April 7, 2020
MAJOR UPDATE: How to Pay Tax When Dropshipping (How to Pay Sales Tax with Shopify)

MAJOR UPDATE: How to Pay Tax When Dropshipping (How to Pay Sales Tax with Shopify)

Question one: what taxes do I need to pay
when dropshipping? When dropshipping, there are two main types
of taxes that you need to pay. The first is income tax, and the second is
potentially sales tax. Income tax is the easiest, so let’s start
with that first. How do dropshippers pay income tax? Income tax, for those of you that don’t know,
it’s a tax that you pay on the profit that your store makes for the year. That profit is your income. The same goes if you have a job. If you had a job, then you will be paying
income tax on your wages and with dropshipping, we pay income tax on the profit of our store. So if you don’t make a profit, then you don’t
pay any income tax. In fact, you can often claim your losses as
a tax credit. One of the most common tax questions that
we get asked here on this channel is this: if I live outside the United States, maybe
I live in Australia, but my customers are based in the USA. Who do I pay my taxes to? Do I pay my income taxes to the USA government
or do I pay them to the Australian government? The answer is that you pay to your government,
so if you live in Australia, it doesn’t matter if your customers are in the USA, you pay
your income tax to the Australian government. You may also live in a country like the USA
where you not only have to pay income tax to the federal government, but you also have
to pay it to your local state, as well. If you live in a country like that, then yes,
you are obligated to pay income tax to both the government and to the state. Of course, you can live in a country like
New Zealand where we don’t have states and you don’t need to worry about that. Ad please, please, please do not ask me what
your local income tax laws are. I get asked questions like, “Sarah, what are
my tax obligations if I live in Iceland?” Honestly, though, I don’t know because I live
in New Zealand. I don’t live in Iceland. I don’t know every country’s income tax laws,
so please, please, please do your own research here. So, that’s your income tax obligations. Let’s move on to the trickier issue which
is sales tax. Question two: what is sales tax and do I need
to pay it? For those of you that don’t know our sales
tax is when a governing body places a tax on goods or services sold within their jurisdiction. In New Zealand, it’s our federal government
that does this and our sales tax is called GSTE. The New Zealand government requires us to
collect and pay it to them. In the United States though, it’s different. It’s not the federal government, i.e. the
one that Donald Trump is the president of that manages sales tax. Instead in the USA, it is individual states
that do this. Each state can sit their own tax rate and
they can also within reason set their own tax laws. And there are some states in the USA that
thus sales tax havens. No one is required to collect and pay sales
tax within them. Yay. But of course, if you may have suspected,
the majority of states in the USA are sadly not sales tax havens. Now, here’s where things have changed from
my previous video. In the USA, there used to be a law that required
you to have to have something called nexus with an estate before you were required to
collect and pay sales tax to it. Nexus, for those of you that don’t know is
a legal term, it means that you have a sufficiently large physical presence within a state to
be required to collect and pay sales tax to it. To better explain nexus, let’s use an example. Let’s say that you are a citizen of the United
States and you live in Arizona. Well, you have a house in Arizona. You live in Arizona, that’s a pretty big physical
presence, right? Well, that means that you have nexus within
it and so because you’ve got nexus in it, it means that you are required to collect
and pay sales tax. In the past you only had to pay tax to states
that you had nexus in. So let’s say a customer comes to your store
who also lives in Arizona and they buy a mug for $15. Well, you are required to charge and collect
sales tax on that order because you have nexus in Arizona. Your sales tax rate is 5.6%. So in this case here, the text to collect
is 84 cents. You are required to pay this 84 cents to the
state of Arizona when tax time comes around. But in the past, let’s say that you got a
second order and this time your customer had come from Texas. Well, you didn’t live in Texas. You owned no property in Texas. In fact, you had nothing to do with the state
of Texas. Because of this, you had no physical presence
in Texas, and thus you didn’t have nexus in it. The sales tax rate for Texas is 8.25%, but
because you didn’t have nexus in it, you didn’t need to collect and pay any sales tax on that
order. This meant then that if you didn’t live in
the USA, maybe you lived in the UK, that you usually had no nexus in any state, so you
usually weren’t required to collect or pay any sales tax at all for USA customers, which
was a really nice bonus. This law was set in 1992 after a different
Supreme Court case, Quill Corp versus North Dakota. It was ruled that nexus was required to collect
and pay sales tax, but that law was recently abolished by the new Supreme Court ruling
on June 21st. Here’s what happened. In 2016, South Dakota passed a Kill Quill
bill. In it, required out of state vendors regardless
of nexus to collect and pay sales tax if they were making over $100,000 a year in sales
or doing more than 200 transactions in the state of South Dakota. Well, the online furniture retailer Wayfair
was not happy with this new law and they took South Dakota to court over it and of course
they lost. In a five to four decision, the Supreme Court
ruled that the previous 1992 ruling was out of date with the current age of the Internet
and said that South Dakota was allowed to pass their bill. Question three: does this now mean that I
have to collect and pay sales tax within all the states in the USA? No, no, no. It doesn’t. The South Dakota versus Wayfair ruling sets
two very important precedents. Firstly, yes, it does set the precedent that
states are now allowed to pass your own bill that will require out of state vendors to
have to collect and pay sales tax. However, it is important to note that until
states have passed legislature, the old rule still applies and most states have yet to
actually do this. So yes, that is one precedent. But it sets another. The South Dakota versus Wayfair ruling was
affirmed by the Supreme Court, but that bill was aimed only at large online retailers. Again, to be eligible under this new law,
you’ve either have to be doing over 100,000 dollars a year in sales and South Dakota,
or be doing over 200 transactions. When other states passed their own laws, they
will need to be aimed at large online retailers as well to meet this precedent. If they want to expand that to include everyone,
a new court case will be required. So here’s the thing. If you are new to dropshipping then you are
not required to collect and pay sales tax within any state that you don’t have nexus
in, so don’t worry about it. Once you get to the stage of this law impacting
you, you will be making more than enough money to hire an accountant to manage all of this
for you, and the chances are even after all the states have passed their own version of
this bill, you’re probably only going to be collecting and paying sales tax to a small
percentage of the states anyway. Most likely, the larger ones like New York. So let’s calm down and figure out how most
of you should be collecting sales tax by asking yourself one important question. Question: do I have nexus in any state in
the USA? For most people, the only way that they’re
gonna have nexus in a state as if they live in it or if they own property in it. There are some more obscure ways that you
can have it, so if you suspect that you might be under these clauses, you should be sure
to to seek an accountant. And if you live outside the United States
and you don’t have nexus in any state, then simply don’t worry about it. Until you start making lots of money, this
isn’t going to impact you and you can probably go away and leave this video right now. But if you do have nexus in a state, then
you are obligated to be collecting and paying sales tax within it. Luckily though Shopify makes this very simple. All you’ve gotta do is sign into your dashboard
and click settings. On the settings page, click Texas. Once the page loads, come and click on the
United States. Next you’ll need to let Shopify know which
states you have a physical presence in. Type in the state and select it and give your
zip code. Shopify will only let you add in tax settings
for countries that you have a shipping option to. This store only has a shipping option enabled
to the USA, which is why that is the only country that showed up in my list. Once you’ve done that, come and click on products
and open up each of your products. I’m going to be opening up one of mine in
the store, the camera lens travel mug and show you how to enable taxes on it. So all you’ve got to do is scroll down to
the pricing box and took the check box there and once you’ve done that, click save. If you’re eligible for sales tax, I recommend
that you go and you tick it each time that you add a new product. Shopify will automatically collect the right
amount of sales tax for the order, which is very handy because in some states, the amount
of tax that you need to pay will change depending upon what city your customer lives in. For example, this is very relevant in the
state of New York. I went in and did a $10 test purchase in my
store and I put in my address for the first purchase to be from New York City and the
second one to be from Buffalo. Despite both being located in the state of
New York, the taxes charge for each were different since not only does the state of New York
charge a 4% tax on both sales, but each of these cities has their own individual taxes
to collect and pay as well. So the taxes for New York City are slightly
higher than for Buffalo, but because Shopify automatically calculates this for you, you
don’t need to worry about it. So, hopefully meeting your tax obligation
seems a little bit less scary. If you liked this video and you found it helpful
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