April 9, 2020
Make Your Own Website For Free

Make Your Own Website For Free

Hello friends, today we will learn how to make our own website and that is also totally free and that also in ten minutes. How? See, you all technically know that to make your own website, you have to book
your domain. Domain means your name For example, my name is Bintu Harwani and I have a shop of shoes. Right. And I want to create my presence on the net, by name say harwanishoes.com. So this, harwanishoes.com is nothing but the domain name. It’s a unique IP address for me. For creating a website, you obviously need a domain name and besides this, you need one web space on the server where you will upload your website content. Right. And, we also know that to create a website, you need to learn
some web frameworks like PHP, JSP, .NET and many others. Before that, also you
need to start with the basics like HTML and JavaScript. But, if I am a businessman and I don’t have any programming knowledge. Can’t I make my own website? Yes! You can. Many of the hosts provides you, now a days, ready to use website builders. They provide you templates like GoDaddy, Hostgator and there are so many website providers. They all provide you the templates. You just replace their photographs with your shoe content; whatever the business you are doing; your content, your text matter and your contact form. You just replace the existing content and make your website within few minutes. The first thing is that, I don’t want to book the domain right
now. I don’t want to book the web space for me I just want to create my presence on the
net free of cost. Are there any websites for that ? Yes! Yes! You search on the Google and you will find so many sites that provide you the space fee of cost. But what they do? I tell you.
They don’t provide you the main domain For example, I want to create a website by name, harwanishoes.com. They won’t get you the harwanishoes.com. Like for example, one site is there yola.com. So, it will create a website for you by name, harwanishoes.yola.com That is, they will keep the primary
domain by their own name. They will provide you the sub-domain, harwanishoes.yola.com. Right. Whenever you want to upgrade yourself you want to shift your site from sub-domain to main domain, they will charge you. Right. So this is the concept. We will see to it, how to do it
step-by-step, creating our own website free of charge. Let’s see it. Hi! So let us create a website for
ourselves. Let us assume that, I run a show room of shoes. I have a business of shoes and I want to show my presence on the internet through my website. But before creating my own website, I have to do a small of homework. I have to get certain images of my products. Suppose, I am dealing with casual shoes, formal shoes, sandals and all. So, I have to keep the images of the products that I
sell. See, to make my website attractive, I have to display certain images. Beside
images, I need a small description of the
products that I sell. Like for example, a couple of lines for the casual shoes, a
couple of lines for the formal shoes, ladies shoes, sandals and all along with the prices. Once I am done. Once I have the images and a small of the matter, I can
start with creation of my website. I want to create my website for free. So, I will
open Google, here I will search for, ‘create free website’. I will get the list of certain
websites. They provide me a free subdomain and a small of web space
where I can upload my pictures and matter, where I can upload my website.
The best part is that for creating my website, I don’t have to write a single line
of code, because these websites provide me templates that already contain
certain images and the text. I have to just replace that images and the text
with my own products. That’s it. These are the sites that get me, the place to
create my own website. For example, this is Website.com. This is Webnode.com
Website builder, WebSelf.net There are so many. Wix and Yola.com. There are so many. See. webs.com. They not only provide you the free sub-domain but also the free website builder also. Website builder is a GUI based
technique. It is an interactive way of creating your website in just few
minutes. Let’s take this site, say webnode.com Let’s see it.
See, it is showing you, ‘Create your own website for free’. Click on ‘Get Started’.
It is asking me to enter a website name Suppose, I give the name as say, Harwani Classic Shoes. Suppose. Email address is
[email protected] and this is my password. Register & Create. What
type of website, you want to create? Website or E-commerce site? It’s up to me. In E-commerce site, it will get you technique to deal with credit cards and the different
payment modes also. Let’s create a website. It is asking you to select the
template that you want. I will select the template that suits my requirement. Right? See. There are so many templates. You can select any of them. Hair Saloon. See.
There are so many sites, art and fashion Chair Sofa See. There are so many templates. Click
the one that suits you. Let us select this one. See, this is showing you the
options. Select choose template. Your website is almost ready. harwani-classic-shoes.webnode.com. ‘Edit my site’. Right? Now I can change it. See. Superb Shoes by Harwani.
See. Welcome to my website. ‘Best Varieties of Shoes at Economic Prices’. See. This, I can edit with my shoe, any shoe. Right? Select ‘Change image’. It is showing me the built-in images already, that the site provides. I will select on ‘Upload Image’ and I will upload all my shoes. See.
I will select all of them because I will be requiring them. They are here. Now, let us
select one shoe. Like, say this one. Okay Close. See, it has come over here. This, I
will change with say Sports Shoe. And, here this is my text for
sport shoe. I’ll select it, Ctrl + C for copy and replace it with my
text. See. Replace again, click here ‘Change image’. Right? And here, I’ll take
this say, formal shoe; ‘Formal Shoe’ and again replace this matter with this thing. You can have any number of. Again, click
here, ‘Change image’, select say, Sandal. Right? And, ‘Comfortable Sandals’. And I’ll put
this text over here. See. I can replace any number of it. See. ‘Change image’. ‘Smart Football shoes’. And replace it, say.
I do have Ladies shoes also. So select, ladies shoe. ‘Ladies Shoe’ and change it with say this matter. Let’s change this one also with
something; this one. ‘Gymming Shoes’. Change this matter with something; whatever; say this one. See. Here, I will goto SETTINGS See, it provides you analytics also, backup and recovery also. Anyway. See, there are three links over here, ‘Jewelry’, ‘About me’, ‘Contact’. ‘Jewelry’ is my homepage. Right? See. Let us replace this, ‘Shoes at its best quality’. Would you like shoes made just for you Here are three links, let’s select, ‘Contact’
first. This is the place where the visitor of my website can send me the
query. Right? ‘Please fill in the below form for any query’. The moment a person will submit, I will get it. This is here, ‘About me’. Click here.
I will just replace this text by, ‘We are the oldest in the town with the widest range of shoes for Gents, as well as Ladies’. This is that. ‘Website Header’. You can
select any any picture if you want to, any color. Let’s assume our website is
complete. Let’s select on, ‘Publish’. ‘Website is being published’. ‘harwani- classic-shoes.webnode.com’. This is my name. Right? Now, you can click here to see. It’s
available here. See. When a member will click on ‘Contact’, you will get a contact
form. Suppose, somebody fills in. Say, Bintu Harwani and the; say the person’s mail, who’s sending me the mail is [email protected] and he’s saying;
asking that, ‘Do you provide formal shoes in tan color of size 10?’ And
clicks ‘Submit’. See, what happens ‘The form was submitted successfully’.
Click here. See harwani-classic-shoes. See, you have, you got the query e-mailed to you. Dear Webnode user, somebody [email protected] has sent you the
query, do you provide formal shoes in tan color. See anybody who will try to contact you, you will get the message. Right? So, my website is complete here. Right? and that is also free of charge Thanks for watching the video. Have a
nice day

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