April 10, 2020
Marketing 360: #1 Platform to Grow Your Business

Marketing 360: #1 Platform to Grow Your Business

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Small business are the lifeblood of our economy. Two in every three jobs are
created from small business. They support our local schools,
charities, families and more which is why love helping
small businesses grow. It’s how we make the world a better place. How do we do this? With our marketing and
design talent and technology, through our number one marketing platform for small business, Marketing 360. With Marketing 360 you
get everything you need to grow your business and fuel your brand from a single platform. As far as talent goes,
every small business using Marketing 360 is partnered with a dedicated marketing executive. Think of them as your
chief marketing director, without the salary. Call, email or text them
whenever you’d like. Your success is their success,
so they work tirelessly to ensure your marketing is working. But that’s not it, behind
every marketing executive is a team of talented
designers, developers, writers, video pros, social media managers, email marketing specialists, CRM advisors, reputation managers and more. Literally your own dream
team behind the scenes so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Need a new promotional
banner design? No problem. Let your marketing executive know, they’ll have a designer
knock it out of the park. Need a new email marketing
campaign created? No worries, just let your email
marketing specialist know, or assign a quick to-do
through Marketing 360. Want a new video created
to share on social media? Easy, just ask. Don’t have time to add more
fields to your CRM database? It’s as simple as a quick call, text or email to your CRM advisor. That’s the beauty of Marketing 360. Through one platform, you
not only get the technology you need to grow, you
get the talent as well. So how about this technology
we keep talking about? Well there’s simply not another
small business marketing platform that compares to
the power of Marketing 360. Let’s break it down. Manage your contacts, tasks, calendar, team and more with ease with the CRM. Get the website or online
store of your dreams with our UXI website designs. Design beautiful email campaigns in minutes with Email Marketing 360. Create and send text message campaigns in seconds with SMS Marketing 360. Get your business listed on
more than 50 of the most popular local sites and apps
with Local Listing Ads. Get the analytics, call
tracking and reporting you need to make winning decisions
with Topline Analytics. Outrank your competitors on Google with the Natural Listing Ads program. Run ads on Google, Bing,
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pandora Radio and more with the Social Targeting
Ads and Top Placement Ads multi-channel advertising programs. Manage your reviews and build a strong online reputation with Top Rated Local. And turn past browsers into buyers with the Retargeting Ads program. All with one budget, one login,
one team and one platform, not only saving you time and money, but driving you the best
return on investment so you can grow your business
and capture market share as efficiently as possible. So you see, that’s why
Marketing 360’s the number one marketing platform for small business, and why it helps us achieve our mission of helping businesses grow. Passionate people, powerful products, perfect platform to grow your business. (lively music) Marketing 360, fuel your brand. (lively music)

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  1. We just started selling online. We are a NGO based in Pakistan producing handmade and hand embroidered clothing. How can you help us with increasing our sales? Would like to hear from you guys. Thanks

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