March 31, 2020
Make Money Online Easy And Free + 2 Bonuses

Make Money Online Easy And Free + 2 Bonuses

alright YouTube fam it’s your boy keV
coming back at you with another exciting video in this video today I’m gonna show
you how you can make up to a hundred dollars or more per day or per week
depending on how much you do okay and you’re gonna stick around for this video
because I’ve got two bonuses coming toward the end of this video to show you
how to do this alright stick around I’m going to get you started on here right
now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video like I said gonna show you how you can
make up to $100 per day or per week depending on how much you do this and
there’s a couple bonuses coming here on how you can even do it for free
and even make more money okay so you’re gonna want to stick around here now
alright so let’s go ahead and jump right into this video here today oh by the way
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channel alright alright guys what’s out of the way I’m gonna go ahead
and we’re gonna jump right on in this right now kind of anxious to show this
to you if you can’t tell alright alright so I’m gonna come over here as you can
see we’re going to our favorite opera browser here we’re gonna come over here
to a site called motion den you see that right there appear in the address bar it
says motion den dot-com what we’re gonna be doing here is we’re going to make be
making video intros and outros alright so you know there’s a lot of people that
have YouTube channels or have like a Vimeo channel or a dailymotion channel
that would like outro or intro video clips made for their videos such as you
just saw online just a few moments ago alright so I’m going to show you how you
can make some good money with this alright from this site come over to
motion Dan comm now start with here they do have pricing here you can do this and
they have a pay-as-you-go in each video you make it’s free each video intro you
make is nine dollars okay and then you can do the monthly they have a yearly
plan to here pay it by year twenty nine a month for the whole year or you can
pay monthly it’s thirty nine dollars and you get the whole thing
with the $9 one it’s gonna you’re gonna have a watermark in and see here pay to
remove each video watermark and then for the unlimited here for 39 and months you
get you can publish directly to YouTube Full HD quality videos unlimited a note
no watermark and you can download the videos straight to your computer okay so
those are the prices looking here but not to be concerned because the money
you’re going to make is gonna more than cover that okay now let’s let’s check
this out here so but come back here let’s just have a look and see how easy
it is to do this for people this is guys this is just straight-up simple and it
can be done anywhere in the world this can be done doesn’t matter where you’re
at it can be done anywhere in the world now we’re going to show you how easy it
is to do a intro video here click on templates here and we’re gonna you see
they have all kinds of template look at the categories over here
and I made an automotive business a services corporate ecommerce event
Facebook fashion I mean it just goes all the way down the list here as you can
see here in this column on the left but what we’re interested in is right here
intro videos now you you can do YouTube ones or interest we’re choosing intro
that’s what we’re going to do now some of these intro tabs as you can see they
last like seven seconds here’s one 9 seconds 13 seconds some of them you have
more than one clip but for this example I’m just going to use one that has one
clip is all it takes just for the sake of time here okay alright so for example
was you we flip through these pages here you can see here’s one that’s six
seconds long and I think it only takes one one clip for that yet it says here
you’ll need one clip okay but you can some of them you can do up to ten twelve
thirteen Clips depending on how long the video intro you want okay
now and here’s a little does have some music with it here so I’m going to try
to turn turn that down just a little bit so it isn’t so loud you can get an idea
of what it’s going to look like right here just with motion down on here now and that’s all there is to it see it’s
just a real short clip now let’s go ahead and edit the video see the edit
this video button here and then first of all with a wants to sign in so you can
sign in with Facebook or Google or you can create a local account right here on
this site alright so I’m going to log in with my Google account here and that
logs me right in and it brings up the clip that I had chosen see now when you
if you choose a longer video clip you’re going to have other ones down here that
you’ll have to go through and put text on or whatever but I’m just want to show
you this as an example of how easy this is alright so we’re going to click right
here and we want to enter in our text we’re allowed up to 10 characters from 9
to 10 characters alright so let’s just put let me just for example put freedom
in there alright and we’ll just click on save and you see up here just tapas is
100% completed and then we’re gonna create on click on this button right
here make the video or create the video alright alright that’s congratulation
you finish making a video continue to the dashboard alright so you can see
right here that it is rendering right here see how it’s rendering the video
right here and it will take it some time to do that so while it’s doing that
let’s talk about how you’re gonna make some money doing this okay so what we’re
going to do to make money after we’ve made these intro videos for people that
are interested in it right we’re gonna come over to our favorite Fiverr website
right everybody knows about fiber see here all right if you notice
in the fiber search engine here I typed in intro videos you see it right here
results for intro videos first thing I want you to notice guys is that right
here you see there’s only three thousand eight hundred and ninety-six people that
are doing this that’s not very many this is a fairly wide open thing right
here that’s not very many when you consider billions of people and dare I
say probably a billion of them are on YouTube alone okay
let alone Vimeo and dailymotion video sites too okay so this is fairly a wide
open market you see here that people are saying I will create custom video intro
and logo animation create a YouTube intro outro video and so on so forth you
see the and you see the prices that they’re starting at so what you’re going
to do is you’re gonna come here you’re gonna sign into fiver if you don’t have
an account with Fiverr just click join sign up get a free accounts free to do
this and then you’re gonna create click on become a seller alrighty
what you’re going to do is you’re going to create your own gig here on Fiverr
selling video intros and outros ok as you can see here now if you look some of
the prices start at about 15 and go up sort of from there and 15 looks to be at
a low here’s one for 10 and 10 20 and 10 20 so the thing is you want to set your
price to start with it either 10 or 15 to 20 bucks seems to be a pretty good
average here I’d say that 20 bucks to start with and what you want to do is
you want to take another one that’s a pretty good one like this one this
person’s got going to get this off my screen this person’s got 265 sales right
now has nine orders waiting in the queue and starting at $20 they have a basic
package for 20 three day delivery and two revisions in
the local transparency background bishop custom colors overlay text and animation
they have a standard package for 35 with background and music 1080p full-hd and
then a premium package for 50 so you can set your starting at about 20 and then
work your way up in a standard or premium package if you want to yourself
but you want to create your gig similar to this don’t copy someone else’s gig
though you just want to model after their gig and look sort of what they put
down in a little bit of about yourself and what you do that you know
information about you and then you show your packages here if you want and what
you’ll do for the particular amount of money and stuff and then what you want
to do on your gig is you want to come all the way down here like I’ve told you
guys before in my video has past about fiber and creating gigs on Fiverr it’s
no different than this one you want to pick a good one that’s got a good rating
and a high amount of sales and you want to scroll down and use their related
tags for your gig okay so alright so you’ve got your gig created on the fiber
you get an order you come over up here when you get an order for someone to do
an intro video and they’ll tell you the information they want what colors what
the words they want on it to say any type of logo and or how long they want
it to be in terms of seconds okay so that once you get an order with those
kind of specifications you bring that over to back over to motion den and as
you can see while we were talking about the Fiverr gig you see that this video
is already done and let’s take a look at it now so we click on here and you see
there’s a watermark on here and stuff but we’ll play it here and you can sort
of see and the music is already on each one
each clip has a different sound or different music to it so you can see how
easy that is so what you can do is you get an order for twenty dollars to do a
six seven eight one over second video clip that they want they give you the
specs you come over do the video for them download it to your computer and if
you have to if you have to pay like on the prices here I can come back here
we’ll get the prices here so you can see that well it’s not going to let me see
the prices but you saw the prices even if you bought the one for $39 per month
all you would need was two orders at $20 and you covered that the rest of the
month is all profit for you on orders that people want from these logos okay
now and you would just make up their their intro video form and then just
download it to your computer and then come back to Fiverr and give that file
that MP or mp4 file more likely it’s downloaded in and then give that back to
your customer and then you get paid okay so you can see for example there’s a
there’s this person right here I just took this person we use as an example
here because it’s an average of twenty twenty dollars and they’ve got two
hundred and sixty-five orders completed already right so let’s just see how much
that is let’s just take twenty dollars alone we’ll just we won’t even figure in
the the the the next package up the the basic and standard and then the premium
we won’t even figure those we’ll just take the $20 or loan package just the
basic okay so we see two hundred and sixty-five orders total completed lready
times twenty dollars right guys that’s five thousand three hundred dollars just
now see we haven’t even figured in the standard and premium orders that are
involved in that too as well okay that’s five thousand three hundred dollars that
purse was made just at the twenty dollar level and
with those 265 water’s so you see that the potential here to make at least a
hundred per day or more per week maybe even just a hundred a week if you’ve got
five orders per week just five per week and I think that’s pretty pretty doggone
conservative you’re gonna make a hundred dollars a week at twenty dollars a pop
right but you can see the potential here all right now now that’s what I wanted
to show you today but now there’s I’ve got two other bonuses for you here’s a
bonus number one let’s just say for example that you don’t want to fool
around with this at all you don’t want to fool around with motion death you’d
only want to do this work even though you saw you just saw how easy it is you
don’t want to fool with it at all well how would you still do it well you’ve
got your gig set up on Fiverr right for video intros then what you would do is
you’d come over to a site right here called SEO clerks I’ve showed you guys
about this before right and if you notice up here in their search engine
I’ve typed in here video intro video intros alright and if you look down
through here you got people here that’ll do this for you for five dollars
here’s one for two dollars if we scroll down look here here’s one for a $1 so
see you not you’re not you didn’t even fool with motion den you don’t you’re
not paying a monthly fee there or anything so for a $1 you get your order
off your gig on Fiverr right you get the specifications from your your customer
you bring that over to SEO clerk hire this person here for a $1 to do a really
cool video intro for YouTube and it only costs you a dollar and you’ve made 19
bucks see how easy that was guys you didn’t even have to do any of the work
you didn’t even want to fool around with motion then what I showed you you just do
people hired it out we had somebody else do it you were just a middleman once
this person gives you back the video you bring it back to Fiverr and you give it
back to your customer and get paid that’s bonus number one all righty guys
now bonus number two on how to do to make even bigger money if you don’t want
to fool around with Fiverr and you don’t want to fool around with motion down and
you don’t want to fool around with SEO clerks with being a middleman or
anything what you want to do is you want to reach down there in the description
top of my description and you want to click that link that you see at the top
of your video there where it says mentor with keV calm and you want to click on
that and come over and begin to start your own online business with the
capability of making up to four thousand dollars in one day and then get your
online business up and running for just the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee
which is about what seven bucks and have your own online business up and running
and get yourself out of that nine to five answer it to a boss every week or
every day all right get out of that have your own business online where you can
be successful and being home and travel when you want go where you want and so
on and so forth all right guys that’s what I wanted to show you how to do
motion din and make money with it and the two bonuses there and there you have
it guys will tell you what give me a thumbs up if you liked this video and
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right guys I’m going to let you go with that and I’ll see you again here in a
couple of days or so on the next exciting video don’t forget to comment
down there too as well what you thought about this video there any questions
that you have okay see you guys later take care bye bye

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