April 1, 2020
Make Money With Influencer Marketing

Make Money With Influencer Marketing

hey guys Rachel Eisley here and in this
video I am going to share with you how influenced our affiliate marketing works
how you can make billion commissions grow your affiliate commissions through
influencer marketing so if you are watching this on YouTube and you’re new
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still think there’s a way for you to turn on notifications to so we’re gonna
do using this thing ring light and sticky pads so I’m gonna monitor from
over here and I’m streaming this right now in the
group influence our affiliate marketing a lot of you guys in here lavoy night
when I asked the questions for the group it’s like what are you interested in
mostly its affiliate marketing related but a lot of people they like they want
to grow their in the influent side of it also grow their followings on social
media or their subscribers let’s see how this looks looks good you guys are
coming online mostly saying hi in the comments so people wanna grow their
subscribers on different social media platforms or their subscribers on their
email list or their chat BOTS and just have like a bigger reach a bigger
audience who buys what you promote doesn’t mean that everyone on your list
is gonna buy everything that you promote but you do want to have a higher dollar
amount per subscriber you have so you know when you send out an email and you
have a thousand subscribers you want to be making at least a doll or a month
from that size list or if your email list is four thousand people you want to
be making at least four thousand dollars a month from your email list with your
email marketing and then we can consider breaking that down to your chat bot and
revenue coming from their sales coming from their affiliate sales or even your
own info products and then same with YouTube same with if you have a Facebook
group and monetizing the Facebook group save with your Facebook page and your
Instagram those platforms for the most part so let’s get into some of this
content if you are going to get into influencer marketing your brand needs to
be like known for something so people think of Rachel and they think of
affiliate marketing or perhaps influencer affiliate marketing or they
think like sales funnels in affiliate marketing funnel affiliate marketing
online marketing tools affiliate marketing resources and courses for
online marketing tools that’s the whole industry within itself as a whole niche
your niche could be different it could be you could be an influencer in Coast
still make affiliate money you could be an influencer in being a mom or a
stay-at-home dad that’s like your brand or your brand is
that you are the dad that goes that’s his own business and then also is
helping people make money online or your brand could be you or the mom that has a
full-time job but also helps other moms that have full-time jobs to make money
online in the evenings and weekends or something like that so that’s something
that you need let’s write that one is a niche brands where your brand represents
or your expertise what can what are you like it expert and it can be something
that if it’s just like make money online or like you got or like affiliate firms
online marketing tools or like funnels maybe it kind of specific what makes you
you how can you describe yourself and just be yourself if you are confused on
that we’re like your brand was something else or you don’t like have a brand
online there’s ways to develop that and ways to develop that after you know like
what you want to be who you want to be what you want to represent then you guys
start creating content around that content that makes you look like an
expert where you’re teaching something you make this piece of content it
already just establishes me as an expert then you might think you know you’re not
an expert raychel like it because I’m telling you guys it’s like the
psychology of us and then you recognize it
I didn’t mention the psychology of it subconsciously when people see that you
have videos or you have a youtube channel or you have a Facebook group or
you did a live stream or you sent out an email you send out a chat box you have a
website you have a blog post you are making yourself an expert content
actually a book is a great way to establish yourself this expert I wrote
this book but the thing is the book is more like life coaching book and that’s
not really what my want my expertise to be I use it it used to be like I was
dabbling into that and doing like coaching programs for that then I was
like I don’t want to do that so I had to reinvent myself to be like affiliate
marketing and now I need an affiliate marketing book hey let’s give one of
these away ok will do I’m gonna for Facebook and YouTube Facebook let me
know in the comments what is your expert Authority niche for and why is it what
makes you unique and write to me in the comments and then if you’re watching
this on youtube write to me in the comments also and within like a week
I’ll choose my favorite answer from Facebook and my favorite answer from
YouTube and send you a book okay we wrote the content we create content
the next thing is your following that’s gonna see the content so your
social platforms social media need subscribers you need members you need
viewers you needed readers fans followers social platforms this is all a
part of influence for affiliate marketing so maybe there’s a social
platform you need to create like a YouTube channel or a Facebook group but
you haven’t done it yet or you need to do like a rebrand cuz you’re now you’re
clear on who you want to be you may need new graphics and everything for it so
grow your social platforms but I mean that’s a whole thing in its own the
other component is your non social platforms like your email list and chat
bot list so I’m just gonna call that I’m going to just call it email slash bought
platform where your leaves you leave that you can just directly message your
breakfast or send an email blasts or email sequence directly send chat bot
blasts chat bot sequence I know like email open rates and click rates are
like down but that’s okay oh my ring light went out and
in the chat bot facebook chat bot will get more opens and clicks an email still
important I have very similar sequences for email and BOTS but they’re still
very different the way you write emails is still very different than the way do
you do messenger drops same with like broadcast
I’ll like write up an email and then I’ll summarize it to be good for the bot
and I’ll send them both out at the same time it’s people need to like see what
you’re sending just cuz you sent the email doesn’t mean everyone saw it just
cuz you sent one chat bot doesn’t mean people saw it or maybe they saw it but
it’s good that they also see the email and they see some thing about it on
YouTube and they see something about it on Facebook that’s how you get your
message across and you can get even grow your reach repeting paid spend buy that
stuff because we don’t want to get too overwhelmed with all means yeah you want
to be putting out a new continent and working and doing the work but the more
you can automate the better and if you can automate follow-up that’s great so
creating sequences or these leads and pre-scheduled messages that’s going to
go to these leads on your list is very just really important within online
business that’s how you make money while you sleep well things are running
without you so automation automating your follow up automating follow up okay and then
finally step six for influence our affiliate marketers maybe you have this
and you know what to Stanford maybe you put alt brake on to you’ve got social
media platforms anything you trying to do any lead generation an email
marketing and Chapa I said Union doing um
option Gators and squeeze pages and lead magnets and all that kind of stuff and
give you more value to this the next like final step that ties it all into
each other because this is silly a marketing which affiliate marketing
supposed to make you money so needs to sell you gotta sell to them so that is
the six step doesn’t mean you will have to sell all the time because all your
social media content he should be selling all the time on the
information that’s about you on your website and said I can’t I’ll just be
hey buy this and buy this buy this but they’re nice like Gary Vaynerchuk says
Jab Jab Jab right hook want to give enough value and relationship building
but then not forget that there still needs to be those periods wall where you
are selling and making an offer and sharing that offer and that offer candy
content can be on social media with influencer affiliate marketing i can’t
promote of course as an affiliate i can promote a software as an affiliate i can
promote other people’s leave magnets that are attached to an affiliate link in our follow up in our blasts also give
value but then also share things or share something teach something and then
have the affiliate offer after and this can even go for selling your own info
products that can meet i also into it influencer affiliate marketing because
as you learn you can sell information that you’ve learned you can sell work
that you’ve done if you’ve created really cool funnels and they’re working
you can package it up and sell it if you wrote up emails and they’re working good
you can package that up and sell it you could sell knowledge and that’s what i
want to teach you guys how to do in more depth so i went over these six things
but i want to invite you to my influencer inner circle it’s a six week
mastermind starting this week october eleventh 2018
if you’re watching this video after that date I’ll still put a link below because
there might be a waitlist for some other time I do it I don’t know if I’ll do it
again any relevant information though that can help you in the description but
for those of you who are watching this before then or you’re watching this live
I want to invite you to the influence our inner circle it’s a six week
mastermind with me where each week we get on a zoom call and I teach you and
coach you on these things and we do a deep dive on each of these things so by
the end of the six weeks you are fully equipped to be running your influencer
affiliate marketing business it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna like me done it
but it’s going to you the foundation that’s needed to then
do this on your own with confidence so week one really
diving into what your going to represent and how people are going to remember you
and changing our online presence to represent that then week two creating
content we’re going to be helping everyone come up with what content they
should be creating so by the end of this session you leave with a list of content
that you should be working on also the group’s gonna be small I’m not letting
many people in to the group if you were already a daily Commission’s clubs some
of you guys were invited well you are invited to join if you just fill out the
application but it’s included in your membership then they close doors for DCC
so I was to counteract that if you join us with influencer inner circle you will
get two months of DCC included as a bonus week 3 we really was I’ve been to
Facebook groups YouTube your Facebook page Instagram all the social platforms
and how to grow your following and reach on there in just some my best tips
secrets and strategies and I will not be holding back because I want to see you
guys win with this week 4 I’m gonna be sharing with you I go strategies for
growing my email list and my top office deputy day every day I’m getting free
opt-ins every day I’m getting paid off tunes every day to people subscribing
but every day I’m getting free options it’s just more and more and more because
this is growing more and more and more and then I get more and more and more
views on this and more and more people are seeing me as this and more and more
people are going through my automated follow-up which that’s going to be week
five I’ll be sharing you guys how to do this and also as a
bonus for influencer inner circle you’re also going to get my email survival kit
new and improved it’s over 20 highly converting offers with email swipes so
if you’re doing this program and when we get to week five I really want you to
have access to that email survival kit it’s a year’s worth of offers I’m
getting you a year’s worth of offers of trum software’s affiliate you can grab
your affiliate links to certain software’s to certain courses and
traffic sources things that people need and you can you don’t have to promote
them all you can pick and choose you don’t have to use them all but there are
like a year’s worth over twenty different offers and week six we will
get more into selling strategies and helping each of you come up with your
custom plan to somewhere because as all this grows this grows to your affiliate
commissions grow your income grows and then you really start seeing that you’re
in the right business that you have the potential for unlimited income there is
no cap because you chose this new career path this new journey doesn’t be a
full-time thing but the influencer affiliate marketer and you know that
there are millions and millions in and people online that want to learn
information that you have or our possible buyers of products that in
digital products and offers that you are promoting and it just gets really
exciting as this starts to grow and it starts to grow the snowball method like
you get to bigger and bigger and bigger so every day it’s not like oh 10 new
subscribers on YouTube and chatbot in email and then the Facebook group every
day it’s like okay I was getting 10 add a few weeks ago then I started getting
15 a day and then I start getting 20 a day then I start getting like 30 a day
which is like now or it’s even more than that and short enough has gave me 300 a
day 500 a day that can happen for you by following the steps in the frameworks
that I’m gonna be sharing in influencer inner circle I’m gonna share the link in
the facebook comments right here and in the youtube description and there is an
application so fill out the application and I have to close application doors
Wednesday night on the 10th so you guys we’re getting started Thursday the 11th
so get your application in and also another bonus you are gonna get full
lifetime access to my influencer survival kit which will that’s been it’s
gotta be in the future but it’s gonna be even like more stuff to support all the
work that you’ve done so it’s kind of like the post course to this live
program and we’re going to be meeting Thursdays at 5 p.m. Pacific and zoom
live and I’ll put the recordings in the private Facebook group because we have a
private Facebook group closed so if you guys have any questions you can contact
me Rachel Rachel Leslie calm or DM me or leave comment
in YouTube and Facebook thank you so much for watching if you’re not yet
subscribed but we’re following me on these platforms I would love for you to
do that so you’d be the first to see when I have new content up good bye

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  2. It would have been nice to watch your videos before I started I would have signed up through your links. I had to open a click funnels account recently because ​my launchpad got bug issues bad. anyhow congratulations on your hustle I will be getting mine asap. thanks for your time making these videos

  3. Influencer marketing is amazing! You have tons of options to earn passive income quickly. I cannot wait to try all of these. So excited for all the bonuses and commissions as well!

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  5. Doing great, Rachel! This is so valuable and helpful! I am so into making money online since I started getting bonuses and commisions. Passive income is the best!!! 😎πŸ”₯

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