April 2, 2020

Make $298 Per Day With Clickbank Free (Make Money Online)

all righty guys welcome to today’s video
in this video I’m going to show you how you can make two hundred ninety-eight
dollars per day with a Clickbank product you know I’m gonna get you started on
that here right now alrighty guys welcome back to the video as I said
earlier gonna show you how you can make two hundred ninety-eight dollars per day
with one Clickbank product now this can be done with any Clickbank product of
your choice but with the particular one I’m going to show you today you can make
two hundred and ninety-eight dollars per sale alright okay so first of all my
name is Kevin Lang with Kevin – laner comm and what we do here if you’re new
to my videos we do how-to videos anything to do with making money online
videos to bring financial and time freedom into your life and also we do
how to videos as well and affiliate marketing videos and once in a while a
motivational video I put up as well okay alrighty so again also what you’re gonna
want to do is stick around for this whole video because I’ve got a bonus for
you coming at the end of this video on how you can automate this whole process
as well so you’re gonna want to stick around to see that okay alrighty well
let’s all that out of the way let’s go ahead and get started right in on this
video here today sand again we’re going to come back over here to our favorite
Opera browser browser and what we’re gonna do of course we’re going to come
to Clickbank of course got to get our product first now if you don’t have a
Clickbank account as I’ve said before it’s just easy enough to create one just
come to clickbank.com click on create an account and it’s easy enough to sign up
for one and then pick a nickname that you’re going to use for your affiliate
links okay alright so you can see once you get signed in to your Clickbank
account you’re gonna come over to where it says marketplace right up at the top
you’ll see it up here at the top and now you can see what I’ve done here and for
this example like I said this can be done well it can
be done anywhere in the world here with this – doesn’t matter where you’re at
and it can be done with any product on Clickbank that you want to do this with
but for today’s product we’re going to choose a the health and fitness niche as
you see right here in the column on the left I clicked on that and there are
several categories down through here and then what I did was as I came up to
the top here though and I clicked on weight or typed in here in their search
engine weight loss recipes alright and then just click search and it brought
this up right here this product right here the fat burning soup recipes for
weight loss now you’re gonna be marketing primarily to women in this
this particular niche here if you’re in the weight loss niche you’re mainly
dealing with women mostly more women than men although there are some men
involved in this too but if you notice right here here’s where you can with
this product right here you can make two hundred and ninety eight dollars on this
product when you sell one and it can be done you probably I believe you can get
at least one sale a day with this particular method that I’m going to show
you here remember stick around because I’ve got a bonus coming towards the end
of this and how you can sort of automate this whole process for you alright so
what we’re going to do is of course edie the the will click on the product link
here and here’s the sales page right here as you can see basically dealing
with women here women’s weight loss for the most part and it’s a pretty good
sales page looks nice written well lots of nice recipe pictures and things
aren’t so it looks like a pretty good site as well it looks like you can even
anybody that buys this product can even get a couple of bonuses here with books
ebook bonuses here too so it’s pretty good product alright so what’s going to
do is what we click on promote of course first thing we’re do is get our
affiliate link right and you want to make sure that your account nickname is
in the Box up there if you want you can tag it as well it’s
up to you to put tags on there and then click generate the hop link and it gives
you the standard long ugly click back link here rekt so what you want to do is
copy it right and then we’re gonna bring it over to a bitly comm you guys have
seen me take you here before bitly comm we’re gonna put that ugly clickbank link
in there and just simply click on shorten here and get us something that
looks a whole lot hundred percent better here okay alright so anyways we’ve got
our link right here and what we’re going to do is we’re going to test it you know
like I always say when you get a link from bid Lee you want to test that thing
so just to make sure that it takes the takes your customer or your prospect
where you want them to go so we’re going to go ahead and put it up here in the
address bar browser and click go and as you see sure enough it brings them over
here to the page with our affiliate link embedded within that Clickbank link
under bid Lee ok alright so we know it works now what you’re going to do so
we’ve got our product now here’s how we’re going to market this what’s gonna
do it’s gonna come to a google.com search engine and if you’ll notice up
here at the top I type in now I’ve gone ahead and done I’ve done this sort of
already just kind of shorten this video up a little bit I know a lot of times I
get long-winded with you guys and stuff so I always try to my best to make keep
the videos sort of short for you alright so unless you see up here I typed in how
to lose weight plus blog put that into the search engine there plus blog so
what we’re looking for is blogs that have to do with weight loss high traffic
blogs ok and then I pressed enter or search and it comes up with this list
right here now there’s several of these that you can click on here now what I
did was as I came down and I clicked on this one right here they said top 100
weight loss blogs and websites follow in 2019 which by the way don’t
worry this all can be done for in the clear into 2020 as well so this don’t
worry this thing is gonna work all the time alright alright so and I clicked on
this link right here and it brought me over here to this page right here as you
can see it’s right here topped with 100 weight loss and the number of 1 weight
loss blog right now is this Run eat and repeat and what I did was is if you look
right here it shows you view the latest posts and I clicked on that and it
loaded them up down here so I took this top post and that’s the thing about this
too when you’re going to these blog posts you want to pick one that’s recent
in other words because the more recent ones of course are going to have the
more traffic currently coming to them right these blogs are all top blogs in
the world for this type of weight loss and thing like this but you can do this
and look for these blogs and any other niche – for any other Clickbank product
that you want to use for this ok this is just what I’m using as an example here
today alright so fine to get your blog’s that have lots of high traffic to it
like these pretty popular blocks here and go to their most pop and not popular
but their most recent posts and this one was posted on December the 21st of this
year here so I clicked on this easy peppermint bark yogurt dip recipe and it
brought me over to here as you can see it’s right here
listed at the top now what you want to do here when you get to these box I’m
gonna tell you a recommended way to do this because if you do it any different
it’s a chances that your your your this is not going to work for you so let me
explain this to you alright so you’ll get a good article a recent article we
see the date you know and you want to read the post become familiar with
what’s written in the post if you can speed read or you can skim
over it and catch some good things about the article then that’s good because the
reason why that you want to read the post first is because you’re going to
come all the way to the bottom of the article scroll down and you’re going to
see this right here most blogs have a way to leave a reply or one comment on
their blog post right now what you want to do here is you’re going to leave your
comment here and you’re gonna post your bitly link right here into the comment
with your lake but you don’t want to just post your link in here because look
down here this site uses a schema or AXI meant to reduce spam if you just post
your link in there without posting a thoughtful comment it’s just about a
hundred percent guaranteed that that link is going to be is gonna be removed
okay you want your you want your link to stay on that site right so I would think
that as long as you’ve read the article and you put a thoughtful comment down
here and then at the bottom of the comment thoughtful comment about the
author’s post and you leave a little link saying because it’s related to our
product right it’s all about losing weight with recipes and food and you can
do the same with whatever niche you’re in you’re gonna leave a thoughtful
comment about the post and then at the bottom you can say something like i I’ve
had good results with losing weight with this particular product here in and it’s
all about recipes or fat burning soup recipes I’ve had good results with that
with soup recipes and if you like you can see my recipes that I used right
here and then post your link at the bottom of your thoughtful
about the author’s post right remember don’t just put anything in there because
it’s your link is gonna get removed if it does you want your link to stay on
the site most blog owners are okay with with people posting thoughtful comments
about their articles and then leaving their links or affiliate link or link to
their website or whatever life you want to lay leave and they’re okay with that
they’ll leave it posted on their website and that’s what you want you want to
stay posted on that article because that article is getting a lot of traffic and
people are going to scroll down and look to see if anybody else is commented and
they’re gonna see your comment and they’re gonna see your link in there
with a nice little lead before it about you had luck losing weight for example
with this particular recipe soup recipes and then they’ll click your link and
then they’ll be brought over to the the product website here and then when they
read that chances are that they’re gonna probably buy these recipes and what this
is is this particular product is $298 because it’s a membership product but if
you look down here too you see that it has a rebill see the average rebuild
total here is the same in other words it’s a membership the product so if you
want to do this type of marketing you’re gonna make sure you choose a product on
Clickbank that has recurring billing so that they get charged unlike a
membership fee every month so every month that they pay their membership fee
that’s recurring passive income for you okay so that’s how you do that then you
just come back come back and go to the next the next blog down the next most
popular blog down or whatever you want you searched it out on Google right and
then you do the same thing view the latest post look for the latest posts on
that blog go to the latest post this one here appeared this one here
looks like it was posted doesn’t have the date right here anyway but
nevertheless this site here gets lots of traffic and it’s the same thing on the
post you’re going to scroll to the bottom after you read about it read the
post so that you can leave a good thoughtful comment with your lake okay
you scroll down to the bottom you see other people’s left comments here on
this on this article here already the latest was looks like about December the
19th 22nd here’s one today this person well left this comment today and look
they left and they posted their link to that lose wink with Leppa talks that’s a
Clickbank product right there guys somebody else is doing what I’m teaching
you right here now you can do that same thing come down leave your thoughtful
reply here you notice this person left a thoughtful comment and so on so forth
and you’re gonna do the same thing here you’re gonna leave a thoughtful comment
on the article with your link down there and something leading into your link to
get them to click on it and come over to the product and purchase your product
that’s how you can make 298 dollars in one day that way now that’s just with
this product you can use any Clickbank product you want to do this with just
make sure you type that particular blog in on Google when you go to Google and
do a search for whatever if it’s you know maybe it’s a affiliate marketing or
whatever some sort of money-making blog or even in the spirituality it could be
something to do with Law of Attraction or something like that but make sure you
put plus blog after it in the Google so you get two blogs to do with it right
now okay now all that all the way I’m going
to show you how to automate this process is the last step here this is the bonus
in this video what you’re going to do to automate this so that you can get
notified but when the latest posts come out because the sooner you get your post
or your comment on the latest blog post on those high-traffic blog sites then
the quicker you’re going to get traffic to your product link your your affiliate
link with Clickbank right so come over to google.com forward slash alerts you
see it right there this is a free service bug from Google okay what you’re
going to do is you know like sort of like I’m going to show you right here
I’m going to use again the weight loss net so what I’m going to do is type in
here weight loss okay and then I’m going to create an alert here but what I’m
going to do first is click on show the options here now I’m telling Google that
I want alerts did have to do with the weight loss and we’re going to have it
have it set here to do it at least once a week because we don’t get a whole
don’t want to get spammed with all kinds of things because you’re going to get a
lot in just once a week so choose and most once a week our sources is going to
be blogs you can choose whatever source you want right here but make sure you
check on blogs right and then you choose your language here again this can be
done pretty much all over the world here so choose your language that you want
this in of course mine is English and then your region you can choose any
region you want in the world okay of course – United States and that’s what I
chose there how many only the best results you can choose all results or
only the best you want to choose and leave it at only the best results okay
now and then put you a good email address in here because you don’t want
your personal email because you’re going to get a lot of alerts from Google
and they’re basically you’re going to get a lot of these almost like spam get
them once a week now how many how many weight lost blogs in the world right
that are that are being updated at least once a week could be a lot so make sure
that you use a good email for that you use for your junk
did you catch junk with and use that email for that and put that in there and
then all you have to do is click on create alert and then just sit back in
once a week you will get articles that come in automatically into your email
brand-new written articles on popular blogs in your niche that you chose what
Clickbank right and you can go right to those blogs immediately those brand new
articles that are getting massive amounts of traffic immediately and pose
and read the article and post your comment in there with your busy link and
you can make lots of money this way alrighty guys well that’s why I wanted
to show you guys today make sure you give me a thumbs up down there if you
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it says mentor was keV comm and come over and check out the business at the
end of my funnel and see for $7.00 you can get involved in this and in 15 days
or less you can have your own business up and running and affiliate marketing
was the opportunity to make up to four thousand dollars in one day three
hundred to four thousand alrighty guys well I’m gonna leave you guys with that
you guys have an awesome day and I’ll catch you here again in a couple of days
on the next exciting video all right you guys take care

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