April 10, 2020
Magento 1 End Of Life & PHP Support 🚨

Magento 1 End Of Life & PHP Support 🚨

June 2020 folks! That’s when official
support for Magento 1 ENDS. Magento have stated that they
understand customers need more time to migrate to Magento 2 and so these new support policies will give those customers the time and the confidence needed to upgrade when it’s right for them ok so let me give you the breakdown If you’re a Magento commerce merchant on versions 1.13 or 1.14 you can expect software quality and security support right up until June 2020 if you’re a Magento commerce 1.92 1.12 then you can expect security patches only so no software policy guarantees but this does ensure that your site remains secure and compliant right up until June 2020 Okay so that’s Magento commerce but what about open source well Magento are continuing their commitment to all Magento one merchants and if you’re on Magento version 1.5 to 1.9 you can expect security updates until 2020 as well so there’s some T&Cs along with these security policy updates of course these do not apply to any third-party extensions or customizations that you’ve made to your store your module your problem and as the notorious b.i.g lyrics go “Mo modules Mo problems” the more modules we come across the more problems we see! Yeah it’s it’s accurate. Okay now another big one is PHP support when that ball drops on New Year’s Eve 2018 PHP 5.6 will cease to be supported and so Magento one merchants will need to upgrade to a more current version of PHP in order to be compliant PHP 7.2 is the only version currently supported passed the Magento one end of support day and so Magento are planning to release patches for the latest versions of Magento commerce and open source that will support 7.2 okay so that’s Magento one but what about Magento to PHP compatibility varies depending on the version of Magento 2 and so it’s much easier to understand with a visual aid so Magento 2.1 is compatible with PHP 7.0 however 2.1 security support date extends beyond the support date for PHP 7.0 and so Magento are going to need to release a patch in order to upgrade Magento 2.1 to support PHP version 7.1 we should expect this patch anytime now because obviously December is creeping up on us now Magento 2.2 already supports PHP 7.1 and there are no plans to release a patch to upgrade this to 7.2 because it’s the end of support actually is before PHP 7.1 Zender support does that make sense we don’t take 2.3 however when it’s released it will support 7.2 and just so it’s a little bit clearer I’m going to add Magento ones timeline onto here as well so you can see that ends in June 2020 which is past version 7.0 and 7.1 which is why the patch for PHP 7.2 will be coming out for Magento 1 as well so I guess the biggest question now is since Magento one support is being extended to June 2020 why should merchants even look to move to Magento 2 yet it may seem like it’s quite far away but June 2020 is actually only six hundred and thirty days away that’s 20 months or 90 weeks and if you’re not already planning you upgrade I can tell you you’re behind. You really should be using this time for thoughtful and detailed planning be that with an agency or with your internal team whoever it is you work with you need to start planning now so that you can actually have that seamless wonderful upgrade that we all dream of that meets all of your expectations for budget time to market and overall improvements of usability both for you and your customers Magento – really is an excellent platform and offers a bunch of opportunities so why waste time sitting on Magento one when you can be on a better platform. So that’s all I have for you today if you want to find out a little bit more I’ll put a bunch of links in the description below to all the resources I could find on this end of support if you like this video make sure you give a thumbs up and subscribe so that you don’t miss anything cheerio

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