April 4, 2020
MacBook 使用 教學-83:直播神器OBS終於可以在macOS Catalina那使用了!禁止32bit app的原因!|SernHao Tv

MacBook 使用 教學-83:直播神器OBS終於可以在macOS Catalina那使用了!禁止32bit app的原因!|SernHao Tv

ais… Hey, SernHao. what’s up? I can’t turn on my obs. so serious? !! When did it start? It seems that after upgrading to macOS Catalina, Then it just not able to start. Oh. . . ok. I understand. Here, let me share some basic knowledge with you first. OBS is a live broadcast software. It can support different live broadcast platforms. Like:Facebook, YouTube, Bilibili, Huya, etc. So why can’t OBS not start in macOS Catalina? This is because on October 7, 2019, After the official release of macOS Catalina, In addition to improved performance, many new apps have also been brought out. Like Apple Music, podcast, Apple TV, sidecar and more. The sidecar is to project the screen of the MacBook to the iPad. In addition to providing these apps, It also severely bans all 32bit apps. In other words, all 32bit apps, cannot be turned on in macOS Catalina . Why is it banned like this? Judging from the data, The capacity of 32bit app is larger than 64bit; Moreover, 32bit performance is not as good as 64bit. So the new macOS Catalina is focused on, Make our app run faster and with less capacity. That’s it. . . So, can’t I use OBS for live broadcast? small Case. It is a relatively simple and free method. Can you tell me? Yes, However, I’ll start with a small ad here. My Weibo, Bilibili, Facebook and Instagram Every day (except weekends), some Apple product trends are released. Moreover, I also often post tips on using MacBook and iPhone. If you are interested in this information, Or if these tips are of interest, You are welcome to subscribe + follow SernHao Tv. If you are done, I will teach you now. Ok, it’s actually very simple. Open our Finder. Then click Application. Then select obs. Then right-click OBS. Then, select “Move To Bin”. Alternatively, we can use the CleanMyMac app. I think it works pretty well. It’s beautifully designed. It can also help us fight some computer viruses. We click on this “Uninstaller”. On the right-hand side, enter “OBS”. Click “OBS”. Press “Uninstall” again. Why use CleanMyMac to delete it? Actually, it can help us Which files we don’t know Delete all at once. If we just delete it in Application, It is not clean. Once deleted, Let’s close CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac download link I will put in the description / message bar Recommended for download. OBS download link, I will put it in the description or message box, Everyone can pay attention. The latest version of OBS supports macOS Catalina. However, we must delete the “old OBS” and install the new one. In fact, OBS is just one of the apps. If you have problems with an app like this, And the app developer said, If this app supports macOS Catalina, And your app wouldn’t start, Then, you delete your original app, Then install the version that he said can be installed (most are the latest). Usually, the problem can be solved. This is the official website of OBS. Remember, this is 24.0.6 or above. Then click on it. It will download. I am using the Safari browser. so, we click “install” in the upper right corner. Then “double-click” the downloaded app. It will turn on. After opening, just click this OBS, Click Don’t let go. Then, pull in Application. It will start copying. After copying, we press this Launchpad. You can see this OBS, Click on it to open it. If it doesn’t work, you need to go to Security & Privacy to adjust. For the first time, press OK. Allow it (OBS) to use our microphone And our Camera so, that’s it. (Hair is a bit messy) The next thing is that what I taught before is exactly the same. OBS settings link will be placed in the description / message box, Recommend to check it out. OK, is it easy? If you think today ’s video is helpful to you, You are welcome to give me a like. Then, share it with your friends. Perhaps, they are also facing such problems. Of course, if you are using a MacBook or iPhone, Or other Apple products, and you are encounter any problems, Or if you have any tips, You are welcome to leave a message and tell me. At the end of the video, I hope you can subscribe to SernHao Tv. Well, I’m SernHao. See you next video. Bye ~

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