April 10, 2020
Market Across the Financial Lifecycle with Conversant

Market Across the Financial Lifecycle with Conversant

You want to reach new quality prospects who are right for your financial brand. But how do you find them online? Grow relationships that drive
value from each of them? And maintain their privacy,
without wasting money? It all happens with Conversant. Here’s how it works. We start with your best customers. And use our deep knowledge
of millions of profiles to find people just like them. With a privacy-protected
view of all their actions including, what they buy, where they go, and what they do online. You’ll deliver relevant messages that get them to act with your brand. And with data that continuously
updates in real time, you’ll reach them at the moment their financial needs change to build their trust in your brand and keep them coming back
throughout their lives. For instance, Dan is a college student. Based on what we know about him, we build messages that inspire him to open a checking account. Soon after that, we encourage him to
apply for a credit card and motivate him to start
using it immediately. Years later, when his online behavior shows he’s looking to buy a house, we message him about why he should take out a mortgage with your brand. And he does. More years pass and he’s
thinking about retirement. We can still reach him and show him your wealth
management products that will help him reach
his financial goals. Throughout his life, you’ll know that your messages are working with in-depth, closed-loop reporting to compare the results to your benchmarks. You’ll see the return on
every dollar you spent to understand what’s working
and where you can optimize. For Dan and for all the customers you connect with every day, put Conversant to work for you and drive more value for your brand.

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