March 30, 2020
Mat.Media: High-tech content creation in the Mexican eCommerce market

Mat.Media: High-tech content creation in the Mexican eCommerce market

I’m Fernando Marroquin and I’m a Photographer, I’ve been working here of 5-6 years I’m very much focused on packshots / photos of products My name is Rodrigo Marroquin I’m the Co-Founder and COO at Mat.Media Mat.Media is a photo production studio Focusing on fashion product photos for online use A day starts with the merchandise arriving at the studio We prepare it and then it goes to the studio floor Then we’ve got three different teams One is the StyleShoots Vertical team They work on photographing invisible-man-effect images Our StyleShoots Horizontal team works to create flat lay images We also have a new system for photos and videos That allows us to complement our service with content featuring live models Wearing the products we’re photographing Once we have the files, we can deliver them to customers very quickly Because our retouching teams receive high quality photos that are already cut out And they only need to retouch minor details on each product Our editors check each and every product We can send the files quickly via our cloud service The technology we’re working with is designed and made in The Netherlands That allows quick and easy creation of content It cuts down on time and processes and allows us to deliver photos and videos For different types of media, points of sale, digital signage, social networks e-commerce, catalogs and all sorts of digital channels We are committed to delivering our customers the highest quality of content As well as consistency, speed and competitive prices

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