April 9, 2020
Make Money Online Selling Courses – The TRUTH On How I Made $10M Selling Online Courses

Make Money Online Selling Courses – The TRUTH On How I Made $10M Selling Online Courses

– The truth to making money online with online courses, and today, I know that this topic, it could be highly controversial. Chances are it’s gonna trigger some people but this needs to be talked about. I’m gonna be showing you
exactly how I did it, how I monetized and made my first million in the gaming niche. How I made a whole lot
more teaching other people how to monetize what it is they know and I’m gonna be showing you
how my friends are doing it, how are they selling their courses and if this is a suitable path for you. (calm hip-hop music) – Let’s begin with talking about just how much exactly is $10 million. I don’t know about you but you know, growing up
in the Asian upbringing, every Asian parent pretty
much wants their kids to grow up to become lawyers (coughs), doctors, engineers. If you were think about getting
the dream professional job, even as a doctor, as a specialist, how much do you get paid? I don’t know,
(bell rings) Maybe three, $500,000
a year if you’re good, about $30,000 a month, which is a lot of money
for a professional. Even at that level, to be
able to earn $10 million, that is a really long time. Now, I’m not good at math but let’s say if it’s 300 grand a year, three million would be 10 years. Nine million would be 30 years. Let’s just say you would be too old and you might be dead by the time you actually earn that amount. So what am I trying to say here? The first point I’m trying
to establish is this. The differentiator between rich people and successful and the unsuccessful is that the successful will collapse time whereas the poor will elapse time. Now this is something that I learned from my friend Myron Golden,
but he actually told me this, he said, “If you take
a look the difference between rich and poor people in the way they think
about time and money, poor people will trade
their time for money. They will be willing to
save that $5, or $10 or $30, in order to exchange their time, so they will let time elapse,
for the sake of money. Whilst, rich people, successful people, the way they think about time and money, is they will collapse time. They will always try to think about, how can they use money as
a tool to buy back time. Even though you really can’t buy time, when it comes to business
you can leverage time. So, how can we take this
understanding to the online world? Now, we need to have this
thing that is scalable. How do we use this thing
and make it scalable? Well, you have to first build something that won’t take up our
time, focus, energy. And let’s talk about how
can we build and create that first million in your online world, using the methods how I started. So, you know my story, I started out and how I
made my first big break, was in the computer
game World of Warcraft. And what I really did, that opened my eyes to whole new world of selling courses and products online, is just teaching people what I know. So, when I first started
out, just like many of you, perhaps you could have
done that search online. I typed in the words,
how to make money online and I got like two billion search results and they all told me different things and try things here and there. But one thing that stood out for me, was this product that told
me I should create an ebook. Now, I didn’t think I had
the strength back then but what I really did was,
my first ever product, I created a $7 ebook, teaching people how to make
gold in World of Warcraft. Now, you’ve never played the game, it might not make sense to you. It wasn’t that I was an expert, I was pretty good at it, so I took what I knew and I
put it in the course, an ebook and I sold that ebook. And that was what enabled
me to make my first $7 and I made my first million in that space. In teaching people how to excel in those computer games
that was really hard. So, I scaled my business from just World of Warcraft to other computer games. Eventually, first product that did over a million dollars was in Farmville, was this game was super hot in Facebook. It was like in 2009 and I created again another product which was an ebook, a course, teaching people how to grow their crops more efficiently in that game, which is ridiculous,
looking back in retrospect. But what I realized in that process and now of course, I’m
teaching people marketing, social media, traffic
generation, sales processes. Like, some people would say, like, “Selling courses online,
that’s not a real business.” In fact, I get that comment once a while. So, let’s talk about what does it take to make the first million dollars? The question that I think I
want you to ask yourself is, do you wanna reach 1,000
people, selling $1,000 product? or do you want to reach a million people selling at a price sale of a $1? Cause there are many ways
to make a million dollars. Now of course there are
middle ground in between but after trying out all
this different price points it really comes down to
what market you are in. I believe that the best markets out there is known as the big three, right. Health, wealth, relationships. This are big three. Now sometimes it would
be hard for a person to determine oh but what if
I’m selling like a product golf it’s not really a health,
wealth or relationships. You see hobbies like World
of Warcraft, a computer game if you really think about it your marketing message needs to fall in one of
this three categories. So like for me World of
Warcraft was computer game but ultimately why would
people wanna excel in the game? To look good amongst their peers. Why would people wanna have
more gold in World of Warcraft? So that they would be
able to excel in the game and they would have a
higher level of status. So just like golf, golf
itself could be a hobby but the marketing message needs to be either always about health, wealth or relationships. Have you ever seen a Gillette commercial? A Gillette commercial what
are you really selling? You’re selling a blade but their marketing message, what do you think it is? The last time I saw one it was this guy who was just shaving and somehow there were like
other hot chicks surrounding him and how he would be you
know, getting this dates because he was using a Gillette razor. The marketing message from
the razor was relationships. What does this have to do with you? It means that when it comes to monetizing online through courses, I personally believe that
choosing evergreen markets are the best markets. If you wanna start creating a course begin by thinking about, is
it in one of the big three? And if it’s not, how can you
create a marketing message around the big three? So for a really long time, you take a look at how
businesses have evolved it’s usually arbitrage it’s usually buy cheap,
sell it somewhere else to a group of consumers willing
to pay at a higher price. Now the problem with arbitrage, buying and selling is
that their overheads, there’s shipping, there’s fulfillment. What is amazing about digital products is that it is highly scalable. What if you could sell it up so that it’s a digital download? or you get the username and password? There’s no fulfillment, are they cost? Sure but
it’s not physical cost it’s more towards Facebook cost, advertising cost and the hustle
of dealing with logistics just isn’t there. So if you were to take
a look at the one thing that every top marketer in the world that sells digital courses and why they’re successful is that we leverage
technology to enable us to do the selling 24 hours a day. Now, this could be social media to YouTube videos just like the video that
you’re watching right now it could be Facebook it could be Instagram through your Instagram stories,
the ads that you see there that ultimately leads people
to a product, to a course. Now, I’m not here to sell you a course. I’m just here to show you
in the context of this video that that’s how the game works. To start off by building relationships with people that don’t know who you are so that you get discovered, so that you build trust, you give them value so that eventually they see that you can help
them by actually helping them. If you take a look at every top marketer that has excelled in digital courses, they do the same thing. They have a course and once they create that course, they think about, where is my
ideal audience hanging out? That’s what happened to
me when I sold my first World of Warcraft product. After I created my
product, I had a question like most marketers would have which is, how do I drive more traffic? That’s the wrong question. So whether it’s a $50
product or $2,000 product the question you need to ask is, where my audience is congregating? And how can I enter the conversation that’s already happening right now? So when I first started
out with World of Warcraft there wasn’t Facebook,
there wasn’t Facebook groups so I was asking myself, where are the websites?
Where are the forums that they are hanging out? So that I can create baits,
for lack of a better word, to bait them into what it
is that I have to offer. So what would I do? I would start creating
content in World of Warcraft. I would start participating in the forums that they were hanging out in, I would answer their questions and back then when forums was a thing my signature in that forum
would be a link to my product. Now, obviously, its
been ,what, 12 years now the game has changed a lot, so today this could be Facebook groups, this could be a Google search, this could be a YouTube video. Once you have the product start thinking, where are
my audiences hanging out? Where are they congregating? And how can I enter the conversation that’s already happening right now? Am I helping them move towards pleasure? Or away from pain? And then create a bait,
for lack of a better word, so that they can see that
you can actually help them because you are actually helping them. Does that make sense? So once you create that, that’s
really the big moving pieces you have your product, you’re
now helping your people through all this different platforms and that is pretty much
how the online course industry works. I know that this is highly controversial a lot of people say “selling
courses is not a real business” but then again, like to me that’s where
it doesn’t make sense it’s like in order to be eligible to be qualified as a real business I need to have real overheads and expenses where else of this business model that requires close to no overheads other than marketing costs, that doesn’t make sense to me. So whatever it is, I’d love
to know what your opinion is. Let me know below. What do you think about
the online course industry? Does it sound like a scam to you? Some people think its a scam, I think it’s one of the
greatest business models in the world but either way, I’d love
to hear your opinion and if you love this video
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for videos like this one. This is Peng Joon, you’ve been awesome and I’ll see you in the future video.

22 thoughts on “Make Money Online Selling Courses – The TRUTH On How I Made $10M Selling Online Courses

  1. Online courses are definitely not a scam. If you've something valuable which someone needs and you exchange your solution with dollars, how can this ever be scam?

    This is what business is. But I don't like when people selling courses but they don't know how to do it by themself. In this case, It's a scam.

    But… this happens in every industry. There are good people and there are scammers.

  2. Brother you post right video on right time… actually I am going to make this happen and planning about it from half a year..๐Ÿ’™โ˜‘๏ธ

  3. There are definitely online courses that are scams, but how, as an audience, do you filter out to see whether the online course provides value to you? And if you are the creator of the course, how do you show your honesty and purity of your course?

  4. LEVERAGE the technology invented.
    Teach what you're good at. Give a solution to people's problem. Earn while providing value. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. The wrong question to ask is: Where do you drive traffic?

    Because traffic is already existing somewhere. The question that you should be asking is, where is your audience hanging out? Where are they congregating and how can you enter conversation that is happening?

    Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, forums or any other platform, your audience is already congregating somewhere. It is your job as a marketer and business owner to figure out where they are and enter their conversation that is already happening.

  6. The difference of rich and poor , successful and unsuccessful

    Successful people
    – Collapse time
    – use more money to save time
    – leverage time

    Unsuccessful people
    – elapse time
    – using more time in order to save money

    Reach 1000 people with a 1000 product


    Reach 1 million people with a 1 million product

    The BIG 3 in the market

    โ–ช Health
    โ–ช Wealth
    โ–ช Relationship

    Know your marketing message

    Choosing evergreen market are the best market

    Create a marketi g message around big 3

    Digital product is a highly scalable

    Leverage technology to do the selling 24/7

    Start off by building relationships and getting discovered
    – Build trust and give value

    Where is your audience hanging out?

    Engage with your audience
    Answer the questions

    Peng joon is not selling
    He is helping so people buy from him

    Your #1 fan

  7. Any person with a cell-phone can make profits on line with, look up in Google this with-out spaces E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

  8. Biggest takeaway: Rich people will collapse time to save time

    Time is a valuable asset that if used properly will make you more money when leveraged right.

  9. It is great provided the digital products are something useful and have values to the consumers else it would be like a scam. I came across affiliate programs that sold things that are not useful but people just promoted them for the sake of getting commission.

  10. it's funny because everyone says you shouldn't sell directly using a Facebook ad and yet that's what we did, an ad to a sales page for a $100 training and from the first campaign, we sold 15 in one week and it's profitable! ๐Ÿ˜€

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