April 9, 2020
Marketing Tips from an Estonian Success Story: Muhoov & Printful Print on Demand

Marketing Tips from an Estonian Success Story: Muhoov & Printful Print on Demand

Don’t be afraid to use your own network,
not necessarily to ask, oh, should I do this, is this a good idea, but, once you’ve done
it, just telling the world about it on every channel, I think that’s the best kind of
first marketing thing to do. Muhoov is an Estonian clothing brand that
lets you show off your love for your hood or your neighborhood or your city. The concept is quite simple – you can have
whatever your favorite place name is printed on in front of the sweatshirt. So Muhoov literally translates to my backyard. It’s very similar to my hood, but it’s
just a more local, Estonian way of saying that. My co-founder Mihkel came up with that name. I wanted to go with something a little more
intentional I think, but something that’s not necessarily international, but has a meaning
to it and is a word that hasn’t been used anywhere else, it just has so many benefits. Not only the social media accounts but the
websites – just creating your own word for a brand has a lot of value as well. Any entrepreneur, I would tell them, if you
feel like you’re getting stuck or you really want to do something, but you’re not so
courageous to move forward, just find someone to do it with. I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s so much easier, moving forward, but
also, if someone else is ready to invest their time to do it with you, it’s already such
an encouragement and validation that it’s worth doing. Plus, you’ll have so much more fun doing
it together. I think the biggest achievement for Muhoov
is launching or getting started in the first place. But after that pretty close high up there
is the Estonian president wearing a Muhoov sweatshirt. Some of my friends were like yeah, well, now
you can retire for the rest of your life, you’re not gonna peak any higher than that. What’s worked for us best is and for any
brand, I would recommend – find a way to make word of mouth work for you. So we have a hashtag that’s connected to
our brand. I think quite early on we realized the value
of having your own brand on the sweatshirts, so that’s when we introduced the hashtag
on the back collar. Even though it’s an extra cost on the product
itself, it’s just so much added value that people can see that it’s a Muhoov sweatshirt. And we give incentives to users to post pictures
with that hashtag, but even without that, even when we’re not running any campaigns
people just love to use it and tag our products or if you give it some way to incentivize
word of mouth, then your reach is a hundred that you would do on your own. I think the initial boost of what we did was
also just us sharing with our, on our Facebook feeds that we’re doing this, this is the
story, this is why we’re doing this. The first real order was actually someone
from my friends’ list. A person I haven’t spoken to in like, what,
seven years, but he probably found it from there, you know. In some parts, one of the struggles has been
managing peoples’ expectations. At least in Estonia now people expect that
when they order something online, it arrives the next day in their package machine next
to their house. So managing the expectations on – it’s not
gonna happen by tomorrow – and kind of just, you know, educating the market on that it’s
not always that simple. But once we got it fixed or added to our website
and once we explained to people they generally understand. Originally when we started we thought the
product price should be 30 euros and a shipping price on top of that. For whatever reason, we decided the shipping’s
gonna be 5 euros and outside of Estonia 8 euros. After a while we realized that actually having
free shipping is a really good thing that customers like, so we switched from 30 plus
5 to 35 euros and free shipping all over the EU, so it’s just international shipping that
has a little extra fee. It just makes more sense for the customers
because earlier we had people that were like – well, what is this five euros, what kind
of shipping do I get with it? Right now it’s just easy simple, free shipping. So there are no negative surprises once you
get to the checkout. The main focus of marketing is to get sales
for us, but there’s also the supporting part of growing the audience, making the markets
more aware of our brand and the concept, so anything around locations or place names and
anything fun you can do around that. Just this week we had a little meme thing,
where you could find out what your DJ name is, where the first part of the name was a
place name and the second part was something fun. And people really like to engage with these
fun things, which makes your brand’s reach much bigger as well. I think you have to have a balance between
selling your own product or concept and also just generating good content around that,
that people want to engage with, ‘cause, I mean, social media is so much about entertainment
and fun things. People come there you know to find something
interesting, so if you give them that, they will also engage with your brand, which helps
you forever. Earlier we did our own photoshoots here and
there and then I just stumbled upon one of your Printful webinars where they mentioned
PlaceIt where you can upload your own design and see it on a model. It just makes things so much quicker, it makes
it so much easier to create new marketing materials. I really wish I had known that when we started
with Muhoov as well. Don’t be afraid to invest in ads. I think for us it took a little too long to
realize that, once you find ads that work for you, you can just keep running them all
the time and, as long as it’s making you money, don’t stop them. I think at first we were taking too small
steps to boost our own sales, which doesn’t make sense. The way I remember it though is that we didn’t
put in any money into it, we just put our own time and I think for me that was the craziest
part that, since me and Mihkel we have like complimenting skill sets, he was working on
the tech side, I was doing the marketing side and if you have the right people you don’t
really need that many resources. I mean the first Facebook campaigns we did
were ones where we said tag your friends and share this post and that costs you exactly
zero euros to do. And even that will show you if it clicks on
the market or not, so I think of course there are small costs related to having your own
website up and running, but if you have someone who knows how to put up an ecommerce store
and even using Shopify that’s like what, 30 dollars a month? That shouldn’t stop you from trying anything. Definitely, don’t wait until it’s perfect,
just go out there, try the market, run ads. Just do it? It’s so simple and easy, you can just take
a weekend to set it up, don’t be afraid to get stuck on those little things, you’ll
figure them out on the way. Today, there are so many online resources
that help you, give you the first five steps to do what you need to have configured to
actually launch. And with Printful, it’s so easy to just get started.

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  1. I've been trying to share all my business ideas with close friends, in hopes someone will jump on board with me. I seem to get flaked on over and over. Or they seem very interested then lose interest. So I'm still in limbo. Several years later. . I'd love do partner with w friend.
    (She mentions sharing with a partner.)

  2. With Printful adding new taxes each time and rising shipping costs to the clouds… not a chance to offer FREE SHIPPING. I remember sending a shirt with shipping rates as low as $1.50, now you don't have an option for less than $4.

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