March 30, 2020

Marketing platform vs CRM: Activecampaign vs Pipedrive

iI this video we are going to do this
marketing automation platform comparison. Activecampaign versus Pipedrive
brought to you by Excel Performance Media marketing automation allows the
marketer to automate repetitive tasks exclude human error manage complexity
and measure and optimize all marketing actions it makes the business benefit
from the leverage technology and Big Data provide by A/B split testing,
campaign optimization, follow-up messaging via auto responder, behavioral
targeting and much more. So, what are the differences between marketing automation
and CRM and marketing and sales funnels? One of the main differences between
these two types of systems is who they target. Primarily CRM software is
client focused while marketing automation software is marketing focused. The
customer relationship management system saves documents and keeps track of
information such as clients or potential customer names and addresses
including phone numbers and interactions with the customer whereas the mission of
marketing automation is to close the deal with the client by various means
such as deploying marketing funnels and sales funnels. Let’s do this Pipedrive
review first. Pipedrive is a leading CRM software. Pipedrive appears to be
the best performing CRM and sales pipeline management system as extensive
tests and comparisons with all major CRM solutions found for sole vendors and
developing businesses alike. The robust feature suite is indeed remarkable.
Salespeople in hardcore web app developers have designed Pipedrive. Pipedrive organizes business leads in a way that will give the user an excellent
overview of his sales and enable him to focus on the deals that he would like to
prioritize. Setting up an account takes only a few moments and other imperative
operations that normally can be difficult and time-consuming are also
very quick and straightforward. Pipedrive speaks thirteen languages so that
most geos can be served. It uses all major and a few minor currencies. The App
is not only convenient but also intuitive.
Of course it is fully mobile optimized. It integrates beautifully with Google
contacts, Google Calendar and various other commonly known third-party
business systems. Now let’s have a look at our Activecampaign review. This
marketing platform provides integrated email marketing marketing automation and
small business CRM but Activecampaign combines various factors of small
business advertising into an integrated and person friendly platform. With this
device you can seamlessly create lovely and tasty emails, use social media
advertising, discover greater records approximately your contacts and observe
advertising automation generation that previously is unreachable for small
organizations. Over hundred thousand customers worldwide accept as true with
Activecampaign to help develop their corporation. You do no longer have to
have a credit card to set it up. You can install a TV campaign immediately with
over hundred and fifty integrations. The device connects you with the services
you love. Human beings everywhere in the world also love the devices short
pleasant and useful aid. The Activecampaign features include: Add live
e-commerce data and embed videos to your emails, advanced targeting with list
segmentation, automated follow-up series, custom forms for landing pages, built-in
integrations with more than 200 external services, campaign reporting, contact
reporting, list reporting, CRM and sales automation, drag-and-drop email builder,
dynamic and conditional email content, easy to customize pre-made email
templates, one-on-one training phone support, email support, live chat support,
automated marketing, send broadcasts, smart follow-up series, SMS marketing,
social media monitoring, behavioral automation, geo tracking, on-site tracking,
and in-app tracking, contact filtering by gender age and
location. For how to make best use of each one of these marketing platforms so
that you learn how to structure the funnel stages click the link in the
description of this video. Feel free to share and subscribe to this channel if
you want to stay tuned when we release further relevant information on top
marketing automation platforms.

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