April 1, 2020
Marketing 360® – Why it’s the #1 Marketing Platform® for Small Business

Marketing 360® – Why it’s the #1 Marketing Platform® for Small Business

– In this video, we’re
gonna talk about analytics and other tools included
with Marketing360, and what really makes Marketing360 the number one platform
for small business. (upbeat techno music) So there’s a million different
marketing tools out there to consider, from analytics
to email marketing to CRMs to ad management,
too, such as on Google and Facebook and Instagram
and everything else. And so there really isn’t
a lot of tools out there that do everything, so it’s fragmented and it’s overwhelming. But with Marketing360, it’s
the perfection solution for small business
because with one platform, one login, and one budget,
it has all of those tools built in, everything you
need to grow your business in a scalable way through
a singular platform. So to best understand it,
let’s break down five reasons why Marketing360 is the number one marketing platform for small business. Reason number one is Marketing360 is a multichannel marketing platform. What I mean by that is
it has every channel a small business would
need in order to grow, from email to SMS to CRM
to marketing on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube
and even Pandora Radio and on Google and Bing search engines. So all of the channels
that you need to access to scale and grow your business
and acquire market share are built through Marketing360, where you can access all of these channels through a singular platform. Reason number two is
Marketing360 isn’t just a great piece of technology
and a great platform. But it includes not just the technology, but the talent that you need to grow. By talent, I mean the support
and the dedicated talent you need to grow your business,
from a marketing executive that you work with on a hand to hand basis to a CRM advisor to an email
marketing and SMS expert to the creative team of
talent that you have access to on demand from designers to developers to content creators and video pros. You have everything
you need, not just from a technology standpoint,
but from a talent standpoint as a small business to grow your business and capture market share. Reason number three is the
analytics and the tools with regards to call
tracking and data reporting and everything that you need are at your fingertips in Marketing360. But what we’ve done is
we’ve boiled it down to the most important things
and the most metrics and KPIs that you need to understand
to grow your business. There’s a lot of
analytical tools out there, and they can become overwhelming and have almost too many data points. Marketing360 has simplified it down to the most important things
to digest and understand so that you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not over time. Reason number four is it saves you time. The technology and the
talent hybrid combination allows you to focus on
running your business while we at Marketing360 focus
on driving you business. Reason number five is
Marketing360 saves you money. All of the tools built
within Marketing360, if you were to sign up for each
of those tools individually, you’d probably be looking at something that’s five times higher than the cost of Marketing360 because
of the bundling effect. Because we built everything
into Marketing360, it’s all an inhouse product. Our entire team is dedicated to supporting and building that product,
we can keep the cost down by providing to you the
solution that you need and all the tools you need to grow. Bonus tip is to be patient. Marketing is about gaining momentum. And with Marketing360 and
the talent built within, we’re always working to drive
you better results over time. You’ll typically see better
results in month three than you did in month one. You’ll see better results in month six than you did in month three. And you’ll see even
better results in month 12 than you did in month six. As time goes by, you see a
larger return on your investment. So be patient, let the system take place. Let the talent take hold
and really drive you the best results they can as time goes by. So hopefully this video
helps you better understand Marketing360 platform
and why it’s the best small business marketing
platform out there. If you have any questions, give us a call. We’d love an opportunity
to earn your business, so please call and consult with one of our marketing consultants. And happy marketing. (upbeat techno music)

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