April 10, 2020

86 thoughts on “Mass Emailing a CPA Offer to a Targeted Email List for High Commissions

  1. What is the best way to send million emails a week?
    And what is the best way to promote cpa link?A newsletter or cold emails?

  2. You seriously need to stop! You always post exactly what I'm thinking. Now you just promoted an offer I had in mind. Another amazing video anyway. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Couldn’t you grow ur youtube channel using this strategy? Also in ur opinion whats the best success rate meaning best commissions CPA or Affiliate marketing?

  4. Damn I need this! I've been seriously struggling with Maxbounty! If you could for future reference maybe you can do a video on maxbounty with instagram? Just a thought. Thanks My dude you are beast!

  5. Hello sir my name is harshan i take all your courses I have a doubt right now I use mail chimp last time I send bulk emails from that by maxbounty direct link than account was ban immediately in the gmass can I put directly maxbounty link and send to people
    Because some email services doesn't allow affiliate links
    Gmass really allow the affiliate links
    Plz reply

  6. Hello BG Media innovation. You told in your videos you can send 10000 emails on one account but Google says 2000 emails a day. please check it. https://support.google.com/a/answer/166852?hl=en > thanks for your useful videos.

  7. Love these step by step results videos.. I’m a numbers guy too so I look forward to seeing the results percentage, etc.. awesome stuff Bryan!! This is Greg btw.. 😉

  8. Hello
    Great information! Thanks, Brian.
    But I have one query relating to this video.
    Say, for example, suppose I have a website or blog relating to pet food and I need to link Maxbounty offer banner in it …
    As per offer restriction, Maxbounty allows traffic by any other method EXCEPT EMAIL MARKETING.
    In this sort of case can I promote my website or blog to my targeted traffic via EMAIL MARKING and then generating leads when someone clicks on my maxbounty offer in any mode in text links or banner etc….

  9. I created a new account for gasses. For emails from atomic hunter and sent emails to them. They just blocked my emails and my Google account got banned. Anyways to prevent it.?

  10. I have set up my g suite through go daddy, how do I link my preferred email to be used with g suite in sending out mails. I have gotten all the requirements. I am set to roll out the mails but for the mail linking. Am I to do that through go daddy. I need your guide. Thanks for the awesome videos. I bought your udemy courses

  11. Is it legal to send massive emails to people without their permission? And if so how I can make my emails more legit. I want to start doing this, but I’m little hesitating for this reason

  12. Have you ever tried this with ClickBank product? Why gmail?(%100 inbox rate?) Can I do this with my own smtp server?

  13. What is the worst thing that could happen to someone if Google detects you are doing spam or countries that have anti spam laws?? I don't want to get in a very big trouble.

  14. How do you deal with the huge suppression lists on maxbounty with gmass? Do you use the contextual or the email option for the offers?

  15. I tried to email you twice, but got no response so I'll ask you publicly. How do you get around the very explicit terms of MaxBounty's email policy? I'll paste it here.

    4.12.1. Affiliate must distribute Ads only to those recipients who have Opted-in to receive such email from the Affiliate. MaxBounty prohibits the use of Spam. Any use of Spam whatsoever by Affiliate will result in the forfeiture of Affiliate's entire commission for all campaigns, and the termination of the Affiliate's account. Affiliate will also be held liable for any and all damages resulting from a violation of this provision including reasonable court costs.

    4.12.2. If requested by MaxBounty, Affiliate must be able within 24 hours of such request, to supply the name, date, time, IP address and URL where the User gave permission to the Affiliate to receive such Ads through e-mail.

    How do you get around this? How would you respond to MaxBounty if they asked for proof that your people opted in to get your emails?


  16. Hi Bryan , I would like to ask a few questions

    1. Now that Gmass have updated and released a feature where you can send unlimited emails per day using an smtp server do you recommend getting it (the smtp server) instead of 4 gsuite and 4 Gmass or maybe in combination.


    2. If yes then could you please recommend a good smtp server that have good deliveribality and also affiliate/cold mailing/spam friendly that doesn't have too many restrictions

    3. I would really appreciate if you can make a video on that. And you can increase your AOV by using affiliate links for that too. I would want to purchase from your link

    4. What are your thoughts on sendblaster 4 Pro? Is it better than Gmass

  17. i send the emails with your instruction with gsuite and gmass.
    it send 8000 emails in 1-2 days, 500 opened, 60 clicked link.
    and after that its been 2 days whenever i send emails it goes to the spam folder of everyone. and the message in the spam folder is like
    most of this domains emails are spam…
    what should i do?

  18. Hi Bryan which course again contains the email hunter. Is it the cpa marketing or email marketing course. Patiently waiting for reply tnx.

  19. Hello, Bryan I just came across your video on youtube and the only those I watched was very impressive, if I have been able to come across such video of this types I would have gone far in online business. But you mention that Atomic Email Hunter CRACK version of yours did not offer in CPA mastery course .how would a CPA customer benefit from this Trial Version of yours?

  20. Hi Bryan I’ve been looking into exactly what you’re teaching people to do so I’m glad I’ve come across your channel, I’m looking to buy your training course, can you link me to it please, also how long does the course go on for? 🙂

  21. Hi Bryan,

    Nice video tutorial. A question : Is it possible to use a url shortener instead of the actual cpa affiliate offer link ? This way, it will look better and can do tracking on how many clicks received ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hey Bryan,

    Forgot to ask you.

    Is it advisable or it is OK, if we use the email sending from Email Marketing companies such as MailJet, SendGrid, Mailgun, Elastic EMail etc ? Instead of using a Mass email software ?

    Whats the advantages/disadvantages ?

    Thanks in advance

  23. Hi Bryan, I took your email and affiliate marketing course, I have email lists with 50k in many passionate niches ready to go… I can't seem to get my links off maxbounty, they just refer me back to google.com – what am i doing wrong?!

  24. Hi Bryan
    1-Can you suggest other CPA Network that allow Emails as Traffic Source. I was not approved for M Bounty.
    2-Do you use Email Cleaners for the emails scrapped from Atomic Email Hunter
    Thank you

  25. Love your channrl bro. The reason you can never speak is because yiu have TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and trying to break it down in a 15 minute video will do that. 👊😊

  26. Good evening. Great info on the videos. Quick question. Will max bounty or other cpa networks ban me for sending bulk unsolicted emails?

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  28. Hello Sir, you say you can send about 50k emails so even at a 5% success rate youll get 2500 people to open the email and enter their email so that means youll get like 3750 dollars in 1 day. If not true daily how much are we looking at here if we use your method because that email extractor is a quite hefty price. Can you please reply sir.

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