains why humanity ended up, at least for now, with capitalist societies, and the only way its going to get better is through technologies in the future creating abundance.

    its not going to be more than 50 years from now when time comes that you can 3d print food out of cheap mollecules as starting ingredients. and if you dont believe me, a few years ago the first 100% lab grown burger was made, and it tasted fine, and tester couldnt tell the difference from a real burger…how long till this results in no more animal cruelty?

  14. With robotics you are creating jobs but NOT more than you are destroying. If you eliminate 10,000 warehouse jobs, are you creating 10,000 robotics jobs at the same time?

  15. This economy moves quick. We have been replacing the low skilled jobs at a tremendous rate.
    It’s been going on since what the Great Depression and hasn’t stopped since.

    What happen to the cashier heavy grocery store? Replaced by self checkout. It’s only a matter of time until your industry replaces you. Unless of course you’re the owner of your own business. Then you control everything and are the one doing the replacing. Long story short. Start your own business. Work for yourself. Invest your money wise. 🏀🏀

  16. Work at an amazon sort center, so much more different than fulfillment center. Actually care about employees and not as strict at all compared to fulfillment centers

  17. Delusional idiot that thinks we actually believe human job replacement bots breathe air. The word is out on the sweatshop Amazon. Do robots sweat too?

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