April 5, 2020
Manufacturers web video advertising

Manufacturers web video advertising

Did you know that web video is one of the
most effective Ways that you can market your Manufacturing
Business? Regardless of what you manufacture, web video
is one of the Most economical mediums you can utilize to
put your products And services in front of targeted prospects,
actively searching For your offerings . In looking at web video consider these facts
and how Media Content Advantage Can make it an ongoing marketing asset for
your business: First, Websites that display video see an
increase of around 30 percent In conversion rates over websites that don’t
have videos on them. All of our videos produced for clients are
uploaded and hosted on their Own YouTube channel, making them easy to add
to your website, blogs or Landing pages. Second, Videos are about 50% more likely to
be ranked on the first page of Search results over written word pages for
the same keyword. When it comes To video SEO, we include it with all of our
videos at no extra charge and Our rate of success with ranking our clients
videos is around 75% Third, videos are easily shared via email
and social media like Facebook, And integrate well with other marketing efforts
like direct mail and QR Tag mobile marketing. Again having your videos
hosted on YouTube makes This easy to do Lastly, YouTube is rapidly growing as a search
engine, and now ranks 2nd Behind Google for searches. Since the manufacturing
is such a visually Centered business, having videos online where
you can actually show, demonstrate And promote your products will greatly improve
your conversion rates and cut down On expensive on site initial sales calls. In addition to all of the above, video incorporates
well with mobile and QR tag Advertising, giving you access to the searcher
“on the go” and capturing that Interest at the exact moment the need for
your products or services are forefront In their mind. And with web video you only
pay once, not ongoing like other Mediums such as TV or other online strategies
like Pay Per Click or SEO. Let us show you how Web video from Media Content
Advantage will work for you Call us at 904-351-6240 or visit us on the
web at MediaContentAdvantage.com. We have numerous packages and styles that
will fit any budget.

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