April 10, 2020

Man Quits $80K Job to Work in Grocery Store Part Time – Minimalism

I decided to simplify my life for years you know I was convinced that I had to make more money more money and that money would bring me freedom and happiness I was just scared of making a change but as soon as I made that change I knew right away that it was the right thing to do because I I felt like this weight lifted off my shoulders I got a pretty cushy government job right after graduating from university so I had all this money I was single so I decided to buy myself a house bought a big house in the suburbs for a bedroom house and my new obsession was buying furniture and from there I sold my house and bought a condo kept the same job kept making more and more money every year for 11 years I stayed in that job and I had the golden handcuffs you know I had the pension the benefits I was making 80 thousand bucks a year I had all this you know freedom to go shopping if money was a non-issue so I could buy whatever I want I could get all these toys all these musical instruments saw these microfiber couches but deep down I wasn’t happy I would come home from work and I was miserable and I dreaded going to work every day my job was super super unfulfilling it wasn’t making me happy being in an office an hour today just sitting there at a desk staring at a computer screen you know you’re sitting down you’re not doing much but it’s actually exhausting and I was trapped I felt trapped once you get into this you but you go on this path of buying things you get addicted and you feel like you know you’re stuck and you have people around you telling you that you know you’re you’re set for life and it would be crazy to leave this job like why would you leave this job you’re you know what maybe nuts you’re set I flipped out I just flipped out one day and I realized yeah this is not making me happy and I made some changes and what did it for me is a silent retreat for ten days and just did a lot of soul-searching and I realized yeah this this can’t go on I quit my job but the condo up is up for sale and I just walked away I was super scared but I knew I had to change my life if I was gonna you know be happy and looking back I have no regrets zero regrets whatsoever it was the best move ever made my entire life and I work three days a week in a grocery store I have a lot less money but I have a lot more time a lot more time to do the things that I love spend time with people I love do a lot of you know personal work and personal growth kind of stuff which is really important to me and that’s what makes that’s what makes me happy so I have less money but you know so that means you have to simplify your life so I got myself a super small apartment it’s easy to take care of I bike to work I love biking it’s the cheapest way to travel and you know because I cut all these expenses now I’m able to work only three days a week where I work now at the grocery store it’s you might think it’s you know boring or mind-numbing but actually I’m on my feet all day I’m running around dealing with customers and talking to people and actually leave work feeling invigorated and energized so once I downsized to a smaller space that’s when you realize like oh my god I have a lot of stuff and to me having a lot of clutter in your physical space to me it makes like have clutter in my mind so it just stresses me out so when I sold my condo I sold a lot of stuff I gave stuff away I put stuff away in storage living in a small space in my bachelor apartment you’re forced to live simply you’re forced to be more organized and just to be clutter free of course this is not the solution for everyone doesn’t mean that you know if you do if you do what I did that you’re going to be happy that’s not what I’m saying at all you know I still have problems I still have challenges that doesn’t go away but if there’s something that you know you can change in your life and that’s gonna make you happy or you should do it if you know there are things you can’t control you have to accept that but I think you have to have the courage to you know take charge and make that change if you can

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