April 9, 2020
Mailchimp’s What’s In Store: Jittery Joe’s

Mailchimp’s What’s In Store: Jittery Joe’s

Coffee is a commodity business, it’s very competitive now. You can get coffee anywhere, so you
really have to have a story; “what makes your coffee different?”. A few years ago, we started to look at what makes us different? What makes Athens different? How can we leverage our partnerships? The community? One of the things Athens is known for is music. We started thinking about the great bands that have come from here. Obviously, R.E.M., B-52s. That started what we call our music series. So we kind of continued to do that with different bands. We are neck deep in the community, so we have been able to grow the business relationally. When you are a small business and you’re trying to move to sort of that next step, that’s really the challenge and quite frankly, that’s where things like targeted marketing campaigns are really helpful. With Mailchimp we’ve been able to really target our audience. So, whether it’s music fans, creating a campaign around that, or more broad-based campaigns, Mailchimp has really allowed us to tap in and provide relevant content. But ultimately, it’s getting to know our customer better and understanding what they want.

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