April 6, 2020
Mailchimp’s What’s in Store: Frankie & Myrrh

Mailchimp’s What’s in Store: Frankie & Myrrh

We started using aromatherapy to
help deal with the stress that we are both
feeling in our jobs and found that it really worked. And so we had the idea that we
wanted to kind of start a business and try to spread the word about
aromatherapy. The first thing I did with Mailchimp was
make it more fun more colorful. The email editing software is really
fun to use. The postcards is another way for us to tell our customers how much we care and how much we
want them to be a part of the Frankie & Myrrh
family. We just launched the abandoned cart
postcards and we’re already seeing
conversions. Anyone can send out an email saying
remember to check out. But when you actually get something
in the mail then it really sends a message that
we care about people. We’d love to have just that personal touch so our customers feel special.

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