March 30, 2020
ManyChat Facebook Messenger Chat Bot for Affiliate Marketing

ManyChat Facebook Messenger Chat Bot for Affiliate Marketing

hey guys Rachel Leslie here and I’m
super excited to share with you this updated many chat training and I don’t
even know if you would call it a training it’s more like just a overview
of what I’m doing to show you and then I want to teach you how to do it I want
you to follow follow what I’m doing I don’t claim to be an expert at facebook
chat bots yet I hired Rena Vega facebook chat bot expert to help me with this but
in the past two weeks I’ve really been growing my subscribers and taking it to
the next level and whatever I learned I want to share with you guys
so why am I doing this well email open rates is like let’s say
on average 20% and that is what it is so the name of the game but messenger open
rates are like 80 percent so it I use I first I was like oh I could just copy
all my emails over to the chat bot but it doesn’t work like that
you want your chat bot messages to be really personal and like little chats so
let me show you where am I using this here in my affiliate business in a box
page one you opt in at page two is the membership membership access page and I
have this green button get daily tips and you click get daily tips and it
actually ops you into my chat bot sequence so the link I put here I
grabbed here from the growth tools this link rows tool link right here so I put
that in here in this button and then when they click it it opts them it adds
them to this sequence my affiliate bib is sequence so let’s take a look at the
sequence there’s different messages in the sequence that had Reena
um set up and let me show you what some people are seeing it’s hard to
like message your own chat bot so let’s go in my inbox and kind of see what
people are experiencing and it is similar to my it’s very similar to my email sequence is just different
language this is actually a opt-in a video if they access my chat bot from a
Facebook comment verses in the funnel but anyway look you can see it’s
automatically sending things out because people are opting in okay so it says did
you start she clicked the button I’m already on it
her and it says perfect please message me then II hope let’s do this together
don’t forget to join the Facebook group and that’s a link to the Facebook group
okay this is not a good example because this is like the just getting started
one because she said I’m already on it let’s go through someone who is not
already on it okay here’s the sequence congratulations
your business in a box is ready just follow the six simple steps I lined up
for you that combined with the automated online income opportunities blah blah
blah click the link the fact that I even said blah blah blah means my eyes glazed
over it so maybe I will even go in and have it be like even simpler language
click the link below I see we use emojis you should create your link already so
I’ll take you to the membership area they click watch it now and it opens up
the membership area the secret login URL actually here the same link I put in my
emails so people could either log in sign up or if they’re already logged in
they could check out the vids so then it’s like – after he clicks this like I
think it’s set for two minutes later a one hour later one hour later it says
did you watch it sure do it or watch it now and you know doesn’t mean they’ll
click something if you click something that’s great it’ll say something back to
him if he doesn’t it’s fine one day later he gets step 2 and then watch the vid and then 30
minutes later it sends the other part of step 2 and it’s just kind of like
guiding them through the steps asking them to ask questions if they want
people are still kind of going through this so I don’t really have a visual
example of all the days but every day it’s like a little messages buttons and
little gifts to really help them stay on track and get more conversions it will
help help my people it will help remind them what they signed up for and then
eventually after you know this sequence is done then I’m going to create other
sequences that engage then maybe upsell my course and coaching or offer other
clickfunnels bonuses or like affiliate offers and send them a note broadcasts
like messages whenever I’m gonna go live do a live stream or when I have a new
YouTube video so it’s really exciting and I’ll keep you guys updated with the
progress this flow actually I’m gonna find a way to like screenshot it so you
guys can just like manually copy it but for people in my private mentorship
program I’m going to get we’re still working on it we have to do it properly
it’s not that easy we’re gonna make it so you can import this into your account
so that’s where people in my private mentorship program so it will be like
you just click it and it will import it and all you’ll have to do is go in and
change your links and you might want to customize it a bit but you’ll have like
this show ok I’ll talk to you guys soon

7 thoughts on “ManyChat Facebook Messenger Chat Bot for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Can I send Affiliate Links to my audience through ManyChat, since Facebook is restrictive to affiliate ad links?

  2. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Like this video?
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  3. Thanks for sharing the information. Is it a good idea to run Facebook Ads by sending traffic directly to the growth tool?

    I was about to send the traffic directly to the growth tool until I saw you use landing in Clickfunnel.


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