March 31, 2020
Marketing: 10 Freakishly Effective Hacks With Roland Frasier

Marketing: 10 Freakishly Effective Hacks With Roland Frasier

17,020 pixels for people
that were interested in it. So we can retarget those people
later. 1,623 immediate conversions, generating $7,235 from that one email, sharing other people’s content
that our people just love. [Inaudible] Hopefully this will this will
be really helpful for you. So let’s just get started.
Welcome mats. So welcome mats, bump conversions by about 70% welcome. Matt takes over the entire screen with a
call to action as soon as you come onto the site. So here’s a few examples. Sumo.Com that you can get and it puts a
welcome mat up for you automatically so you don’t have to code or anything. There’s a whole bunch of other really
great apps that are within Sumo. I highly recommend it. It’s
been good for us in conversions, but it’s about a 70% bump. Here’s an
example. So it just takes, it takes over. The whole page has a little arrow at
the bottom and then you can scroll down. So it’s not like it’s, it’s not
like an exit or entrance pop. It’s actually just covering the first
part of the page and you scroll down. This is something that I think is really
cool and it’s working incredibly well. So this is your typical form, right? What if you do it in the form of a
letter and you let your folks fill in the blanks of the letter that are the exact
same form fields that you would be asking for if it was just an ugly form
and it’s a 25 to 40% bump in conversions on completing the whole form just
because it’s friendly test minimalists, Landers and homepages. So this was one, it flows right? It starts there and goes down and kept
going down and kept going down. Just it, it asks for a bunch of information.
It delivered way too much information. They changed it to this
945% higher conversion. Is that insane? Because
if you want SEO services, this is just confusing. This is,
Hey, okay, let’s get busy. Right? Nine times abandoned cart
recovery increased with web
push. Web push is amazing, right? So nine times conversion increase. So in this case it’s the result is
primarily I think because it looks like a text on mobile. So this is through it’s ACC engage 38%
open rate because it looks like a text message, right? Nine times more
conversions on previously abandoned carts. So sending this message out to people
on mobile who have abandoned the cart, super, super effective and a 7.85% conversion
on previously abandoned cart carts versus 4.5% on the native app. Tell
stories to convert better, right? Exact same page only they added a story
here. So if you see the headline here, that’s the headline up here. So this was the test at 296% increase
in conversions and 520% longer time on page. And we all know that time on page
is a primary SEO indicators. So really, really good to try that. User generated
content photos on eCommerce sites, bump conversions as well. As you can see, this is the before so
there’s nothing down here. It’s this wonderful stock photos that we
all love so much and vanity planet put user photos down here from
Instagram, I think it was, and 24% bump in conversions just from
adding that to the bottom of the page. Let e-commerce visitors text you. This was a guitar site called Bohemian
guitars and you can see down at the bottom it has the
ability to click to text, 98% increase in revenue of the company
revenue of the company by allowing e-commerce visitors to text them
directly. So it’s like chat only. It’s way better because people are on
their phones and they can just hit the button and their texting comes up and
now they’ve texted and they’re in. So drive leads with content
upgrades. This is really cool. So when you have a resource
that you’re offering to people, don’t give them 100% of it in the post, give them really fantastic
information and then offer them more, more detail. K a case study. Anything more than that is
directly related to that content. And you just have a little box like
this and your post that says here, download a free checklist that will
show you how to tap into this, right? And then you pop this when they click
and they opt in and now you’ve got the email. Really, really great you
can use if you’re using lead pages, lead pages has a thing called
lead links that does this. If you’re using click funnels, you can use ClickPops and it’ll
do it for you without any coding, but you can also obviously have
somebody do it for you and in this case, the conversions went from
0.54% that’s somebody just, they read the content and then they go
over to the sidebar box and they sign up 785% more people opted in as a
result of having the content upgrade. Snipley is a wonderful product that we’re
using to deliver content that is not our content to share content that we
think would be interesting to our audience with other folks, with our people, but without having to generate all the
content ourselves. Here’s how that works. This guy makes a video
about a thing that we sell. We sell a thing called bio light, which you’ve put it over a
fire and it boils your water, but it also generates electricity and
will charge your cell phone with a USB, right? It’s kind of cool, but
to record a demo video on it, we’d have to get a crew, we’d have to
pay them, we’d have to get some props, we’d have to go out into the woods on
some location that that’s cool to shoot this. This guy already did all of that and I
made a 17 minute demo video about this product that we sell,
but it’s not us doing it. So we just share that video through
Snipley with our audience via email and Snipley puts the content here
where it belongs to be featured. And then down at the bottom we can
put this little call to action, right? So there’s only seven of these
left. If you want to try click here. And then if they click, it
takes them to our sales page. So we’re using other people’s content
to send traffic to our sales page. And in this case, 17,020 pixels for people that were
interested in it so we can retarget those people later. 1,623 immediate conversions
generating $7,235 from that one email, sharing other people’s content that our
people just love. Really great tool. Use mid roll video opt-ins to
increase your lead generation. This is kind of cool if you’ve got
something that somebody is interested in, especially if you’re using
Wistia, it’s very, very easy. Wistia has a feature called
turnstile and it allows you to put, as they’re watching the video,
instead of giving them a mid-roll ad, give them a mid-roll opt-in to
watch the rest of the content. Just put your email here. Now, if you, if you make it really valuable so that
they really want the thing that’s coming, you’re likely to get a real email or you
can put an email verification service in the middle of this like bright verify,
but this works really, really well. [Inaudible].

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