April 9, 2020
Make Money Writing Blog Posts Using Clickbank For Beginners 2020

Make Money Writing Blog Posts Using Clickbank For Beginners 2020

in this video today I’m going to show
you how you can make money with Clickbank products through blogging and
the nice thing about that is it’s evergreen and I’m going to get you
started on that here right now all righty welcome back to the video
guys as I said our gonna show you how to do some sell some Clickbank products
through blogging and a nice thing about it as I said is it’s evergreen which
means that it’s good for a long time many years down the road in other words
you do the work once and it’s good four years down the road it can still make
you money way down the road okay all right well first of all my name is Kevin
Lena with Kevin – laner calm and if this is your first time to my videos what we
do here is we do videos on how to videos how to make money online anything to do
with making money online and so that we can bring time freedom and financial
freedom into your life and once in a while we’ll throw in a motivational
video as well okay all right well with that out of the way let’s go ahead and
get into today’s video I’m gonna show you how you can do this through blogging
now the first thing you’re going to want to do of course is to get a blog now you
can do this you can get a blog at wordpress.com for free now you if you
don’t want the real the probably the best way to do it is to get hosting okay
you can go with like Bluehost or I’m with my blog I’m with namecheap.com or
you can go with there’s Hostgator there’s many hosting companies out there
that’s probably the better way to do it is to have your own hosting so that you
have full and complete control over your blog okay but if you want to do a free
one there’s two really good ways that you can do for free here one of them is
to come here to wordpress.com now it’s you if you’re going to do your own
hosting it’s definitely recommended to do WordPress hosting you want to have
WordPress hosting it’s just the best blog platform in the world it just
really is you know 90% of the businesses on the internet today have WordPress
hosting alright so but anyways if you if you did want to spend
money for hosting I mean although it’s pretty cheap which by the way I have a
link down there in the description for Bluehost if you want to click on that
you can go over and check out Bluehost you can get WordPress hosting for three
dollars and ninety-five cents per month now that may be on a yearly basis but
you can also get it I think on a monthly payment plan too but assuming that you
didn’t want to pay for any kind of hosting or you can’t afford it or
whatever there’s two options available to you here
one is wordpress.com if you see it right here in the address bar as well
wordpress.com you can come over here to wordpress.com and they have a free
version let’s get started with a web site for free because after all you
basically are just going to have a title and your kind of make your gonna make it
into a blog where you’re gonna write articles on your blog and you’re gonna
post links to Clickbank products in that blog article okay so wordpress.com is
one you can get started for free with it and you see the pricing plans here they
have four dollars for a personal or four dollars per month it’s built yearly
though not sure whether they have the monthly plan here on wordpress.com or
not but you can see some of the they have the free it’s enough to get your
blog up or you can create a new blogging and get online and then begin to write
articles on that and then they have the the premium which is eight business is
twenty five ecommerce is forty-five okay but nevertheless you can click here and
start for free on WordPress now the other way which I probably recommend is
is called blogger blogger calm as you see here it is owned by Google so the
nice thing about blogger is it’s 100% free for everything on everything you
saw on wordpress.com here even for the e-commerce all these things that you see
here on the right side here above my picture is is all available on blogger
calm it is 100% free and the nice thing about
that is blogger is owned by Google so you know that right off the bat it’s
going to be search engine optimized okay because it’s Google’s product and and as
I’ve mentioned before Google favors their products first among any other
products in the world okay and here’s proof of that if I click
over here you can see that blogger has everything to do with Google it’s
Google’s product you can start a blog here and create a new blog and they have
many many many different kinds of themes as well as on WordPress they have all
kinds of themes as well you can get free themes here on wordpress.com for their
free website or free blog as well but blogger has all that as well if blogger
has everything that you would need for free okay so as you can see on my blog
here I have my blog and this is a blog that I started about all about ten years
ago almost I don’t write to it anymore it was my product review site and I
created it with blogger if you’ll notice up here the address is Cavs Pro reviews
dot blog spot.com so whatever your domain you choose is going to have dot
blog spot.com after okay and I haven’t written to this blog in probably about
seven years now as you can see my last writing was January 18th of 2012 and
this blobs still today because I’m an Amazon affiliate it’s based around
reviewing Amazon products and still to this day this blog still makes me a
little bit of money on Amazon although I haven’t done anything with it
like I said for about seven years but everything you see here was free it’s
free I did created all this for free wrote all these articles reviewing
different products on Amazon’s all for free and never costed me
anything other than my time to do this so I
recommend blogger as your platform to do that now once you get your blog set up
what you’re going to do is you’re going to come to Clickbank of course and you
can log in to click click back if you don’t have an account just click
creative counter clickbank.com and it’s it’s free to create an account and just
sign in and come over to the marketplace and you’ll see that there’s all kinds of
categories now I’ve clicked on different like sports here if you like to write
about see you want to write about something that you’re passionate about
write something that you like to write about and when you write your blog posts
on your blog you can write it about actually if you’re if you’re passionate
about a lot of these different categories on Clickbank here you can
write about that in these products and then you just simply post your product
links within your blog ok and see if I have my other I don’t know if I have my
other blog up here I’ll give you an example here let me go to my current
blog my spelling right here I’ll be in good shape this is my current blog right here and
if I click on blog you can see that I’ve written some articles like for example
right here is one on Clickbank that I wrote an article right here and
it promotes Clickbank products and when you write your you can pick a product
something that you’re passionate about and write a blog post you know it
doesn’t have to be a long blog post I usually I usually because once I get
started I have a get inspired as I write and which will be the same with you as
you start writing you’ll get more and more ideas it’ll come into your head
that you’ll want to put down on your blog so but I mean I I make my articles
are usually between five and five hundred and one thousand word articles
okay and I have my links spread out throughout the article as you can see
different here I have affiliate links spread out through the article here so
the same thing with you you’re going to create anchor links in your article and
post them out any link that’s in a sentence it doesn’t matter how many
words you have in it it can be a link to a clickbank product and then when
someone of course reads your blog posts and they click on the link in that you
have your Clickbank product to what because your your article will more than
likely have something to do about the product that you’ve picked on Clickbank
now this is a this is the thing where you want to get the more articles you
have on your blog the more attention you’ll get from the search engines right
so you want to constantly continue to post articles to your blog I’d say at
least once a week do it about once a week and then over a period of a couple
of months you’ve got ten articles posted on your blog and it
begins to pick up traffic and you gain your traffic by the more booked blog
articles that you post and you have your Clickbank product lengths which can be
about any of these categories that you want and write about it now and post
your links in the product as you I mean in the article as you write you can
create these anchor links and also another benefit to this is if you have a
if you have a YouTube channel such as mine the one you’re watching right now
you can embed your YouTube videos into your article which helps as well because
it helps us in the search engine because after all YouTube is owned by Google
right alright so that there there you go that’s more search engine power that
you’re receiving here so if you have a youtube video about your article or
about the product that you’re writing about make sure that you embed it now
don’t copy the link from your YouTube video don’t copy that little small link
you want to get the embed code and embed it Google sees the embedding a lot
better than it does that link that you have for your video and then embed the
video into your article which can give them a little bit more information about
the article if you did a video to do with the article that you wrote and
that’s basically what I’ve done here is I’ve wrote this article based around
this video that I made here easy 60 855 with Clickbank which you guys may have
already seen yourselves so anyways now like I said the more blog posts you post
the more opportunity for you to drive traffic to it because it’s the amount of
posts that gets Google’s attention and raises your blog up in the search
engines which drives free traffic to your blog and then as people of course
read your articles about your Clickbank products
and click your links the more opportunity you have to make money and
you just want to create you know it’s just say for example if you picked a
product like here you were writing an article about photography making money
with photography online or something about to do with photography if you like
taking pictures or something here’s a product right here photography jobs
online you would click promote and you would get your hoplink here and then you
would just paste that link in an anchor link in your article just like you see
I’ve done here for example affiliate offer that’s a link and you paste that
link in there that Clickbank link in there and then as people read your
article about the Clickbank product or about photography for example and they
click that link you’re going to make money because it will bring them back
over to Clickbank and they’ll buy the product there and you’ll have an
opportunity to make a commission now how about if you need inspiration to write
your articles so for example you picked a Clickbank product and for example
photography here we’ll just use and you need some inspiration about photography
how to write an article on photography well what I recommend you do is come
over to ezinearticles.com you see it up here in the address bar
ezinearticles.com and you can see that they have a lot of different categories
here that you can that you can click on now basically could type in here let’s
just type in photography and click press enter and you can see it comes up with
all kinds of articles that have to do with photography so if you need
inspiration now I don’t recommend that you copy someone else’s article because
if Google sees that that’s not going to be good for your link juice or your your
blog so you can get inspiration though from any article on easy
articles if you need some inspiration to help right I mean you can take ideas
from other people’s articles and then write it in your words on your blog and
then paste your paste in your clickbank affiliate link within the blog post and
have an opportunity to make money as you drive traffic from Google in the other
Bing and Yahoo search engines and MSN search engines all get a hold of your
blog and then traffic will begin to come and then it’s an they click on your your
legs’ course you’re going to make money right and the nice thing about it like I
said in the beginning is if you do the article one time set it up one time and
it’s good for years to come down the road it can make you money just like my
blog here that I was telling you about still to this day even though I haven’t
written to it in seven years it still makes me a little bit of money on Amazon
to this day and like I say you don’t even have to use click back if you don’t
want to you could use any affiliate product ok if you want to you if you’re
an Amazon Associates you can do with Amazon products you can do it with any
kind of any kind of affiliate product that you want to use you can do that
with your blogs but Clickbank is a pretty good way to do it with because
people trust click back sort of like they do Amazon it’s been around for so
long all righty guys well guys that’s what I wanted to show you to share with
you today is how you can make money by with Clickbank products through blogging
and if you have any other questions or any comments about this video make sure
that you write them down there in the comment section and if you got some
value out of this video today give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit the
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videos as well okay well guys also if you want to check out my number one
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your business up online in about 15 days and get your business owned business up
online and in affiliate marketing click that link that you see there top
of your video where it says mentor with keV calm down there in the description
at the top of my description okay well guys I’m gonna let you go with that and
I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video all
right you guys take care I’ll see you later

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