March 29, 2020
Medium Business Packages Solution Overview

Medium Business Packages Solution Overview

As a company grows so does the demand on
its business software – existing systems start to struggle with increasing data
volumes and user demand, whilst constantly seesawing stock levels and lack of key data visibility, impact on cash flow, customer service and margins. Core operational processes become more and more difficult, as staff struggle with moving data between unconnected systems. Productivity falls whilst staff
levels seems to keep on rising. Purchasing costs are inflated, as day-to-day activities become increasingly reactive. The business needs a system to control
existing operations and promote continued growth. OrderWise Medium Business Solutions offer fully integrated, feature-rich software with all the core functionality that every business needs supplied as standard. But not every business is the same and neither is each OrderWise solution. OrderWise is modular and scalable to the needs of the business, providing the perfect solution that allows for additional functionality to be added as and when it is needed. Protecting investment and future proofing the system. With an OrderWise Medium Business Solution staff productivity will improve and
transpositional errors will be reduced. Businesses can grow without the need to
spend hard earned profits recruiting additional staff or paying to have
bespoke systems developed. Customer orders will be delivered faster, the warehouse will hold the correct levels of stock and slow-moving stock will be minimised. Managers will have complete visibility of business critical information in real
time, in system via reports and on the go with OrderWise Business Intelligence tools. Profit margins can be analysed for each order with a click of a button and unprofitable sales can be captured before they hit the warehouse. Online sales channels can be put at the heart of the business, fully integrated with internal systems allowing customer service levels to rise. Manufacturing demands can be scheduled and fully controlled with component demands
automatically being passed to the purchasing department without additional
manual interaction. By being able to plan supplier orders, profitability will increase and goods receipts and put-away will be massively streamlined. When buying an OrderWise Medium Business Solution a company not only benefits from the very latest cutting-edge business management
software, but they also receive a comprehensive range of support packages
as standard. OrderWise is an entirely UK-based, friendly and welcoming company
with over 26 years experience of developing, testing and supporting its
own software product. OrderWise Medium Business Solutions are fast, modern and reliable, able to be installed on local PC based server or hosted to allow staff
secure access over the internet anywhere, anytime. However the real power of OrderWise comes from bringing warehouse management, sales, manufacturing, procurement, online sales channels, accounts and excellent customer service
under one umbrella, meaning you will own a fully integrated All-In-One system to
manage all of your everyday processes. By choosing OrderWise to support your
business from front to back end as you grow, you’ll be armed with the
streamlined processes and accurate insights needed in order to unlock the
true potential of your business. For more information, please review our videos or contact us to see how an OrderWise Medium Solution can help your business
today. Thanks for watching!

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